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on 2 June 2017
A sensationalists's read, not a reliable historian's source. SB may well have been economical with the truth in parts of this book -about his motives as well as some accounts. Easy also to make allegations when many celebrity subjects are no longer around to refute claims.
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on 27 September 2017
Poorly written, reads like a teenagers fantasy not even titalating and rather boring. Was hoping for more of an insight into the stars lives etc. But got lists and badly described sex.
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on 19 May 2017
A great little easy read about the Stars of long ago, when watching a film was done on the "Silver screen".
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on 16 February 2016
Just finished FULL SERVICE: an autobiographical account of Scotty Bowers, US Marine Core, below; a Hollywood barman and Mr Fix It (but not pimp) when it came to discrete `no-strings` sexual fun in the film making mecca.

I have been wanting to read this book for ages but every time I tried to source a good hardback copy, they were either prohibitively expensive, or in such poor second hand condition that they were not worth the price. But finally got a good copy, and it is one I am going to hang on to and re-read again and again I am sure. It is a wonderfully vivid account of the golden years of Hollywood but from the perspective of Scotty, a just discharged USMC, who found himself employing his good looks, and those of his ex Marine Core buddies, and surprisingly their girlfriends, to meet the needs of the Hollywood elite; either male or female.

Simply put it is a fascinating collection of stories, centred around a single individual, that stretches from the 1940`s to the 1980`s; where Scotty just helped his friends make a bit of extra money and help the closeted actors and actress find fun without being broken by their private proclivities becoming public. Then there wasn`t just the moral behaviour clauses in their contracts that could see them crashing to earth with a bang, if discovered, but the Vice Squad of the L.A.Police were always on the look out for a means to indulge their petty vindictiveness, and homosexuality was, and is, a much frowned upon habit in Hollywood; even now.

These recollections of Scotties are sensational as they include a list of the great and the good of Hollywood of that period and provide so much in widening our understanding of how that strange place works: it is stunning how this underworld went on without a blip on the radar. But then again the well oiled publicity machines that operated to maintain a stars light shinning in the eyes of the American public would never have allowed their cash machine actors and actresses from being exposed, unless they were really stupid or stubbornly hedonistic, or both?

The writing is mainly `ghosted` by Lionel Friedberg, but as you read you become sensitive to what are Scotties words and what are the `ghost` writer`s excellent language that joins these dots, no, not dots, stars of cinema, screen and stage in to a constellation like script of the famed and famous of the film making era.

The book has been accused of being nothing but a loosely strung together pack of lies but after reading it the only `lie` I can perceive is one of omission because I strongly feel that Scotty has only given us a tenth of the whole story that he recalls vividly even at the age of 87 years. So much so I think more should be written about Scotties adventures in La la Land. So I am grateful that a couple of writer friends of mine have collaborated to breath new life in to a gay fiction `pulp,` set in that era, where Scotty is an essential component part of that story; as we now know he would be of any of that place and time. Perhaps Oliver Frey & Roger Kean could fill in more of the gaps that are left in source material that is FULL SERVICE by writing a sequel to Mulholland Meat (Gay Pulp Fiction)?
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on 28 April 2017
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on 30 July 2017
I did wonder as I read it how much was true, because it reads exacly like a sexual fantasy. It portrays a world where it seems everyone is gay or bisexual, where (until the appearance of AIDS) there seem to be no adverse consequences to uncontrolled sexual behaviour - no syphilis, no gonorrhea, no chlamydia. Scotty insists in numerous places that various people who were the betrayed partner of his customers were totally unaware of what was going on under their noses as it were, and therefore were unharmed by it, which seems highly unlikely - they would have had to be completely out of touch with their own senses and other people around them to be ignorant. He also claims t have been started on this path as a result of sexual contact with a friend's father when he was 8 years old. He regards this apparently as a happy experience - but recent revelations in the news have shown the dreadful after-effects of such paedophilia, and you have to ask yourself, if it is true, whether this did in fact shape his future in a less than healthy way which he wants to deny, and whether had it not happened he would have made an ordinary good worker, husband and father instead of a pimp, an unfaithful and dishonest husband and an unreliable,absentee father. A darker side does occasionally peep through in the suggestion that one person was murdered by his "service worker" - though not one of Scotty's, obviously, and also a girl dies after an illegal abortion, but generally this is the Happy Hooker myth in both genders.
Something no one else seems to have picked up on in the reviews is that if what Scotty says here was true then Kinsey's book about sexual behaviour in females is a fiction from beginning to end. What he says is that Kinsey had completed his book on the human male, but was not making progress with his book on the human female because he could not get girls to speak about their sexual experiences, - in those days girls just were not supposed to do things like lesbianism or sex before marriage, and would not discuss them. So Scotty set him up, with his knowledge, with a set of girls who pretended to be 17 year old college students, but who were really 19 and 20 year old prostitutes (well, what else do you call people who have sex with others for money?) who pretended to be 17 year old college students and who were willing to be filmed acting out a student life which they did not in fact have, and then put on a lesbian show for him to confirm his idea that lesbian behaviour was common among young girls. This is a serious allegation if true, as it undermines the bona fides of a fairly-well accepted work. But Scotty seems not to see this - he seems to regard the incident as a jolly jape which confirmed what Kinsey was writing, seemingly unaware that the behaviour of prostitutes of 19 and 20, acting under instructions as to what to do, however willing they were, cannot be mapped directly onto the behaviour of the average 17 year old.
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on 24 August 2012
It is refreshing and encouraging to read the autobiography of a man in his late old age who has no regrets. Showing that prudery and hypocrisy are not the badge of old age. A US Marine who is unafraid of his bisexuality which he enjoyed from youth, throughout the Second World War, enabling others to explore and enjoy their own sexuality in honesty. A great read and a window on an America, now lost in its own lies.
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on 31 July 2015
A farmboy from Illinois, Scotty Bowers headed for Los Angeles after his demob from the Marines at the end of World War Two. Working the evening shift at a gas station on Hollywood Boulevard, he was soon running a lucrative sideline as a "call-boy" (he calls it "tricking") with well-heeled Angelinos, most of them in the movie business - both men and women (he claims to prefer straight sex). As well as turning tricks himself, he also set up many another hard-up young man (or woman) with movie people great and small. Then as now on Sunset Strip, straight guys willingly turned gay tricks for a few dollars of beer money.

It's all yesteryear tittle-tattle, mostly set during the Fifties and Sixties. Everybody mentioned is safely dead and unable to start libel proceedings. But there is some juicy stuff here: threesomes, bondage, pool-party orgies. Somehow we've always sensed that our stage and screen idols have feet of clay; Scotty Bowers wants us to know that a proportion of their off-screen time is spent wallowing in mud.

Many names here are familiar to the gay gossips: Noel Coward, Montgomery Clift, James Dean. I was only occasionally surprised by his revelations: moving on from deceased Hollywood 'royalty' to deposed royals, he says he fixed the Duke of Windsor up with call-boys and Wallis with girls. At a time when pornography was illegal in the US (hard to imagine, isn't it?) he arranged a private showing of ex-King Farouk's extensive personal collection for Dr Alfred Kinsey and his fellow researchers.

Not all the scandal is sexual: Rita Hayworth was too stingy to buy her out-of-work brother new tyres for his beat-up truck. And Scotty reminds us just how terrible was William Holden's decline (one of the non-gay clients) into the farther reaches of alcoholism.

FULL SERVICE is written (ghost-written) in a gushing Louella Parsons prose style straight out of the "fanzines"; gushing enough to read at times like Barbara Cartland (who would churn in her urn at the comparison, I'm sure). I feel slightly ashamed to have wasted a few hours reading this tawdry drivel, but - oh dear - it's an undeniably compelling read. That said, I did find myself wondering how much of it is the sleazy truth and how much is money-minting fantasy.

[Reviewer is the author of THE BEXHILL MISSILE CRISIS]
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on 30 July 2017
Pure fiction. Has to be otherwise this guy has slept with the entire world including members of British Royal family. Entertaining read if a little too unbelievable.
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on 20 February 2014
The biggest load of trash I've ever read..........Interesting to see if this dirty old man gets sued by the remaining relatives of those who's names he's defiled...........I wonder if The U.S Marines are proud that the likes of Scottie claimed to be one of them?......Good grief, this is lie upon supposition upon wishful thinking upon outright bloody plagiarism..........In some places total paragraphs are copied from YOUTUBE !!!!! It doesn't get much worse than this folks...........The ridiculous Scottie even , claims to have witnessed the late Charles Lawton eating human excrement, thoughtfully provided by one of Scottie's "tricks"..........NO REAL HUMAN would actually admit to having been a part of that.........If this guy gets away with this, then there is no justice in the world.........I just hope WILLIAM HOLDENS family see what he's said about their late father..............He made claims regarding the British Royal Family too,UTTER BALDERDASH........
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