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on 30 October 2012
I have made a couple of attempts at this book and this was the most persistent effort. I found that the author starts off well enough and offers some original insights. It is quite a reasonable critique of intelligence and espionage services in USA and elsewhere. Towards the finish though the author seems to wander off into a personal crusade directed against the Bush family. My own views on Bush are not flattering but the tirade launched by the author spoils the book for me.
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on 20 September 2010
This book is worth every cent spent. To be read with David Ray Griffin's works. Between the two writers you will be taken on a scary ride but this subject is not easy. If you have not read anything on it yet, read Griffin's "9/11 and American Empire" first, then the much under-rated "The New Pearl Harbor REVISITED".
Please note that there is a shill reviewer who gives all 9/11-truth books and DVDs a one star grade and a lousy review. If you look at his other reviews he only reviews two distinct series of items, but he looks at every single item published or pressed and gives the same negative review every time, knowing his one star will affect overall ratings and mean five stars are impossible, even for a deserving book or DVD. He is obviously a shill reviewer, working for someone, maybe government or another agency, who want these books' high reviews down-graded. Best way to counter him is to make a five star review of this and other 9.11 items now. Even better, buy one or two of these books and see what he's been paid to badly review. Check out Mark Gaffney's "Mystery Plane" and Paul Thompson's "Terror Timeline" for other meritorious works.
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on 4 January 2015
Webster Tarpley's authoritative book is compelling reading and is supported by millions of people including thousands of brave scientists, engineers, architects and military officers who do not believe the fictitious and contradictory official versions of what happened on 9/11 particularly the non existent Boeing 757 at the Pentagon, , the 2 Towers and Building #7 (the latter not even hit by a plane) falling perfectly in controlled demolition mode. Furthermore why were there multiple Norad War Games on that Day of Infamy including one simulating precisely what happened on 911 and on the other hand why was the rubble from the WTC (key forensic evidence )quickly removed from the crime scene to unknown destinations an unprecedented move in a mass massacre like this one etc..

The number of these skeptics is in the tens of millions and continues to increase abroad and at home thanks to the relentless efforts of Thierry Meyssan, Dr. David Ray Griffin, James Walter, Patriots for 911 truth , Dr. Stephen Jones,R. Cage's Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, Alex Jones of Infowars and the families of many of the victims who refused to be bribed into silence by financial indemnification offers etc..A petition to Congress and to Obama by thousands of engineers and architects who are requesting a proper investigation with subpoena power etc..produced no reply!

Momentum to find out the truth is building up on the Internet through compelling videos and through books like this one ,in spite of the complicit silence or support of the official version by the mainstream media which continues to protect Bush , Cheney and key associates in their Administration from any direct questioning on what really happened on that day and why they and Obama afterwards have systematically obstructed renewed and widening attempts to investigate the monumental lies, omissions and contradictions highlighted by the above campaigners with regard to White House Statements, evasive answers and delaying tactics against the creation of the 911 Commission and eventually the pro-official version script imposed on the investigation etc..

Synthetic Terror is a must and painful reading for any patriotic American who loves his country and who wants the real culprits to be found and punished, who are probably hiding in Washington's shadowy and unaccountable corridors of power.
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on 26 March 2008
Holy Frack!

This is the third book I have read about the events of September 11th, and it is easily the most thought provoking. I picked it up because I have read Webster Tarpley's expose on George Herbert Walker Bush and it was referenced in Jim Marrs 'The Terror Conspiracy'.

Drawing upon past terrorism groups and actions (and their troubling ties to various western intelligence agencies incl NATO Intelligence) - in the domestic US and mainland Europe in the 80's and 90's - Tarpley presents a remakably credible series of events that point to a rogue netwotk inside both US and UK Intelligence agencies as the hand behind 9/11. This is not a conspiracy theory, but careful analysis of the men and beliefs of the hidden arms dealers that saw the light of day during Iran/Contra and other scandals going back to the Bay of Pigs.
Their documented modus operandi is then compared to the horrible and spectacular attacks on the WTC and the very odd strike against the Pentagon (hitting the Army Appropriations Archives no less; perhaps a clue to the $2.3 trillion missing in the Pentagon). The behaviour and very un-islamic habits to the alleged 19 hijackers and their apparent mole-handlers are exposed for all to see while you marvel at the ability of certain FBI and CIA people to stop the warnings from field agents and surveillance to go anywhere.

One of the absolute "hot potatoes" of 9/11 is the fact that there apparently was a threat against the President on Air Force One, and the plotters phoned their threat into the White House with knowledge of daily security codes for both the President and his airplane. For some reason, this prompted an extended telephone conversation between Dick Cheney and President Bush, presumably related to the plotters and their terms. Indeed the power of the rogue network extends into the realm of theronuclear launches which finally explains the hourlong phone conversation between Putin and Bush on that day ; Or least offers the best explanation that I know of when one considers that Bush and Putin met for two days in Kennebunkport some time back and little is known of what they discussed.

This is fascinating yet scary stuff and I honestly hope that some European elected officials, not just those in intelligence who appear to have seen through the official story long ago, read this book so they can make some informed descisions about Bush (both 41 & 43), Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, John McCone, Doug Feith even Tony Blair et al. These men are not politicians. They are merchants of death who seem to use the work of Leo Strauss, Samuel Huntington and Goebbels to bring about the clash of civilizations.

I'm not saying that Webster Tarpley has all the answers, but the model of of moles and patsies is pretty damned convincing.

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off. I intend to send this book as a birthday present to several key people in the Danish Government - I think they need it. Do take a look at the reviews on the US Amazon site - it makes for interesting reading.
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on 15 April 2009
Webster Tarpley is courageous in this no holes barred expose of state sponsored terrorism. It is essential reading for anybody & everybody with legitimate questions surrounding the events on 9/11. It is too easy to be labelled a conspiracy theorist by people who don't fully understand the events of that fateful day. Common sense should tell you that we are not being told the whole truth and this book covers all the bases, but more importantly it goes back in history to explain to sceptics how in our recent past, governments and their agencies have used terrorism as a cover to further their own agendas. Any book that covers such an emotive subject needs to be insightful yet also respect the victims and their families and I feel Webster Tarpley has achieved this. His writing style manages to convey detailed analysis of the facts yet not intimidate or bog down the reader with a heavy and oppressive writing style. Highly Recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 6 August 2007
9/11 Synthetic Terror is an interesting read from Webster Griffin Tarpley. It covers a range of material, from previous examples of false flag or synthetic terrorism, such as the strategy of tension in Italy, to bilateral US-Russian relations; from psychoanalysis of George W. Bush, to the effect of 9/11 on the dollar and global capitalism generally.

From this brief description, the reader can tell that this book has more in common with Mike Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon than it has with David Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor (though Tarpley's book does have a discussion of the evidence from that day - how WTC1, 2 and 7 collapsed, why weren't the planes intercepted, what hit the Pentagon, were the alleged hijackers competent enough to pilot the planes et cetera).

Whereas Ruppert's book attempts to place the terrorist attacks of 11th September, 2001, within a global drugs-and-Wall Street nexus, Tarpley frames the issues within a historical context of state-sponsored terrorism, where characters such as Osama Bin Laden et al are reduced to the elements of patsies, framed by a rogue network of military and intelligence officials.

Whilst some aspects of this book are fascinating and well written, such as the ideological forefathers of the current generation of neoconservatives, how the likes of Leo Strauss influenced Paul Wolfowitz, for example, some chapters of this book are shockingly badly written, with allegations piled upon allegations and all with evidence of a very scant nature. Indeed, the evidence that Bin Laden is a stooge of the Central Intelligence Agency, the very bedrock of the book, is never really established at all, accept from that it fits in with the author's ideology.

Again, Like Mike Ruppert's book, 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism is in need of serious editing - minor errors abound, from people's names being misspelt to the S.A.S. being referred to as the Secret Air Services (not Special), to the S.A.S. being heavily Scottish-controlled (no evidence that it is but even if it were true, so what), to having its offices located in London and not Hereford. Like Crossing the Rubicon, chapters of the book are chaotic, with seemingly random paragraphs just dropped in that never seem to have an apparent structure ie introduction, body of evidence, conclusion.

Taken as a whole, however, on balance Tarpley's work has enough going for it to recommend it to readers (some chapters are superb, with much fascinating information), though I would not suggest it being the first purchase for either the general reader or those new to the 9/11 debate.
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on 5 October 2009
It all comes down to this: "How can we be sure Webster's claims are true?", indeed a very good question since readiness to doubt is the essence of reason itself. BUT: This principle cuts both ways unless it's just exploited to ward off inconvenient ideas. In fact, with every page you turn you will ask yourself with ever-growing anxiety: "How can I be sure that this guy is not wrong?" Moreover, bypassing the whole question about the veracity of Tarpley's assessment: Even IF this book's scenario wouldn't apply to our current political situation, it most definitely shows how our democracies CAN be destroyed from within. Hence this work, with all its abundance of political scholarship, experience and wisdom, deserves to be read by EVERY concerned democratic citizen. The events unfolded by Tarpley are so utterly monstrous they recall a scene in "Matrix" where "Morpheus" tries to convince Neo that the world is in reality the Matrix. All of us, particularly US-citizens, should very carefully consider the fact that their country has already turned into a police state, that apparently one million (!) (as to March 2009) of their fellow citizens are on the "Terrorist Watch List" ("No Fly List"). George W. Bush, by his own grace, granted the American President dictatorial powers should certain circumstances arise he himself defined, namely "... any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions." (original quote from "NSPD 51"). Even Adolf Hitler depended on the German Parliament to grant him similar powers through the "Enabling Act" in 1933. Bottom line: the stage is set for the next 9/11 to bring martial law. Crazy stuff, isn't it?
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 February 2006
W. G. Tarpley’s vision on modern world history is broad and very incisive.
Based on his analysis of national (Mattei, the Red Brigades, assassination attempts on de Gaulle, the Baader-Meinhof Group, the Kennedy murders, the Hinckley shooting, the anthrax threat) and international hits (the Chechnya rebellion, the Chinese embassy bombardment in Belgrade, the Kursk incident, the 9/11 attacks, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq), he rejects the naïve explanation of terrorism, which proclaims that misery, oppression, and desperation give rise to terrorist organizations.
For Tarpley, terrorism is synthetic: composed by patsies lead by deception, moles, professionals, mediamen, controllers. It is sponsored by states, organized and directed by a rogue network of high government, intelligence and military officials together with foreign agencies. It is controlled by an aggressive, imperialistic, murderous oligarchy/plutocracy, which restlessly seeks to preserve its privileges through conflict and confrontation: war, violence, hatred, coups, martial law, terrorism, manipulation.
The dollar’s reserve status is the true heart of US international arrogance. It was attacked by Saddam Hussein, when he asked to be paid in euros for his oil. Another very serious threat is secular Arab nationalism, which could overthrow loyal fundamentalist Islamic regimes in the Middle East. Progressive nationalists in the Arab world are and have been relentlessly victims of terrorist attacks.
His analysis of the 9/11 events is profound: options insider trading, the collapse of three towers while only two where hit, planes flown by remote control?, who were the hijackers? Are some still alive?, no scrambling of the planes!). It is partly based on the books of Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, Michel Chossudovsky, Thierry Meyssan and David Ray Griffin).
Tarpley points courageously his finger at financiers, top-level bureaucrats, flag-rank military officers, top intelligence officials and technical specialists, calling them ‘technocrats of death’.
They profited highly from the 9/11 attacks and created a new world of preventive and pre-emptive war, of first use of nuclear weapons, of unilateral aggression, of barbarian racism and hatred, of the glorification of violence and killing, of force and the threat of force. The advice of the Bush regime to the American people is: ‘Be afraid! Always!’.
W. G. Tarpley’s research stands in sharp contrast with the mainstream media, clearly gagged by the powerful and paralyzed by autocensure. They know all too well that truth is dangerous for the masses. Therefore, their key-word is ‘omertà’.
This book is a powerful exposé of a world dominated by not democratically controlled, cynical and deadly intelligence networks. A really frightening analysis.
A must read.
N.B. In his book ‘Confessions of a Philosopher‘ Bryan Magee suggests that Ralph Schoenman was a CIA mole.
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on 13 August 2014
Deeply informative. Tarpley handles with erudite ease what would be fantastic revelations to most people.
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on 7 April 2007
Webster Tarpley is such a meticulous researcher on the facts on Terrorism, or more so false flag Terrorism that is totally surrounding us now, being used as a political tool to pass laws, create wars and totally change the way we live. Webster Griffin Tarpley is an activist and historian best known for his George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), which has become an underground classic on the Internet.

He co-authored American Leviathan: Administrative Fascism Under the Bush Regime (1991), which identified many tendencies which have become prominent today.

An expert on international terrorism with decades of experience, he directed the study Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro? (Who Killed Aldo Moro?) which was commissioned by a member of the Italian government and published in Rome in 1978. [Aldo Moro was an ex-prime minister of Italy who was murdered by the "Red Brigades," who were ultimately found out to be a front for a fascistic state terror group.]

Against Oligarchy, a collection of Tarpley's essays and speeches, appeared on the Internet in 1996. He also wrote Surviving the Cataclysm (1999), an analysis of the world financial crisis. Parts of these works and all of the Unauthorized Biography can be viewed on the Internet.

Tarpley has appeared on CNN Crossfire, Charlie Rose, talk radio, and cable access television across North America.

From false flag events you probably never heard of to 9/11 this book covers it professionally.
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