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VINE VOICEon 4 March 2013
With everybody back from the Magic World safely, a new team is starting for the 3-A girls but with Negi busy with his plan to stop the collapse of the other world, a new and surprising substitute teacher is taking the class. As the girls get used to the real world once again they find Negi is increased responsibilities mean that he cannot spend as much time with them as they would like and some of the girls who had been left on Earth want to get in on the fun.

This thirty-seventh volume and penultimate volume of the 'Negima!' manga sees the series move away from the epic battles to the lighter harem comedy of the series' first couple of volumes. While I still love the series and there are some very nice scenes in this volume, even I will admit that from this volume on 'Negima!' is a little disappointing when compared to what came before. While there is still a lot of very nice comedy throughout this volume an at least one decent fight, the change in tone was a little jarring for some. The volume does give a hint of what could have happened with the series had it continued with Negi revealing the details of his far reaching plan to save the Magic World and there are a couple of nicely emotional moments included in the volume as well.

The volume includes the usual extras such as fan art, translation notes and the like.

Although I personally still enjoyed this volume and consider the series as a whole to be one of my favourite works of fiction, I know some fans were very disillusioned with the series due to this and the final volume.

While not anywhere near as good as some of the volumes that have come before, I still found this penultimate volume of 'Negima!' to be entertaining and I would give it a solid four stars.
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2012
With the ritual that will erase the Magic World coming to a conclusion, Ala Alba is running out of time and when Negi is incapacitated by his Magia Erebea running out of control, the remaining members must devise a plan to rescue Asuna and stop the ritual by themselves. To add to Ala Alba's problems, Cosmo Entelekheia have their own ace up their sleeve that could cause Ala Alba's plans to go up in smoke.

Continuing the conclusion of the Magic World arc, this thirty-fourth volume of the `Negima!' manga is another brilliant instalment of the series. The volume incudes some great battles and has some nice twists to the plot that make the volume very entertaining to read. Highlights of the volume include the assault on the Great Altar that allows for Ala Alba to show how good they are without Negi, and Kaede's battle against a foe far more powerful than she is.

Overall this was another brilliant volume of `Negima!' and despite a few minor annoyances about the translation and the relative lack of extras when compared to earlier volumes, this is still worth a full five stars.
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on 31 August 2014
I was rereading this on my kindle whilst on holiday and enjoyed it just as much as the first time around. This gets into to the story quicker than I remembered and I did notice things I missed previously. It is both funny and exciting. If you haven't read this series yet and enjoy comedy/romance/magic then I highly recommend it. Even if you have the paper copy there is a lot to be said for the advantages of the kindle version, such as portability and being able to see the edge of the page easier where the spine would be. My only complaint is that you can't read it on other e-readers (or at least I couldn't). I was hoping to read this on a larger e-reader I own.
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And so, my favourite manga comes to an end and while many fans were left unfulfilled and annoyed at the way it ended, I personally think it finished reasonably well compared to some other series I have read. It is a bit of a shame that the series ended how it did but I do feel that everything that this doesn't detract from what came before and 'Negima!' is still an utterly brilliant series.

This final volume can be split into three parts. The first section of the volume sees the completion of the Sports Festival arc and sees the girls of 3-A attempt to get the name of the girl he likes out of Negi. The Sports Festival arc is somewhat maligned by fans as it returns the series to the more comedic style of the first couple of volumes. Personally I find this arc quite funny in places with some nice gags (although some do fall a little flat, such as Chizuru's Artefact) and an interesting look at how the 3-A girls can work together when they want to. We also see Akira finally getting a pactio.

The second section sees Asuna have to undertake her duty to help stabilize the Magic World. This is an incredibly emotional section of the volume and probably has some of the saddest scenes in the entire manga. This section does a very good job of showing how much Asuna means to everyone, as well as how much they mean to her (the sections involving Asuna and Ayaka's relationship are especially moving). This section is brilliantly done and I personal think that it is worth a full five stars all on its own.

The final part of the volume is the epilogue set seven years after the series proper. The epilogue sees Makie's younger brother request help of Yue to track down an underwear thief. This is an entertaining epilogue, if a little light, that has a brief but fun battle. The epilogue finishes with information on what the various characters do after the end of the series and while some fans were disappointed with the ultimate fate of many of the girls (Chisame and Akira especially) I quite like them.

The main bad point about this volume are that it is somewhat rushed and this is somewhat understandable if some of the rumours surrounding the end of the series are true. As well as this there are still a lot of unanswered questions and missed potential in the series with our final look at the Class Roster hinting at the many adventures that were missed. There is a note from Ken Akamatsu at the beginning of the volume saying that he would like to come back to the series one day but more resent interviews have stated that he is thinking of retiring when his next series (to start sometime in Summer 2013) finishes

The volume also includes the usual author's notes, translation notes and fan art.

Overall I loved this series and while this final volume could have been a hell of a lot better, I did still enjoy it and can give it nothing less than a full five stars.
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VINE VOICEon 27 July 2012
This thirty-fifth volume of the excellent 'Negima!' manga sees Negi and his friends continue in their attempts to stop the ritual that will destroy the Magical World. The volume begins with an annoyed Fate confronting Quintum, the newly awakened Averruncus of Air, while Negi faces off against Quartum, Averruncus of Fire. Once these foes are taken down Fate returns to the altar with Asuna so that he can continue the ritual while the rest of Ala Alba race to help their friends. At the altar Fate and Negi come face to face at last and begin the fight that will decide the fate of both worlds. As Fate and Negi fight it out Ala Alba face the dryad Shirabe who will do anything so that Fates plan succeeds while back at Mahora, the massive amounts of magical energy released by the ritual has resulted in a gate forming between the school and the Gravekeeper's Palace, allowing summoned beasts to crossover and begin wreaking havoc.

This is another great volume of the 'Negima!' manga that includes one of the best fights from the entire series in the form of the final confrontation between Negi and Fate. This battle is great being beautifully drawn and choreographed; it allows us to see just how far Negi has come since the beginning of the series. The volume also gives the other characters a chance to get in on the action as well with both Ala Alba and the Mahora students also joining the fight to save the Magical World. As well as the action there are the usual humorous moments with here and there throughout the volume and there is also a little information on the background of Fate's minion Shirabe as well as some revelations about the Lifemaker and his relationship to Eva.

As for the extras in the volume, there is the usual fan art gallery and brief translation notes but this volume also sees the return of the Line art for the covers along with author notes that have been missing from the last few volumes. The volume also included an article about the special edition volumes that were released in Japan.

Overall this was another brilliant instalment of my all-time favourite manga and one that is well worth a full five stars. Unfortunately there are only three volumes of the manga left for release (it is rumoured the series was cut short due to copyright issues that arose between Ken Akamatsu and the publishers Kodansha) but the series was great while it lasted.
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This fifth volume of the alternate version of the `Negima!' manga details some of the minor characters of the series with chapters dedicated to Natsumi, Hakase and Mana. As well as this the characters take a brief holiday on a tropical island.

This volume is another fun addition to the Neo version of `Negima!' but it is still not as good as the original story. The chapter that focuses on Natsumi is quite funny as she and her friends put on a play for some kindergarteners. This is a very fun chapter and it did remind me somewhat of the time the characters from Ken Akamatsu's previous manga Love Hina put on a rendition of Journey to the West. The chapters that centre on Hakase and Mana are also good as well, although the Mana one does seem to be slightly rushed for some reason. Most of this volume is taken up with the classes trip to a tropical island and this is a fun storyline, even if it is a bit predictable.

The main problem I have with this volume is that for the most part the artwork still isn't really up to stuff, although I will admit that there are moments when it is quite good. Other than this the volume was very enjoyable with some nice humour and some good references to the manga proper and the series as a whole is still very much worth reading.
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VINE VOICEon 3 February 2012
Having been unexpected confronted by "Zazie" Rainyday, Negi and Ala Alba get to experience what Fate wants to do to the entire Magic World as they are sent to "perfect world" of Cosmo Entelekheia. Upon escaping however Ala Alba are thrust into a mammoth battle as they race to rescue Asuna and Anya, and stop the destruction of the Magic World.

This is another brilliant volume of the `Negima!' manga with some truly brilliant action scenes as well as the usual humour. Negi's time within Cosmo Entelekheia is good even if it is somewhat heart-breaking and emotional. The volume also sees us getting information about the nature of the mysterious Zazie Rainyday, as well as revealing Mana's true strength. Another nice part of the volume is the inclusion of the Demon Blade Hina and Tsuruko Aoyama from `Love Hina' along with a brief flashback to Setsuna's training.

The translation of the volume is generally good and it includes all the usual extras. Overall this is another great volume and one that is well worth a full five stars.
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on 23 December 2013
after reading the good and bad reviews on the last book, i was a tiny bit scared of finishing the series, feeling it may leave something out that will drive me mad,
tho to be honest i quite like the ending, there is a few things it does leave out that i wish was talked about, and shown, and also i wish we could see more of some of the students, as some didn't really have such a big role.

Ken being one of my favourite manga makers, does say in the *word from the author* section that there may be a continued series in the future, and if he had to finish each thread left, it wold take for ever (not that i mind!)

In the end, he had his deadlines, and he made yet another masterpiece, a must have for any manga collection. There is also another series of Negima!?neo out now witch reboots the series.
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on 26 June 2015
This is a great series and this is a great conclusion to the series. I've lost count of how many times I've read this series and it is still always a great read. The art is great, the girls are cute and Negi is awesome. Chamo kun is probably my favourite character though. The antics of that perverted ermine never fail to amuse. Most of all though the story is epic, funny and really exciting. You will not be disappointed by this ending.
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on 8 April 2013
First day of the mahora academy festival and a certain magi needs to have the same day over a few times just to get some things done, tut tut. Evangeline [yup "the dark angel"] has been nice to negi `again` but what about Takamichi, surely not a magi too?
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