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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set
Format: Game|Change
Price:£44.22+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 31 August 2014
Not played it much, but of the few times that i have played it, i've liked what i've seen/played. works well alone and with 2 players (not played to 3/4 yet so i can't judge) I've also purchased the character add on as i've enjoyed playing different characters and enjoy a good mix.
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on 12 January 2017
great game only one complaint being that the die 6 was missing, luckily as this was for my brother an avid gamer, he had replacements. thanks alot
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on 21 February 2014
-Can be played solo or up to 4 players (6 with the Character Add On expansion) scaling well in difficulty (actually it gets more difficult the more players you add - hint for whoever consider this an "easy" game)
-Unique and satisfactory combination of deck building, deck managing, and dungeon-crawling RPG-like experience
-Innovative way of playing cards: some are just revealed to generate an effect, others are displayed in front of you for the turn, others put back in the deck, others get discarded, or combinations of those effects. Simple and elegant without unnecessary complexity
-Brilliant characters with different mechanics each, but all of them viable, fun to play, and balanced. Smartly captures the approximate mechanics/feeling of each class from the RPG game
-Character progression works really well, you will feel attached to your character and the threat of perma-death will add nicely to the tension (I rather loss a scenario than see my rogue die!)
-Many decisions to take, strategy is important (especially on how you build your character and your party)
-Great artwork
-Expandable and very replayable
-Rules are not actually complicated. Easy to learn
-The base box has room for every card in all expansions (note: except if you sleeve them...)
-Developers are very responsive and participative, gathering feedback from the community and implementing changes accordingly
-Official online PDF version of the character sheets available if you do not want to write on your cards

-Luck can affect some games: as you are always time-limited to 30 turns, if you happen to draw all the big baddies first, that particular scenario will be much easier to complete (this is partially mitigated by the fact you are playing a whole campaign of 30+ scenarios).
-For die-hard RPG players some mechanics will be painful to swallow (why is the party throwing away all the items they do not want to use instead of storing them in a nice chest for future adventures? :D)
-The manual needed to be corrected to clarify many rules and mechanics - free online PDF file available
-Many cards needed to be officially FAQ'ed. Although few errata are noticeable at first and none is game-breaking, once you realize so many cards needed corrections you start to wonder if the unusual card you just encountered is phrased correctly and you feel the urge to check the official FAQ again just to be sure (which can be distracting)
-More than one dice set should have been included. Almost every turn you roll more than one die of a specific type, as a lot of the card effects are something like "add one extra die of the same type to this roll"
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on 12 February 2014
This game rocks!!! I am more a fan of board games than card games and i really like RPG games in video format or table game format. But i have to say that this game has succeeded to maintain the RPGdungeon crawl experience for a group of 2 to 4 players ( goes to 6 with the character addon ) while being easy to learn and VERY fun to play.

A huge plus is a DM is not needed and that the players are playing against a pre-made set of locations that have random cards every time so even playing the same adventures are never actually the same! Another huge thing this game has is the sense of progression that your characters have after questing and succeeding at their adventures they get a kind of level up in their "character sheet" which will help for the later more hard senarios. FANTASTIC GAME... i cant recommend it enough. it feels fun it plays fast , an hour or so each mission and feel old school and refreshing at the same time! AWESOME!
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on 8 July 2014
A dull game with a large set up time and theme problems. You're more or less totally unable to influence another party member's encounter without special abilities which whilst justified in the context of it being a card game rather than an RPG, it just feels so completely wrong in practice. The number of times our barbarian was standing next to our bard watching him get squashed by a zombie...

Worst of all were the quality control issues both known and purposely left unaddressed by Paizo. Chinese printers produced colour variations in some of the sheets such that the backs of the cards were noticeably different making it hard not to know what you're about to draw. If you got one of the faulty sets then Paizo would replace them. However they decided to move to US printers part way through the adventure path which were totally different colours to the Chinese ones. If you had a Chinese set then Paizo will not replace these with new US prints, you will just be expected to deal with it. In other words they traded a situation where you would sometimes have a problem and Paizo would sort it out, for a situation where you were guaranteed to have a problem that Paizo would do nothing about. Customer services will direct you to the Paizo forums where their dedicated fans will defend the company and advise you to buy new cards or sleeves. Why would I spend more money on Paizo after this?
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on 13 February 2014
I purchased this game to play with my daughter as we wanted a game play co-operatively as opposed to player-vs-player such as most games are (eg. talisman, revolution etc). This game is extremely well made and the art work and design of the cards is good (although the text on the cards is a little small). We found the rules a little confusing to understand and needed to re-read the rule book several times during play. The game also did not flow very well in terms of speed and ease of play, although others may have their own opinion to this. It is a very unique concept and is sure to be a classic game to heave on your shelf with many expansion decks and scenarios totalling over 1200 cards once all purchased. Another cool feature is that the box is sections for all the cards and the cards cannot get mixed up when in the box even if the box is tipped on side (so the makers say) and this appears to be true although I haven't shaken it up too roughly. All in all good to own but will take time.
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on 21 January 2015
I have nothing against the game, it's absolutely brilliant and i cant get enough! But these cards are the wrong size and colour!!! this means that every time i shuffle them with the rest of the cards they all group together and i know when one of them is next because the colour is different... anyone looking to buy this pack should look somewhere else as i'm pretty sure that these are fake!!!
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on 26 August 2013
I picked this up at Gencon where it was one of the gems of the show. It captures the feel of an RPG with levelling characters permanent death and almost endless replay ability. With the character add on you have enough for 6 players to enjoy.

The game also really shines as a solo game which is a huge bonus, I usually prefer to play board games with other people as they need the social aspect but this one really shines in both formats.

Can't recommend it enough. Brilliant game.
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on 11 February 2017
First Pathfinder rpg card adventure games experience and never really plaed this type of game before, so learning the game a bit better instead of guessing some things from the small pamphlet with the rules, which are easy to read though it didn't explain certain situations that may occur might make it a bimore enjoyable . Had fun when playing solo but tend to get put in a no win situation. Probably because im a newb.

Some of the packs were slightly banana shape but not that much of a problem. You get a lot of cards and first expansion. Not sure if i'll get all the expansions. It is a nice looking game.
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on 15 January 2014
It is a table top rolplaying game in a card game, it will require a bit of setting up, but if you are willing to put in the effort, I really do recommend it
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