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on 29 October 2013
I started reading these books about a female corpse raider who helped the police, in the background she starts dating/meeting guys who are interested and willing to pursue. Over the last 10/12 books that has changed to almost constant sex with everything passing through, very little storey line/police investigation/zombie work, and sadly non stop emotional cra** from her partners, well Ms Hamilton if I wanted relationship drama I would watch Eastenders! (Sorry Eastenders fans but it has to be said!).
This storey line is pulling a little back towards the original (not much, but I think there were pages were no one had heart felt chats or hard sex) I think now I stick with the books hoping she'll turn back or kill everyone off. Worth reading to stay in the loop but otherwise is very similer to the last 3.
Oh and if Ms Hamilton does get to see this - I stopped reading the Merry Gentry series because of the boringly long pages and pages of sex with every creature and no story line that didn't have to do with the Fey throne, I started reading that series for the fairy private eye angle and loved the first book. Please stop writing S&M and get back to stories with a plot.
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on 29 November 2013
The last few novels in the series have been missing a lot of the previous elements that made it so amazing and it took me a few weeks to get around to buying this next installment. I can't say its back to its original high standard, but its getting back on track. After the last novel I was starting to lose interest, mainly because the last book felt like it should have been a scene in one of the other books as opposed to being its own novel.

Starts out fairly well, caught my interest and kept me reading and before I knew it I had finished the book! It's certainly a step back in the right direction and although not quite back to its previous level, its a very good start.

This book revolves around Micah and his beginnings, but soon moves beyond that as Anita gets on case. Some really exciting moments in this book and some humor to make the less exciting scenes worth reading. It's a fairly balanced book and I enjoyed it. My only gripe being the occasional 'this sounds familiar' paragraph. I don't know if it's just me, but there were a number of Anita's inner thoughts which seemed almost copy and pasted from previous novels with a few tweaks to make it look unique. It might just be me, but there were a lot of déjà vu moments like that.

So overall, enjoyable but still lacking in comparison to previous books.
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on 13 May 2014
Having loved the series from the start, I must admit to getting increasingly disappointed as the series progressed. Stories became more and more formulaic, not that knowing your strength is a bad thing, but storyline was sacrificed for gratuitous sex and repetitions of repetitions.
Finally Affliction takes LKH back to her best and a long time in the coming it has been!! I'm still frustrated by the repeating of base info that has been in virtually every book since it happened, please oh please give us some credit that if we're reading the 22nd book in the series, we have a good grasp on history and people's hairstyles.
A great book that remembered to include depth, doubt, suspense and intrigue - please don't revert back, hold true to the style that gained you so many fans in the first place!!
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on 3 November 2014
This was definitely one of the more action ones, lots of great scenes and imagery. I liked that John Claude took a back seat, I enjoyed getting to know Nicky more...although I still adore him! As always descriptive and atmospheric, with the usual relationship dynamics and dilemmas. Ted/Edward was so on ball in this one. I always enjoy Hamilton...again another brilliant addition to the Anita Blake series :-) x
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on 30 March 2014
In this book we have all the elements that make up Anita Blake's life all rolled into one. Starting with her person connection with Micah & Nathaniel then bringing in shape-shifter, zombie & vampire problems involving first the police and then her friend Edward. What's not to like - here we go again! Laurell Hamilton at her very best, and it's a nice big book to keep everyone happy.
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on 8 March 2018
Family drama zombie apocalypse add Anita Blake and your ready for a great read. Mica’s dad is dying but what is more dangerous for Anita Micas family of the zombies
Anita and Edward at their best
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on 7 November 2013
I'm a real Anita lover, but the story gets predictable. Her issues with her many lovers, her childhood, ...
Even the story... going to the family of one of her lovers (who is really sick, didn't we have don this with Jason allready?), troubles with the locals, ....
And where is Richard in all of this, it's like Hamilton is ignoring Richard (not that I liked him that much) What about the Fourth Mark? It's like she is ignoring en forgetting a lot of items from the previous books.
I will buy and read the following books, but i'm a little sceptical if Hamilton can suprise us in the future!
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on 6 October 2013
The only reasons i didn't give this book 5 stars is the ending was rushed.

The book went back to actually having a story and it was a very good story line but the ending was rushed a bit too much.
There wasn't as much sex in it (Thankfully)

Really enjoyed the book, Better than the last 4 books by a mile
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on 22 July 2013
I'd almost given up on the Anita Blake book series as the books seemed to become less and less plot and more and more porn with Buffy-ish angst. The characters seemed to lose their personality and many of the originals seemed to just vanish completely.

This book seems to try to address some of these issues by reintroducing the old favourites, etc, and seemed to have a bit less porn and a bit more story, so definitely a step in the right direction.
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on 13 February 2018
Amazing as always, I start another as soon as I finish them and have been through the series several times
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