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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 18 September 2011
Fantastic book! Gives a beautiful detailed account of what believers can expect to find when they enter heaven. Any believer will be enthralled and uplifted and reminded of what they have to look forward to when our time on earth is finished. (It'll be all worth it!) I want to purchase more books to give away and for sure I'll be reading this one over and over again as there is so much to take in. The author dives right into describing what he saw as a believer in heaven and continues throughout the book giving a very good description of what he saw using limited human vocabulary. He includes a brief description of what happens to unbelievers 'in the other place'. I could barely stand to read about this part and was filled with great sorrow wanting everyone to get to heaven. Definitely recommended reading for everyone- it will change your life!
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on 17 July 2014
I couldnt put this down, really interesting and well written testimony of a man who died and went to heaven, his descriptions and experiences were literally out of the world, If you have ever wondered what waits for us after this life is finished and you need hope or to give it to someone who needs encouragement, I would recommend this novel, its very readable and I d say truthful. Its a beautiful story of someone who really experienced a divine revelation of heaven and what it is. Lovely.
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on 16 October 2014
I really enjoyed this book; it is so out there as one would expect Heaven to be. I know such books are not scripture and need to read with that in mind but Richard had a well known and respected ministry so he would be writing this with a motive to fulfil God's instructions ands bless the Body of Christ. Read it yourself and make your own judgement.
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on 11 March 2013
I read this book in 2 days! It is amazing and confirms the message that many other Christian books are saying on this real matter of heaven. It touches very briefly on Hell which also confirms other Christian Authors books on that reality too!
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on 25 April 2014
This is a stunningly detailed book which is amazing beyond your wildest hopes and dreams. It will comfort you if you are missing a loved one,encourage you if you are weary and confirm every best 'hope of your heart' that the Spirit bears witness to already within you. It is astounding,fabulous in content and cannot be put down! I've said all this yet still can't adequately convey to you the contents of this book.How can you describe glory?There's only one thing for it,read it yourself !
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on 20 March 2012
I wanted to know what happened to the author when he was in heaven. A very detailed account is given. As I was reading the book, i imagined myself in that beautiful place. It's very encouraging and there's definitely life after death.
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on 19 May 2016
I loved every word, especially knowing I will sing again.I used to be an opera singer.I can hardly wait to reunite with my friends and family. Heaven sounds as I imagine it to be. I'm very spiritual and this book made me extremely happy. It also makes sense of my faith. I advise anyone with any doubts to read it, it is so uplifting.
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on 24 November 2012
My Time in Heaven, by Richard Sigmund, compared to Kat Kerr's books.
I recently re-read `My Time in Heaven', and near the end I thought `I don't know if I believe this'. There were a number of things that bothered me about it. The author claims to have died in a car crash and gone to heaven, and come back. He is guided around heaven by two grumpy, uppity angels, who never answer any questions, and say things like `it's not for you to know' etc. It's a bit like the scene of `Curb Your Enthusiasm', where Larry David ends up exchanging insults with his angels in heaven. These angels are all loving and fawning when Jesus comes along, I just found it sickening.
Another thing I found sickening was there supposedly being a big basin of Jesus' blood somewhere in heaven... gross, as they say. Then there were all these statues of Jesus, living statues doing stuff, and in the Bible the Israelites are commanded never to make any graven images of anything, in heaven the whole place is full of statues. The author allegedly spend eight hours in heaven, and he naturally gets to meet Jesus, and Jesus meets him in a gazebo, and has `open wounds' in his face.
Jesus takes the author to hell, for some reason, and carries him in his arms. The author buries his face in Jesus; robe, like a big baby, as he doesn't want to look around. Then there are monuments, and one is like the Washington Monument; what would a masonic phallic symbol be doing in heaven? Angels do a lot of stuff, like carrying people's prayers around in censors; doesn't seem very likely to me. Also they are all male, whereas Jesus in the gospels suggests that there is possibly no gender in heaven.
Then there are all these soldier angels standing in lines, waiting to get orders to go to earth, and they've been there for ages, like the Terracotta Army; how boring would that be? The main thing I found wrong with this story, is that God is anthropomorphic; an enormous man, sitting in an enormous throne. Wouldn't this enormous man get bored to tears, sitting in his throne, lapping up the worship of all the millions of worshippers, prostrate on the floor? And how did the author get to the railings, where there are stones shaped like potatoes, in front of the throne? The author said that he saw God's feet only, and they were the size of Texas; how silly. Isn't God a Spirit? A bit more sophisticated perhaps, than an enormous man, sitting around for all eternity, doing nothing. And what was God doing before he created this heaven and all these angels, to worship him and do stuff? Where was he sitting, before he created his own throne? Doesn't make any sense.
The author quotes stuff from Revelation, but nothing that he reports of heaven corresponds to what is described in heaven; there are no twenty-four elders, for example. There are allegedly nine steps to fullness I Christ, a bit like the twelve steps to recovery. There was a room where the author is taken, and in the room is written; `The Covenant of Jehovah, and the Redeemed of the Lamb', the author is shaking and cannot speak; he sees his name written; `Richard of the family of Sigmund'. Most scholars tell us that Jehovah isn't the way it originally was pronounced, and is an anglicised corruption of Yahweh.
The author is always weeping about stuff, and `falling on his face', whatever that means. There's no verification of anything that the author claims; no medical records or witnesses named, so he could have just made the whole thing up, for whatever reason. He says that there were soldiers in Iraq, who were reading his book, as they didn't have any bibles, and they were in battle, and the Iraqis ran off, and later claimed that they saw big angles in the sky. That sounds like made-up rubbish to me.
When the author is taken to hell, at the end of it Jesus says how much he loves him and everybody; a bit perverse really, and pointless. There is so much wrong with this book, that I almost don't know where to start. Jesus shows the author his hand, and it has the name of the author engraved on it. This book isn't as bad as Kat Kerr's book on her visits to heaven. Kat Kerr starts teaching heretical ideas in her book. She has these cable cars (without cables) coming to pick up people, after they have died, to take them through the universe, to heaven. The universe is thought to be 13.7 billion light years across.
Kat Kerr has there cable cars travelling through outer space, in supposedly a short time, whereas it would take billions of years travelling at the speed of light, even if heaven was in this same dimension, and it isn't. Kat Kerr allegedly got to see Oral Roberts being taken to heaven. I don't really care who Oral Roberts was, but I looked it up. He was part of the charismatic movement, or closely associated with that type of religion. I was thinking that maybe Kat Kerr used this book by Sigmund, as a model to base her own claims about heaven. The two accounts are different, but there are a few things that are similar. Sigmund says nothing about cable cars.
There is no information given about anything. There is the usual stuff about revivals on the earth, before Jesus returns. But there's no revelation given about anything. The author sees some huge trees, and wonders at how old the earth is, and want's to ask the uppity angels, but is too timid to ask. Kat Kerr has a room where creation is shown on a TV screen. According to her, there dinosaurs were created before in another age, and the earth is very old. As dinosaur DNA has been found in dinosaur bones recently, so that proves that she is wrong, and must be lying. Why do people lie about these things?
Sigmund provides some wonderful revelation, spoken by Jesus, and it is a stupid meaningless riddle, similar to the riddle in Revelation, like the 'one who was, is not, and yet will be', but it is different and just as inexplicble to everyone, perhaps the author thought he was being profound.
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on 27 June 2013
Great read, certainly sounds like a beautiful wonderful place to be going too. There was a few things that seemed odd to me as a Christian. He spoke about some jewels in a shop and the jewels changed depending on the woman who was in your life at that time in Heaven. Well the Bible clearly states there is no marriage in Heaven and if we dated woman in Heaven i believe it would distract us from serving God.
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on 26 August 2016
This has got to be the best book I
have ever read. Unbelievable, Fascinating and Inspiring and I love it so much,I can't put it down. It has also lifted my faith n I look forward to that day, when we will be with our Lord. Love this book. Can't put it down. Read,Read n Read again. Another best purchase from Amazon.
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