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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Twentieth volume in the series of paperbacks which collects issues of the Walking Dead, a horror comic that follows the exploits of a group of characters trying to survive after the world is overrun by Zombies.

This collects issues 115-120 of the monthly comic. Thus it's not really a jumping on point. New readers should begin with volume one.

As ever, this volume runs all six of the issues together into one long narrative. It does have some work from an inker on the art, which is new. But you probably won't notice anything different.

This one picks up from the end of volume nineteen, with Rick and his people on the way to war with Negan and his.

Rick has a plan. The attack begins. But will all his allies deliver?

And what might happen if Negan gets the chance to fight back?

This volume is subtitled all out war: part one. Thus you can tell from the off that it will end on a cliffhanger, and things won't all be resolved by the final page. It is a gripping read throughout, though, with excellent action moments plus some strong character ones as well.

But when it really becomes unforgettable is in the last third. Surprises and shocks abound amidst the action. Plus, as regular readers will know, nobody is safe. So you can't be sure if anyone is going to make it through.

Finishing with a big cliffhanger, this is a great volume. Roll on the next one.
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on 21 June 2014
This is the only volume of The Walking Dead to be labelled as part one of something. A subtle clue that things are about to change - or another marketing guru’s great idea. Like you aren’t going to buy the next volume, and the next, and the next.
Kirkman does a great job of showing you the scale of what is going to be The Walking Dead’s mano-a-mano conflict. Not just in terms of numbers but the ideologies at stake here. Both Rick and Negan see the folly of conflict but neither has it within them to back down. Each gives their own version of Henry V’s speech to their followers.
The dead only have one weapon but when humans go to war the tactics and arms are far more devastating. By the end you are wondering if anyone will be left standing when the smoke clears. We lose some people here but as readers we have learnt not to grow attached to the new people we meet so loss doesn’t have the impact it once did.
The art is fabulous. On first reading it is so subtle and elegant that you don’t notice just how skilled Adlard is. But going back it is easy to see that it is so in tune with the story that it appears invisible. There is great work going on with the visuals and everything is running like clockwork.
Thumbs Up!
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This was one of my favourite volumes since the prison ark. I would say the only thing I don't like about it is the constant running back and forth. I think that is the only negative of the T.V show, but it seems to have crept into the book a little. It is not a big negative at all though. The story is fast paced. The action is great. The author tells the story in a slightly different way half-way through, which I really liked. It gave a different feel to the whole thing. I am very excited about the next book. This is still my favourite series. I feel like the last few volumes have been slow and dragging a little, but this book sort of showed why that had to happen. Everything is coming together and I can't wait to see where it goes. Like always the book ended on a good cliff hanger.
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on 16 July 2014
Up at volume 20 now and this story is petering out. I am hoping that this series is brought to a respectable end soon. Since it's part 1, called All Out War and Kirkman has moved onto a new comic Outcast...I am going to predict that volume 2 part 2 finishes the series.
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on 17 June 2014
When superhero comics do purely fight stories, they tend to be pretty terrible (like Marvel’s AVX or DC’s Trinity War), but when The Walking Dead does it? Home run!

Maybe it’s because Robert Kirkman’s built up the characters over so long that we now care about them, or maybe it’s because the characters aren’t decades-old superheroes who will never die. Maybe it’s a more tense situation as Kirkman’s shown that he has no issues with taking out major characters to shake up a story.

Or maybe it’s because the story is more realistic – if a character gets shot, they go down, they don’t keep going because they don’t have superpowers. I think it’s because we all know Rick’s going to kill Negan and we’re waiting for that moment to come. At any rate, The Walking Dead’s latest and greatest storyline featuring a very small scale war between Rick’s group and Negan’s is completely engrossing.

Kirkman wastes no time in sending Rick out to formally declare war by striking first against Negan’s factory, and from then on the rest of the book follows how Rick’s forces fare against Negan’s outposts, the two characters pitting their tactics against one another in a desperate fight to the death. Lots of characters die followed with lots of twists and turns – I don’t want to give away details but I thought Kirkman’s plotting was absolutely first rate. I especially liked how Rick uses the zombies as tools in his plans!

The “Part 1” of the title might annoy some readers who were looking to see this conflict resolved in one volume, like when the Governor attacked the prison earlier in the series, but Negan has proved to be a more resilient and complex character than the Governor who won’t go down so easily. Plus this conflict is a much larger and more ambitious story than any other attempted so far and Kirkman crams in so many awesome set pieces that there’s no way this could be a done-in-one story.

Even though Kirkman skims over certain plot obstacles for those surprise moments when characters seemingly pop out of nowhere, there’s still so much happening in this book that you need at least one more volume to do the arc justice. And really, when you hit a rich narrative vein like this, why would you want it over sooner rather than later? Especially when things get turned up to 11 in the final act when Negan reveals a secret weapon that completely changes the balance of the war in his favour…

Jesus continues to be awesome in his action hero role, I love that Maggie’s playing a bigger role, Rick continues to flourish as a leader, now assuming the role of military commander, and Negan continues to baffle with his behaviour – he doesn’t condone rape but he doesn’t blink when it comes to murdering his own people? What a bizarre morality he has! I can’t nail down his character nor guess what he’s about to do next which is a big part of his appeal.

All Out War Part 1 is a fantastic read – it’s all killer, no filler and longtime readers of the series will love it. It’s blisteringly paced and you’ll fly through this in one sitting, wishing you had the next volume to hand immediately after (and if you’re reading this in the future, grab all parts of All Out War and read it as one!). Totally thrilling stuff, the series is at its best the more Rick and co. are up against it and never before have they been in more trouble than with evil Fonzie at their gates - 20 volumes in and the series has never been more exciting!
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on 15 March 2015
What can you say about these amazing graphic novels except they leave you wanting more! I usually buy the compendiums but then I got impatient and started buying the volumes too. I love the development of characters and addictive plot. Kirkman is a genius, let's hope The Walking Dead never ends. Volume 20 is as gripping as ever, complete with tiger action too. It's building up to something BIG!
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on 26 July 2016
Brought as a Christmas present. They havent complained, so it must good, and they have all the others. If you like The walking dead the to series, you will like these. But different from the tv series.
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on 3 August 2014
Before I start I do still love this series. Okay, so don't go crazy about 3 stars.
Robert Kirkman said a long time ago that TWD has no end game, it is a post-apolyptic soap opera centred around Rick Grimes and as such will presumably go on and on until Rick dies. However, after so many years, and such a large back catalogue of stories, I can't help feeling that these could be more accessible to new readers. When I started reading Batman back in the early 90s I didn't have to go back to issue one. Now I'm not sure how this issue can be resolved for TWD, or I would be writing books rather than reviewing them, but this issue is something that bugs me.
Secondly, after the introduction of Negan in issue 17, something I felt really rebooted the series, I feel this saga with him and Rick is stuck in a loop and will ultimately end up with Rick killing him and adopting his men. Again I don't know how to move the series out of the rut it is in (introduction of the remains of the government, perhaps)
So to conclude, this is still a great series, of that I will not deny, but it is inaccessible to new readers of TWD and is becoming a bit repetitive to established readers. Hence the 3 stars. Possibly a controversial review and I would love to hear comments from other fans, especially if you disagree.
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‘The Walking Dead, Vol. 20’ by Robert Kirkman is latest release of popular zombie comic series which describe the dystopian world ruled by undead that beside its illustrated version infected the entire planet with excellent TV-series. This compilation consists of TWD issues from 115 to 120, which were all imaginatively and ominously illustrated by masterful drawings made by Charlie Adlard.

As I wrote in the review for the previous installment, no matter how often can be heard objections that TWD pace dropped a bit, this is still a story that we all eagerly follow expecting to see how it finishes or perhaps hoping that there is a chance to take the world back to the state as it was before the zombie outbreak. Some of the TV seasons and comic issues seem like fillers, like the authors ran out of inspiration or are simply reaping the fruits of labor repeating the same proven formula, but then suddenly something happens which shows how Kirkman had an idea from the beginning, and that all things are put together in an interesting mosaic while parts of the puzzle are slowly given to us.

Although it is hard to believe that there is someone who has just now heard of this franchise, or did not knew that TV-series is based on comics, the recommendations for its reading certainly stands as the comics are providing an additional aspect of imagination that the TV-series lacks keeping readers thrilled while taking part in the adventures of the survivors which are in greater danger from the other remaining people, but the zombies.

In its twentieth installment war between the factions is the main theme – the Saviors on one side, while Kingdom, Hilltop and Alexandra Safe-Zone are united on the second, the tide of war is changing and it is uncertain to predict anything…

What makes me particularly happy about this sequel is that unlike some of the earlier installments the elements of additional character development, emotions and good interaction among the protagonists are again present - all the things that marked the start of the series, but later gradually fell in the background. In this installment there will also be some deaths that I will not discover not to spoil the thrill, but it certainly would be surprising to readers who may have forgotten some similar situations in the past when on few pages many important characters disappeared without author’s mercy.

Overall, TWD 20 is another sequel for which many will say that it’s a filler and hardened fans will swear it’s brilliant, but nevertheless we all will read it because it delivers new exciting adventures of human survivors in a dark vision of future.
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Finally after much build up the survivors and their new allies are ready to take on Negan and his "Saviours".

This volume is the first part of a major story arc for The Walking Dead and deals with the initial actions as Rik, Jesus, Ezekial and their groups finally seek to break away from the grip of the monstrous Negan.

It's another page turner that I read in one session, gripping and at times disturbing it's an excellent read. A definite must for Walking Dead fans.
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