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on 28 July 2015
These recipes are all calorie-counted and low in fat but they are also really tasty so this book is a winner. You don't need to be trying to lose weight to enjoy them. They are fairly uncomplicated to make and the time to make them is marked on each recipe. There are good bowl and sandwich wrap ideas at the back. I liked the extra indexes too - there are different lists of all the recipes which are: gluten free; soya free; can be made in under 30 minutes; have down time where you can relax and leave your food bubbling away or doing its thing.

Here are some of the recipes I've tried.. I didn't give all of them a star rating, but started to do it halfway though. Where I did, it's marked down.

Favourite salads: Sushi edamame pg 20, goddess nicoise pg 25 and warm mushrooms pg 35
Wild rice with oranges and beetroot pg 39 - loved, loved loved it. 5 stars
Trattoria pasta salad with white beans pg 49 - very nice. 4.5 stars

Favourite sides: chick pea gravy pg 56, caulipots pg 55, onion rings pg 59, cranberry cashew biryani pg 67, bhutanese pineapple rice pg 72, scarlet barley (i used spelt) pg 69, butternut coconut rice pg 81
Unfrited fried rice pg 70 - brilliant. 5 stars
Kasha and mushrooms with dill - nice but lacking something. 3 stars
Ethiopian millet - loved the spice combination. 5 stars
Curried cabbage and peas - loved it, very vegetably. 5 stars

Main event
Lentil shepherd's pie pg 117 - great flavour. 5 stars
Black bean, courgette and olive tacos pg 131 3.5 stars

Arabian lentil/rice pg 206 - yummy, keeper. 4.5 stars
Lotsa veggies lentil soup pg 198 - not bad. 4 stars
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on 14 May 2012
I have found this book indispensable in helping me on my vegan journey. I have a lot of weight to lose, and I had no idea how to combine these two dietary challenges. This book is full of healthy but interesting food, and the recipes I have tried instantly became favourites. I have not had any trouble sourcing the ingredients in my local supermarket and I live in a very rural area - our supermarket is probably a corner shop compared to most! I also did not have any problems with the translation, but then again I do spend far too much time reading American cookery bogs looking for inspiration. Based on this book, I immediately bought 'Veganomicon' which is co-authored by Moskowitz and I have not been disappointed. My favourite egan cookery book so far.
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on 21 May 2014
I am not a vegan, I am a part-time vegetarian because various members of my family are veggie. A friend mentioned that she lost weight when catering for vegan house guests. This book is full of tasty filling Vegan meals. I didn't need to get loads of different ingredients and the optional ones were all available in supermarkets.
The American terms are surmountable, but a glossary would be nice . I bought it on Kindle to enable me to carry it around with me, but that was a BIG mistake, to be useful on e books the publishers need to have a contents page For those reasons it loses a star, but I am going to buy the paper back, because, it certainly does give you more for your calories
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on 22 December 2013
This book gives some amazing recipes - I have to say I was a bit sceptical reading some of them but I gave them a go and they were amazing - tasty and filling. I can't be doing with half a lettuce leaf food - these were big healthy calorie counted delicious meals. An American book so I had to google a couple of things but all in all highly recommended.
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on 31 July 2016
Absolutely love this ... easy to follow recipes .. not too complicated and they taste delicious .. very happy to recommend. .
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on 29 January 2014
Have been a veggie for years and decided to give the vegan diet a go but discovered that sooooo much stuff has a wee bit of egg or milk in so a friend recommended this cook book.

I am now hooked on some of the recipes, but as with many things this is written for people who have access to American supermarkets, it is incredibly difficult to get hold of certain things like Salsa Verde (made with tomatillos), decent sized corn tortillas and a couple of other bits. I have substituted or left certain ingredients out and the taste has still been pretty good but it does make you wonder how much better it would be if you could get hold of all the ingredients,
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on 21 September 2014
This is so good I have the kindle and paperback versions so I always have access to ingredients lists. The food is genuinely amazing, I mix it up a little with Veganomicon (adapting them slightly for calorie watching, and I am gluten free too but it's v easy to swap in and out). The recipes are just yum, and would easily persuade any meat eater than vegan is not just an alternative but better - it's that good. My only slight gripe is the calorie calculation, where sometimes it's based on no quarter or an eighth of what you've made - it's very hard to leave what's left for tomorrow!
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on 21 December 2014
This is great because it's for everyday use: cheap (once you have a properly stocked pantry), absolutely delicious and fast. As with all cookbooks, it takes a bit of time to read the recipes thoroughly the first time you make them, but soon they become second nature and are memorised.

The salad dressings are the best I've ever made - every bit as good as less nutritious and more calorie-laden versions. Great as dips, spreads and of course sauces on salads and stir fries. They are the sort of dressing that make you look forward to and get excited about salad.

I've given this to three people as a gift (all non-vegans) and they all love it. Because everybody can use something that has the nutritional and practical credentials for everyday life, but tastes like a special treat.

The only downsides:

1) I like nice pictures in my cookbooks. And I like them on the same page as the recipe. The pictures in this book, all inserted together in the centre of the book, don't really do it for me. But this is minor.

2) Some people may find that, taken as a whole, the book calls for too many individual ingredients. As someone who loves cooking and has been vegan a while, I have loads of spices and, yes, mirin and nutritional yeast flakes. That said, a quick internet search can help you find a suitable substitutions for individual ingredients if expanding your larder all at once is too expensive.
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on 27 July 2011
I've already got a couple of Isa's books - and while the recipes are good,the layout and cross referencing drives me nuts. However the layout on this one is clean, and the cross referencing is minimal. The Hummus recipe is one of the best i've ever tasted (how can anyone get hummus wrong I hear people cry - well I have!), and the red wine and kalamata tempeh (I made it with seitan) is delish. Having the calorie count per serving really helps too. Only point to note is that this is an American cookbook, and needs some translation for UK users - so a tablespoon is a uk dessert spoon, arugula is rocket leaves, cilantro is coriander, shortening is cookeen or trex and canola oil is rapeseed oil. The cookipedia web site is a useful reference for translating.
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on 10 May 2012
This is a great cook book with tons of ideas for EVERYDAY meals. There's nutritional guidance for each meal and some useful tips and ideas for variations. It includes the standard info about a healthy balanced diet which is always useful to re-read. And there's a useful section at the back with meal ideas and combinations.

The best thing about the book is that the recipes are realistic - you don't need to be shopping at tons of specialist stores or online for products (except maybe the liquid smoke) - ingredients seem to be part of general groceries so you wouldn't need to do too much advance planning to use this book.

Limited pictures but the overall style is good and instructions are clear.
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