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on 24 March 2013
Being a huge fan of this superb HBO TV series I originally purchased the ordinary copy of this book, since at the time I did not know this version existed. Then searching for more items for 'Game Of Thrones' on Amazon this came up at the top of the list, and after reading the description I purchased it straight away.
It all comes in a beautiful (and sturdy,) presentation box that tells you immediately that you are holding something special. I must point out that this is a huge and heavy item, it will not fit on your normal bookshelf!! Upon opening you are greeted with a more glorious version of the normal 'Making Of' book, with slightly different colouring in some areas, a better cover, and the pages are edged with a gold colour. The book itself is full of excellent information, and some superb photos, about the making of the first and second seasons of this amazing show.
The second book is a portfolio of unseen 'storyboard' artwork for the first and second seasons by comic book artist Will Simpson with information added by Bryan Cogman, and is the same size as the 'Making Of' book. It is interesting to see 'deleted and alternative' scenes that did not get made are covered in this excellent volume. Protruding from beneath the two books is a red ribbon to help extract the books from the snug fitting case.
Then finally in a slim side partition are two beautiful maps of the entire 'Game Of Thrones' world, so now you can see just how far each city is away from everyone else, and where each would be 'king and queen' plots their deadly plan to seize the 'Iron Throne'!! (There are also a few areas named that have not yet been seen in the series yet!!)
All in all this is THE best 'Game Of Thrones' item that I have seen and is a MUST buy for any fan of the series. I just hope a new one comes out to cover each double season, in which case the next one will be after season four is made!
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on 30 April 2013
Amazingly beautiful collector edition with maps of the realms. I highly recomend it for all the true fans of the show!
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on 20 March 2013
Inside HBO's Games of Thrones: The Collector's Edition, is a lavish and beautiful item if you are a huge fan of the series. Since I am a fan, I had to have it of course and inside the book the actors tell lots of stories around their character and events which you can hardly find elsewhere.I am proud to have it. It is awesome!
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on 8 April 2013
I've seen the main book in this pack seperately for a lot less but I wanted the storyboard book that comes with it in this package.

When the courier handed it ove I thought I had got the wrong item. It felt like the weight of a small, flat-pack cupboard.

It's very well packed as befits the quality of the product. The box is cardboard but looks like wood and has the title embossed in gold on the lid. On opening the box you find some spacers and loose leaves to keep the package in good condition in transit. And it worked.

The main book is excellent for fans of the series and the books with profiles of all characters, family trees of all the houses, design details of sets and costumes, it's a feast indeed. The cover of the book is mock leather with gold lettering, it really feels good quality.

From a designer/film makers point of view the storyboard book is brilliant and inspirational.

The maps are rolled up paper sheets but I think they are better quality than they look on first inspection.

The overall package is brilliant for anyone interested in Game of Thrones and really good value at the current price.
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on 5 April 2014
The Collector’s edition of this is truly exquisite, the box is well covered in Faux leather emboss with gold print. You truly do know you’re holding a very well thought out item and it really does looks magnificent.

Upon opening the box you’re greeted with a container holding two rolled up maps of the continents and another holding two very exquisite and opulent looking books.

The first you’re greeted with is a padded and emboss book titled Inside HBO's Game of Thrones, which contains some magnificent photos, descriptions, and actor/actress quotes and comments, as well as house trees and brief histories.
The second book titled Storyboards, looks more in keeping with the maps and can only be described as an artist’s un-bleached hardback sketch pad with a ribbon tie to secure it. Contained within are the storyboard sketches and brief series descriptions.

All this allows you a glimpse into the thought and effort HBO have put into depicting George R R Martins “A Song Of Ice And Fire” series of books into a fascinating and captivating T.V series. Any fan of the series would be very happy to own such a beautiful and fantastic collector’s edition.

I would be more than happy to recommend this product as an addition to a collection or as a gift for any fan of the T V series.
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on 1 January 2015
 As a fan of Game of Thrones, I bought this because I thought it would make a nice gift for myself. One thing to note is that it only covers the first two seasons of the show (there is another volume available that covers seasons 3-4).

The main book, "Inside HBO's Game of Thrones", is relatively unsatisfying although not without its merits. You're feelings on the book will depend on just how "inside" the filmmaking process you were hoping to go. The main focus of this book is on the characters of the show, organized by house - the Starks, the Targaryens, etc. The books discusses casting, creation of the characters family trees/lineage charts, costuming, and a bit of making-of info from the set. My main issue is that the imagery in the book needed to be better -- I wanted more pictures, more concept art, more set photos, etc.

The collector's edition, although a significant expense, is the one to own in my view. You get a second book with storyboards - these are sketches of key sequences that the cast/crew use to visualize the scenes before they are filmed. I find this book for be incredibly interesting to look through, and it will no doubt interest those who are into the process of filmmaking.

You also get two high quality maps. These are not only very nice replicas, but it was helpful to see where the locations are in relation to each other. I wish I had these to consult when I was watching the show, because I'll admit that at certain points the geography of things can get quite confusing.

Overall, it's a very nice set that fans will appreciate.
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on 31 March 2014
First of all the package arrived in time and was very well packaged.

The quality of the books is amazing and so are the maps! A must have for Game Of Thrones fans!
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on 18 April 2013
Having bought the first 2 seasons on blu ray and loved them I was eager to read more on the HBO series. For £33 (saving £50) this intrigued me. I took the plunge and all I can say is WOW.
I've bought the Jaws Martha book and love reading up on such productions. This surpassed all my expectations.
It arrived in bullet proof packaging and theres no risk of damage to this beautiful box. The books are heavy and of the highest quality. The main book is wonderfully embroidered and the content is stunning. Beautiful pictures on thick pages and absolutely everything you need to know about the families of seasons 1&2. Words do not do justice to the quality.
The second book showing storyboard sequences is truly exceptional also.
The maps are rolled and situated in a protected section within the box.
Stunning quality, and value for money. I'm delighted with this and pray they release more as this series continues. Top quality
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on 7 May 2014
This is more for the show lovers than fans of the books, but still a great purchase. Make sure you're dedicated though!
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on 11 April 2013
If you enjoy the HBO TV series Game of Thrones then you should buy this.

It is presented in a lovely box which immediately give you that feeling of quality.

The two books are brilliantly detailed, well made and a good read.

The map's are presented on scroll paper to give them a realistic scroll feeling in your hand.

All in all i'm very happy with the purchase, particulary at the current price.
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