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Released in 2009, this is the fifth part of a five part story that saw the return of Tom Baker to the role of the Fourth Doctor. It is the final part of a 5 part sotry, tying together all the strands and you should probably listen to the other four Hornet’s Nest releases before this to get the most out of it. It is a single hour long episode on a single disc, with some well realised artwork on the inlay.

Following their night in the cellar of Nest Cottage, the Doctor and Mike Yates, now joined by the redoubtable Mrs. Wibbsey, prepare to take on the Hornets in one last desperate final confrontation. The story trips long quite nicely, using several devices and ideas from some of Baker’s classic Who stories. All the loose ends are satisfactorily tied up and it is an effective and entertaining closer to this series. I thoroughly enjoyed it, 5 stars.
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So after listening to the Doctor recount his tales of horror in the cellar overnight while the re-animated objects run amok in the Nest, we finally come to the end of the tale of the horrendous hornets.

This part of the story had a good mix of both Captain Yates and the Doctor recounting the story, as it happened and in retrospect, as they both end up playing slightly different roles in the final dust-up with the hornet Queen. And who is under her influence, and who is not? We just have to get all the way to the end to find out.

A feel-good ending on Christmas Day and everyone enjoys their Christmas dinner, and Mrs Wibbsey seems to have reconciled herself to her lot, rather than spending her days looking after an 'intergalactic dilettante' - great stuff indeed.

This series is definitely worth the listen, and I can't wait for more from Tom Baker - hopefully Captain Yates will be back too; he well and truly seems to have redeemed himself from his 'breakdown' while at UNIT all those years previous.

Highly recommended, especially for all the Tom Baker fans in the world (which includes me).
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on 9 February 2010
The series finally comes into its own when it matters most. The conclusion of the Hornet's Nest series is an exciting yarn; completely bonkers and rich in the type of language that Tom Baker lives for.
Of course, the big selling point of the series is that Tom Baker, THE Doctor, returns to the role for the first time after falling off that telescope many years ago. It was great to hear him again and , for me effortlessly, reprised the role. Richard Franklin as Mike Yates is in top form too with his possible betrayal scenes being effective. Susan Jameson as Mrs Wibbsey stole the show though. It was fun having a companion that so negative and insulting! I hope she can be reunited with the 4th Doctor in a future story.
Paul Magrs script is barking, but the listening experience is at least memorable and there is enough cleverness and wit in there, matched by Tom's peformance, to pull it off.
I hope Tom returns again soon...
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on 19 July 2017
Good cd
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on 26 December 2012
The story is ok but the author has managed to meander just enough to leave you wondering if he forgot the story line on more than one occasion
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on 29 December 2009
The final installment of the 'Hornet's Nest' saga is every bit as enjoyable, exciting, macabre, and bonkers as the previous 4, and Tom Baker excels himself, with every story he has got more and more back into character, and now it's like he's never been away. This last part takes place in 'real time' as opposed to Baker relating a past adventure, and consequently there is far more audio drama than spoken narration, which is a good thing. Richard Franklin's Mike Yates finally gets a good slice of the action and comes across very endearingly and there are some welcome nods to the series past continuity such as the shrinking from 'The Invisible Enemy' and Mike's 'breakdown' when he turned traitor in the tv stories 'Invasion of the Dinosaurs' and his recovery in 'Planet of the Spiders'. I'm very pleased that Mike Yates was the companion chosen for this series as I always wanted to see what became of him and he had some good charater development.
The story itself, despite being macabre and weird is very Doctor Who and the Doctor gets some great scenes and dialogue that sound just like what his Doctor would say and the final resolution is very satisfying. To add to my enjoyment, I happened to listen to this story late on christmas day and - MINOR SPOILER - the end scene takes place on christmas day with the Doctor enjoying a mince pie and wishing everyone a 'merry christmas' which really made me smile.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the 'Hornet's Nest' series and, despite some inital worries about Tom recapturing his Doctor, I'm very pleased to say that all my concerns were unfounded, he has done a marvellous job, just hearing his wonderful voice instantly tranported me back in time to Doctor Who's glory days and re-affirmed my belief that he is easily the greatest Doctor of them all. Now that the Hornet's have been vanquished, let's hope we get some more original adventures with Tom Baker as the Doctor. PLEASE!
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Fifth and final part of the series of talking books from bbc audio featuring tom baker back in the role of the doctor. This episode runs for seventy minutes and is compelete on one disc. and it contains an opening scene which fills in with narration rather than just story so far clips to explain what happened in the earlier parts. This works so much better, but it's probably a bit too late for new listeners to start here, so go back to part one to get the most out of it.

Now that the storytelling format of the past three parts is no longer required the story can move on and wrap itself up. Thus we get scenes that are full cast drama, and some that are narration. Early on tom baker is still more himself than the doctor, a slight problem that the series has had throughout, but once it gets going and the three main characters headed into the lair of their enemies you do stop noticing that.

This is all very imaginative, and the settings are very interesting. narration rather than drama means you don't quite get the full effect of the scenes describing them and you do have to work to get the most out of them. but it is worth the effort.

this whole part is character based drama rather than action spectacle, the plans of the monsters all depending on them having an influence on their prey. As a result of which we get long scenes of attempted persusasion that do tend to drop the pace off somewhat. But tom really gets into his stride during the middle and he does get some excellent bits of dialogue.

The reason why mike yates is in the story is adequately explained and it's well written because it wouldn't have worked with the brigadier, the originally planned companion for the series.

Once things are resolved, in rather typical doctor who fashion, there's a quick wrap up which does manage to neatly tie up all loose ends, and a nice final scene. which really should be listened to at a certain time of year for added effect. tom is once again himself more than the doctor during this, but by then you really wont mind.

a very good to the series. it has had its ups and downs throughout, but in the end it's been worth it.
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on 21 December 2009
After four wonderful build up stories the climactic installment in Paul Magrs' Fourth Doctor saga has finally arrived. Whilst not quite as macabrely captivating as "Doctor Who": Hornets' Nest: Dead Shoes v. 2 (BBC Audio) this is still excellent, as Tom Baker's Time Lord, his grim housekeeper the exquisitely named Mrs Wibbsey, and Mike Franklin's redoubtable old soldier Captain Yates, take a journey into the unknown - in this case the inside of a stuffed zebra - in search of the Queen of the swarm, and a final battle with the deadly and insidious Hornets.

Baker is of course outstanding as the impishly arch Fourth Doctor, whilst Franklin, Rula Lenska, and Susan Jameson, provide first-rate support. With echoes of former adventures, and a trademark cavalier rush into danger, this is a complete, and utterly brilliantly bonkers culmination of a terrific series. We want more!
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on 13 November 2009
I find it hard to understand all the negative reviews here, as someone who grew up with Tom Baker's melifluous tones as The Doctor on television, I think the opportunity to hear him reprise the role is simply irresistible. This series has been hugely enjoyable - but it's not supposed to be high theatre; the evocatice music and Baker's dulcet drawl just make me smile constantly, and the story featuring a macabre circus troupe and it's sinister ringmaster are superb. Surely the opportunity to hear a group of outstanding actors play their roles without frills and endless explosions is what audio drama is all about? And Richard Franklin, Tom Baker et al acquit themselves with aplomb - Paul Magrs' script is sharp and witty, and the endless bandying of polysyllabic words is ideally suited to Baker's style. Fun, cosy, and hugely entertaining - for me this series is going from strength to strength,
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on 27 March 2010
... quite good in its own way. After the gothic overtones of earlier stories i was expecting something a bit darker, whereas this was a bit of a 'jellybaby'-ish resolution. Lots of fun though.

Tom Baker, as ever, is marvellous as the Doctor and Richard Franklin and Susan Jameson offer valiant support as Mike Yates and Mrs Wibsey respectively.
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