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on 18 December 2008
The Title of this book originally got my attention, and since it was my mother's birthday soon i decided to buy it from a local store. Before wrapping it up i decided to skim read it to see if it would be an enjoyable book for my mother, or whether i should take it back to the store and swap it for another book. Im so glad i did as this book is basicly a waste of time.

This book is a self-help book for females, but rather than improving the lives of woman it essentialy pushes back womans rights by decades; she portrays woman as 'objects of desire', and as 'hot bodies' - just looking at the front cover even further proves my point - she tries to push the point that 'woman should not be valued for anything other than their sexuality' which is of course completely wrong. She does this by saying that woman should perfect themselves for the interest of other people, when it should be for themselves.

The content of this book is very basic and common sense, so obvious it should not be written down as everyone already knows this sort of stuff. Its like she did no research what so ever, and is just talking about somethng she does not understand. There have even been recent studies in the university of maryland that give advice that is years ahead of Cooper

In conclusion, Cooper comes over as an extremely shallow woman that has not done her homework on the subject of the matter. This book will never have a Massive Effect on the audience its aimed at.
There are so many better books out there
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on 13 August 2009
Cooper has a history of making unsubstantiated claims and in this case fails to disappoint. Within the first few chapters of this book that I actually read she continues to make unjustified points and ridiculous statements in an effort to prove her irrational arguments that have no basis in reality. She seems to believe that being a pathological liar correlates to being an overachiever.

Don't waste your money, instead you could buy a book authored by an actual practicing psychologist with experience as opposed to someone who left education and ran straight into the welcoming arms of the entertainment industry.
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on 20 January 2011
I was given this book by the N7 academy, and I read it while stationed on board the SR-1 Normandy. It is supposed to help people in general, but fails to deliver any substantial message. Her attitude towards women is that we are not sexual objects, but she could not find anything else for her cover beyond herself? Her body is the central aspect of the cover, not her face, hands, or legs, but her torso. Her book is a contradiction, I do not feel that the money spent on this book by whoever donated it to the N7 academy was not justified. To any potential buyer, I would highly suggest avoiding this book.
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on 17 February 2010
This womans misandrist views seem to eminate with ye olde logic.

"If you don't understand someone, join up with a group of people that slam the misunderstood people's reputation as much as possible, until they no longer have a happy life."

ie: Google: "Cooper Lawrence Mass Effect" and click game politics.

This will disprove any views she has and will clear up any ideas you had for getting this book and in turn giving woman any of your money.

Because if she's got such good advice to help people overachieve, then why on her advertising run for this book, did she offend so many people and alienate any chance of a profit from the sales of this book?
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on 28 February 2011
So, I bought this book for my friend Garrus. I watched him read it for about two-and-a-half hours, at which point he seemed to pass out.

Overall, it offers no real advice, just information designed to inflame any situation you blindly wander into which you have no real knowledge about (Video Games for example).

Avoid this book at all costs, and anything from the self-absorbed author. Instead I would recommend "Mass Effect: Retribution" by Drew Karpyshyn.

Hope this helps all the attention seeking ladies out there.
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on 4 October 2010
This book insulted my intelligence. The author uses a lot of simple sentences and often repeats the message from previous pages, as if to suggest that the reader has a short attention span and needs to be constantly reminded of what he has read.

It is not all bad, however. I have found that the book makes a useful - albeit an expensive - paper weight, but I would recommend it for starting fires with as it burns quite well. I would like to say that no trees were harmed in the making of this book, but that would be a lie - like many of the unsupported statements that the author makes throughout the clustered chapters.
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on 18 July 2015
I undertook the chore of reading this book at the behest of an enormous, right wing, neo liberal and always massively misinformed organisation. 'What could go wrong with this I mused?' Anyhoo after two pages I had made my mind up and passed judgement (it's s*** by the way) and offered my thoughts to said organisation.

It turns out I may not have actually given a full and correct portrayal of the book (it's s***tier than I first thought) it turns out that as an author and so called academic you are supposed to fully study a topic before passing comment, who'd have thought?!
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on 25 January 2008
I will admit that I was loathe to buy this book for my partner as the cover really did say bad things to me.

I know, how very daft to judge a book by it's cover, but seriously it is very hard not to when the picture just seems so out of place with the content itself.

So before I gave it to my girlfriend, I did the old skim read and was surprised it got me so angry. It is filled with that sort of pseudo-advice that we all stereotypically think the Americans love. You know, stuff that is just so obvious that it really doesn't need to be said.

Also, a lot of the messages in the book are really very disturbing. I am pretty sure at one point Lawrence is telling us not to do anything we think we may not be very good at and stick to what we know we can "achieve."

So, is that right? We should not attempt anything new or out of the ordinary in case we fail at it and judge ourselves too harshly? What sort of world would we live in if our historical pioneers had had that sort of attitude?

I surprised myself when I gave the book to my partner, I really thought I should have binned it. It does have a happy ending, she hated it too and we took it up to our local Shelter charity shop.

I really cannot recommend this book, and my girlfriend backs me on this. There are many self-help books out there, and almost all of them carry better messages than this one.

DO try new things, if you struggle, TRY again. If you hate it, try something ELSE. That's what makes life fun ...
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on 13 August 2015
In the video game community, Cooper Lawrence is infamous for a very biased, innacurate, and unchecked portrayal of the video game Mass Effect; regarding a particular sex scene during the story. In reality, very tame and prude images that have nothing shocking or outrageous; but which the Fox News parasites and that self-proclaimed psychologist expert exploited and decried as pornographic, sexist, mysogynist, and degrading. Which the fans, the video game community, Web users, and Electronic Arts quickly denounced as untrue, libelous toward the game makers and its players, and insulting. Asking for a retractation that all the game's attackers had to oblige, since they admitted not having played the game itself. Including Cooper Lawrence. Whose reputation is since tarnished and ridiculed on the Web along with her books. Including this one in which she had the unbelievable nerve of standing, for her cover, in a very sexually provocative position. Quite hypocritical of her after that condemnation of Mass Effect's sex scenes.

Now let's make it clear, I did take the time to read the book. Not by buying it in a shop , but in a library. Without borrowing it as it would have counted into their stats, but I did read it at a table. Taking the time to note what was inside.

And my final results are this.

This book is... Crap. Terrible, a snore, painful, cheap, pretentious, and delusional. And self-promotional. Where we have for an entire chapter the author describing her career progression in a boring and obnoxious prose. As if the whole world cared about her opinions, her life, of how she juggles her busy schedule while trying to find time for a manicure. Before dealing with a chapter on the definition of "overachiever". Taking not a line or a paragraph, but an entire chapter when the Merriam-Webster could have sufficed. Or even the "Free dictionary" website. A two-hundred pages book where the prose perpetuously drags on when instead fifty pages could have sufficed. A very insulting book where at one moment (page 59-60), she becomes sexist over men as she describes Women better in making and keeping their friendships. Which is not what I heard women on television and among my relatives saying as many of them found men interactions more direct and sincere than women'.

But what really bothers me more than anything, and also cements this book's unreliable nature, is the absence of a proper bibliography at the end of each chapter and of the book. For if through her pages, she explains psychological terms like "Positive perfectionism" or " internal/external locus of control", describes historical overachievers like Margaret Sayer, and proclaims stats coming from, for instance, a 2006 study in the US Census Bureau, she never gives in her book a proper and detailed identification of all her sources. Stuff that would encourage readers to consult the documentation she mentions, would allow them to discover more facts in the psychology subject. Would smarten them up or would reassure them that she knows what she is talking about. That she deserves to constantly bother us with her Psycholoy studies and that doctorate. Because to me, this absence of bibliography exposes an intellectual laziness that is not only insulting to her readers, but also for real psychologists out there who publish articles in magazines and specialized volumes. Who work with real patients instead of spending their time on TV or radio. Who identify their sources the same way all PhD student in Psychology do in their studies.

And seriously, seeing Cooper Lawrence use, for her "Mastery Mindset" section on page 180, J K Rowling's name and her success with the Harry potter series is unnerving as Rowling's literature deserves better than to have her name inside this piece of trash. A book so dreadful that if, as Cooper Lawrence writes on page 100, one had invented a Meow-Inizer (machine to translate cat's meows into English), well I wish one could invent a BS-Inizer. To translate the demagogy and pseudo-psychological rubbish in this book into the stink it reeks; so that all the Desperate Housewives would properly understand that what they are reading is nonsense and wake up from this self-help quackery business you can find on daytime television and which scandal talk shows like the defunct "Jenny Jones Show" (whose cancellation that host and crew deserved for their homophobia on Scott Amedure and their responsibility for his murder) and the still-operating "Jerry Springer", "Maury Povich", "Dr.Oz", and "Dr.Phil" shows have/had exploited for their capital. Believe me, to me and others, the quicker you throw this kind of rubbish away from you, the better your mind, soul, and view of the world will evolve and become more connected with reality.

In the end, I believe that if Commander Shepard (Bess as I called her) would ever come upon this filth, she would say:

"I'm Commander Bess Shepard and this is one of the crappiest books in our galaxy."
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on 12 February 2011
I can't understand why any one would write this, her claims make no sense and she clearly has no experience with this kind of thing. I would recommend trying something else such as Women Who Think Too Much: How to Break Free of Overthinking and Reclaim Your Life
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