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on 8 August 2011
1942 and the Allies are desperate to end the war. The only way they can see is if they cut off the head, the body will die, in this case - kill Hitler. But to attempt something so dangerous you'd have to be... crazy.

Enter 7 Psychopaths, a mission featuring, yes, 7 psychopaths, each with a different dangerous neuroses that makes them unable to function normally in society. These men and women, with nothing to lose, are set loose behind enemy lines with the mission to take down the Fuhrer and end the war. But will their own problems overwhelm themselves and threaten the success of the mission?

This hugely enjoyable book features the writing talent of Fabien Vehlmann who wrote the "Green Manor" series and more recently Jason's "Isle of 100,000 Graves", while veteran comics artist Sean Phillips (Criminal, Incognito) adds his unique drawing style to this book. The excellent colourist Hubert completes the dream team and his work is among the best I've seen him do in this book.

The setup is constructed remarkably well in the first part but unfortunately due to the shortness of the run (3 issues) the next two parts rush the story causing it to feel compressed and undeveloped. That said, there are numerous set pieces that are superb and feature enough twists and turns to make any well-read comics fan to question where it's all going, it's just a shame it wasn't six issues instead of three to allow the characters and plot to breathe a bit more.

This book is a must read for fans of alternate takes on WW2 and original comic books with fantastic writing and art. I enjoyed the hell out of it and found myself laughing at the best moments and fascinated by the more interesting ones. A great read and highly recommended.
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on 2 September 2011
Seven psychopaths attempting to assassinate one of the most hated figures in history is the premise for what could be an awesome series, but that in itself is the problem with this graphic novel: it's not a series. Three comics just isn't long enough, as it doesn't give the plot time to breathe after dedicating the entirety of the first comic (and the first six pages of the second) to introducing and recruiting the members of the team. It reads almost as if there was a great idea for a seven-ten issue series which was cut to three after two comics. If this were a film, it'd be like the first ten minutes being set at a methodical, but interesting and story building pace, to then be told you are only able to watch a five minute montage of the last 80 minutes.

The art doesn't really make up for the story being crammed in to the last third of the book, being fairly basic and at times the human body is given some bizarre forms and proportions (and I don't mean the traditional comic book boobs & ass). It's not consistantly awful, but there are many instances of perspective being ignored to let it pass without mention.

Yet despite this I've given the book four stars, mainly because I did read it through because I wanted to know how the story evolved and concluded. It jumps, it needs to be at least twice as long as it is, but it's still a good read that keeps promising a little bit more. The different motives the team members have, and the different manifestations of psychopathicness make them a rag-tag bunch of losers who you can't help but back.
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on 21 August 2014
Was a good read!!
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