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on 31 July 2013
This I love, sometimes you just cann't think what you want to do on a project, and looking through this book just starts the juices flowing again. Small is beautiful.
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on 14 August 2017
I love it
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on 30 April 2012
I bought this book swayed by its cute and colourful front cover, and intriguing title. I wanted to do some needlework, but to try some which looked cute, fun and (most of all) modern. If you are a little nervous, this book is fantastic for giving you the confidence to have a go yourself, and the author goes out of her way to make you realise how easy it is and want to start experimenting, rather than working rigidly to a complicated pattern.

There is perhaps a slight tendency to start reading through the book, and love it, and then turn eagerly over the page to find that it is full of pages and pages of what looks like the clip art you can find on your computer. At this point there is a slight danger of wondering to yourself whether you needed the book in the first place, or could perhaps have worked it out for yourself and then traced some cute designs of your own. So the simplicity is both its greatest asset and drawback at the same time.

So as long as you discover from reading the reviews that this book is mainly full of really cute and funky little line drawings, and only a relatively few pages of 'How To' then you won't be disappointed. That said, the section where different embroidery stitches are discussed, is very clear and well explained, with nice colour diagrams which are very helpful.

The designs really are very lovely, particularly the natural woodland sections, and an oriental 'Asian chic' section. This would also be a fantastic book for young adults who like more modern projects, as well as having lots of lovely designs to stitch as fabulous presents for children's rooms. The enclosed CD is a nice idea for enlarging the templates, although you will need your own image editing software to make the designs bigger / rotate them / group them as promised in the instructions, as the CD seems to only contain clipart.

The book is bright, colourful and very very cute, and is designed to get you started, and then the author happily waves you off to go experiment and have fun yourself.
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on 10 September 2010
This book is even better than her first one. The colours are modern and there is a small section showing how you can use your colour choice to change the look of the motif.
The front section has some simple projects using the motifs & there is also a very clear "how to" section covering simple embroidery stitches (with the best chain stitch finishing explaination I've seen).
The rest of the book is full of 450 lovely motifs which are drawn in colour which no only makes them attractive to look at, but also gives a suggestion for anyone who isn't confident enough to chose their own colourways.
There is a CD at the back which has all the motifs on so you can re-size / arrange various motifs for your design.
Absolutely brilliant book & well worth getting!
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on 26 September 2010
I bought her first book and I got this one to inspire me further. I love the style of the drawings and the colours. A lot of them look really cute. I particularly like the ones of nature. I would like a further motif book on transport ie cars, bicycles, planes, helicopters, etc and technology ie computers, lawnmowers, mobile phones, office ie working environment as many designed for children in mind. And religious motifs would be good ie christian, buddhist, hindu etc to bring more culturally diverse projects.Another motif chapter on sports would be good. A brilliant book, even if we don't get another motif book, the book gives an idea of how to do them. I have been showing lots of people this book and they love it.

Update. I am now working through the stitches and can now do stem stitch which is simple quick and attractive. Did try to do the French Knot one but gave up and ended up looking on Youtube.

I take this book during work.. when it gets boring and quiet and the beautiful stitching makes my enjoy my day more. When I finish work, I feel more inspired, as my creativity is suppressed at work.
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on 16 January 2011
I liked the picture on the cover and I have to say it lives up to my expectations. Lots of nice, fun doodles to use. I tried to resize the images from the disc using MS paint and Microsoft's own image editor but it was having none of it. Still, the pictures did print at least and was able to transfer them using the light method (clearly explained in the book). Lots of variety of doodles and no matter what idea is in your head you're sure to find something suitable.

I've started with the tree on the cover and it's looking really good and has received a few compliments even though I haven't really done stitching before. The book explains several stitches but in the projects section at the front, the most frequent stitches are backstitch and stem stitch so it instantly made them more do-able (now very confident in both). The motifs are drawn in the same colours as the author would have them so I don't even need to think about that. What I like most about the book though is that it's made stitching fun, undaunting and achievable. I can think of tons of uses for this type of stitching (notebook cover, greeting cards, logos) so all in all its a good investment that will get plenty of use.
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on 15 February 2011
I'm not an avid fan of embroidery so this book was purchased more for inspiration. The designs have a lovely folk art feel to them I particularly like the Sweet Dreams Baby Pillow featuring a sleeping bunny design.This would look great on a blanket as well. Good ideas for different projects and some abstract design too. This book would make a beautiful gift (perhaps bundled with some embroidery threads) for an older child who is interested in arts and crafts, but is great for grown-ups too.
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on 9 February 2011
This book is really good, lots of different designs and because you get disc with with them all on you can fiddle about with the designs and make your own. Would highly recommend brilliant
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on 19 January 2011
I really like this book, it's a great combination of how-to's on a number of lovely items and inspiration for items all of your own. I really like the section at the back of this which has lots of Motifs arranged into sections which are easy to find, and cover most, if not all, of your project needs. I like the way Aimee Ray includes little hints as to how you can make the projects all your own.

Her instructions are also really easy to follow, and she keeps everything neat and simple. The stitching guide included at the front of the book is a great touch, and means that this book would be great for both beginners and old-hands. I love the bright colours used in this book, it's clean, neat and simple to use as well as looking attractive. If you are into embroidery or just hoping to start then this book is a must have!
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on 18 February 2012
Huge variety of images to copy and different projects to follow. There is a cd to download the images to your computer as well. The only downside I would say is that on the library of images at the back there are no hints or suggestions as to which stitch to use but that is such a minor point.
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