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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2012
I have to say this book is luscious, a sensory delight - from the feel of the paper to the muted, bold colours and big photography, it is equally at home on the coffee table as it is in the knitters library. It has the "organic, recycled" look, touch and smell which is so popular at the moment (if you have ever had an Abel and Cole booklet you'll know what I mean). It would make a stunning gift on looks alone. WARNING: it is not a pattern book, but a text book - it states that very clearly in the text.

As for the content, well I am a beginner knitter, I have very quickly latched onto circular needles for knitting flat and am yet to try knitting in the round or DPNs, hence buying this book. It covers knitting flat/round on circular needles and using DPNs as well as converting flat patterns to the round - with advice as to what type of knitting/patterns can and can't be knitted in the round (and therefore does not include knitting types that isn't recommended in the round, e.g intarsia).

WARNING TO BEGINNERS: you need to already know how to do basic knitting (cast on/off, knit and purl) - this book shows methods for doing these but I can see I would never have been able to learn from scratch with this book, however, I can apply my basic knowledge to work out how to do the other techniques. (I actually learned through an online course at Craftsy and own The Knitting and Crochet Bible: The Complete Handbook for Creative Knitting and Crochet which has a much clearer demonstration of the techniques and I use the DROPS website which has very clear, free demo videos.)

There is plenty of basic information in the first couple of chapters to ease you into everything, then it starts with the projects, so you learn as you knit. The basics include materials, several cast on/off methods, methods for connecting the edges, i-cord, magic loop, using two circular needles (and later the knit two socks at once method), hints, tips and troubleshooting (e.g. avoiding visible jog, twisted stitches). For many techniques, if there are different methods these are all illustrated. Lots of this information is supplemented with bold, clear photos - although sometimes plain, colour-coded diagrams would be easier to follow (these appear in the glossary of terms but aren't as easy as those in the Knitters Bible to follow). As far as I can tell, all terminology is American, but since I download patterns from mostly American sites, its an advantage.

The projects are divided by type (hats - gloves - socks, etc.) then each chapter contains several projects each increasing in difficulty. You can choose to concentrate on one type of item, or you can do the easy project in each category then move up a level. Each project has a clear and full list of yarn requirements/recommendations (including yardage), other materials, gauge, etc. and measurements are always given in both metric and imperial. At the end of the project it then gives variations you could try and advice on resizing patterns.

Another CAUTION, the projects are not full sized patterns, this is definitely not a pattern book, its all about learning the techniques. I think this was the appeal for me, apart from loving dinky things, it means you can very quickly learn and cover a technique (e.g. a top down sweater) without having to buy a lot of yarn or spend weeks on the project. Once that technique is learned you can apply it to a full size pattern or start a new technique. This was what sold the book to me over others teaching circular knitting.

I can't yet comment on the accuracy of the "patterns" etc as I have not completed a project yet (although I have been lucky enough to have had this book a month from another UK seller who released it before Amazon), I can't wait to get started, the difficulty is choosing what to do first!

Conclusion: Even if I never made anything from this book, I love owning it as it is just such a beautiful book, it makes me feel happy just to browse through it. As it is, I have learned from it, I hope to learn a great deal more and it is easy to follow, not as rigid as a textbook, but not overly colloquial, Radcliffe starts to make a point and finishes it without straying. Its a book I'd recommend for the advanced beginner, intermediate and those new to circular needles - and as a gift to your knitter friends!
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on 17 April 2012
This book is not a book of patterns and is the first knitting book that has made me "think" about creating your own patterns from any yarn and for any size. For me, only knitting 5 years or so - this is so refreshing. in the uk so many knitters learn on straight needles and flat pieces - this book breaks the mould for those of us who feel stuck in a flat knit rut and long to escape moutains of sewing seams. There is also a great section on converting flat patterns to circular patterns and the detail within the book is incredible. It is as it says on the cover, a worksop. Projects are varied taking you from a basic scarf, through hats, bags, pot holders, socks, gloves, jumpers, cardigans....and teaching how to create yourself using a choice of methods. Well worth the money.

If you're a knitter on Ravelry too - the author margaret radcliffe has set up a group to help with any queries and for general discussions re the projects. What a brucey bonus eh!
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on 21 December 2012
This book is a great book for those who are interested in knitting in the round. Even if you are reasonably experienced at circular knitting, there are lots of great ideas. All the patterns are explained, and she talks about ways to modify them to suit your needs, which is very useful if you like to fiddle with patterns.

However: The kindle edition is rubbish. There are important tables of information that appear as graphics, so are essentially unreadable. The appendix, with all the instructions for various stitches and cast ons, doesn't seem to be viewable on my kindle - I can go to the first page of it, but when I press next-page, I get taken to the end of the book. (I've not had this problem with any other books.)

I've just checked, and it all works fine on an iPad (and the photos are in colour). But the whole point of having a knitting book on a kindle is that it should work on a kindle! Most of the text is fine, sure, but if I'm knitting out and about, I need to be able to read the appendix!
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on 6 October 2012
I've been knitting in the round for donkey's years and bought this book to try to expand my knowledge. Wow it's good! Don't be intimidated by it's enourmouse size, it's very well designed and written in a friendly acciaaible manner. There's something in it for everyone and rather than devote whole sections to patterns (which I never knit) it has basic patterns which can be adapted. It's very good for finding tips and ideas to improve your knitting and for working out solutions to those niggling little problems like unwanted laddering. It's now on my 'very useful' shelf!
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on 23 May 2012
I bought this book purely so I could learn how to do circular knitting. I think of myself as an advanced beginner, but now I'm well on my way to becoming an intermediate knitter thanks to this gem of a book! Beautifully but simply laid out with great tips, loads of pictures to help guide you and plenty of advice for newer knitters. PLEASE NOTE: The patterns in the book are mini so you can get the basics, but they certainly help you get on to full size projects, as I have now completed my first pair of socks!
A fantastic book, well worth the humble price and indispensable for the budding knitter.
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on 17 August 2012
I would recommend this book to new users and experienced knitters alike. It is clear, concise and very user friendly. I wanted new techniques clearly explained and this book delivers.
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on 27 January 2016
I bought this book to brush up on knitting in the round. And this is undoubtedly a great book to have in your craft library if you want to extend your knitting prowess and master the art of circular knitting on various kinds of needles. There is no doubt about it being an excellent book in terms of the breadth of advice and the quality of instruction. But I can't help wishing the book had excited me more in terms of its design and layout, the colours used and the projects included. I found most of the projects dull and uninspiring and really wouldn't want to make any of them. But having said that, it does guide you through a wealth of techniques to explore which will, eventually, give you the skills you need to make your own designs. With a bit of imagination you can create some beautiful things with circular knitting. I just wish the book had showcased some 'wow factor' stuff in a gallery, perhaps, or something similar, to spur me onward.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 February 2016
I gave this a five-star rating although the dry writing makes it a bit more difficult to work through. The author does manage to get the information across, though, and the book really takes the nervous out of circular knitting. I'm such a beginner quite a lot of the book is challenging (read bewildering and a bit overwhelming but please remember - I am a total beginner!), but every bit of it is going to be a huge help as I move along in my knitting skills learning.

Excellent instruction on every aspect of circular knitting. I especially like the section on socks - the text (ok, dry, but very informative) and photos work together so well that I can sense myself 'getting it'. Practice makes perfect so I'm not knitting gorgeous socks - yet:)

All in, this is probably the best circular knitting book out there today and I'm extremely glad I have it. I know I'll be using it for a long time to come.
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on 17 December 2014
This is my second purchase of this book! This one is for my niece as her knitting in progressing. Its not a pattern book, although there are patterns for a hat, socks and a general guide to top down jumpers which is good. The explanation of the Kitchener stitch is very good and easy to follow. The cast on instructions are good. Basically its the best book for knitting in the round. I keep going back to it again and again. I hate knitting on straight pins now!
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on 5 May 2013
This book is going to require some serious time devoted to it, but I can see it's going to yield big dividends. It covers every conceivable aspect of circular knitting, from casting on to finishing off, with lovely clear illustrations and photos to back up the text. It's not primarily a book of patterns - patterns there are, but they are mostly for small items such as hats or doll-sized sweaters. The emphasis is on teaching techniques rather than simply providing patterns. And what a lot of techniques there are! I have knitted a number of circular garments now, but I can see I have only scratched the surface of the huge possibilities which circular knitting offers. This book is a fantastic addition to my technical library, and I can see myself returning to it often. Worth every penny.
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