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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

on 9 February 2014
What a great godly man he was and these lectures show his loving care for his students as they prepare to go out to their churches to preach The Gospel.. It is a must for every library. You will be blessed and you will learn a great deal fom these lectures.
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on 25 October 2017
Excellent read, so nice being a Theological student at Spurgeons to read Charles Spurgeons own lectures. Brilliant Preacher, amazing lecturer.
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on 16 March 2017
great read
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on 6 May 2013
inspirational resource for every christian and i'm pleased with it so far and would recommend it to others. it makes reading an enjoyable experience because you can have access to your product at anytime and it's regularly updated.
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on 10 July 2010
'Lectures To My Students' By C H Spurgeon = An outstanding work from an outstanding preacher of the Victorian age (1834 - 1892). This book contains excellent help to would be preachers from a man whose experience and expertise is second to none. The Hendrickson edition is well presented and very readable. It is a compilation of four books full of serious matter which is so lacking in many of our ministers today. It is seasoned with a wonderful sense of humor. The last part is his well known 'Commenting On Commentaries. I strongly recommend this book not only for its lessons in public speaking but also for a clearer understanding of the heart of a true Calvinist whose great desire and hunger must be to reach and to win poor lost souls for Our Lord Jesus Christ. This is most prominent in these lectures. I cant speak to highly nor recommend more strongly C H Spurgeons Lectures To My Students.
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on 8 March 2013
These volumes are priceless and 49 p is an amazing price for such value,. three volumes as well!!. amazing bargain.

You will be so blessed but take each word slowly and drink in the Word of God explained to help you in this instruction how to be a faithful minister and a strong pastor as well as made strong in many other areas of a ministers busy life and work..
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on 8 September 2011
The description of the product on Amazon says what I wanted to say already. That is, Spurgeon's lectures are so jam packed with wisdom that it makes it extremely difficult to find another book, even a modern book on preaching, that can surpass it. It is filled with life and Spurgeon makes it easy to keep reading right through. Of all preaching books, I have found this collection by far to be the most helpful. Don't worry about it being over 100 years old, because Spurgeon spoke with such clarity and simplicity for his time that he still is relatively easy to read. It is especially useful for igniting passion to preach! He was without doubt one of the greatest preachers ever, so it's not surprising that we can learn a lot from him. One thing you need to realise before buying is that this is not only a book just on preaching. Really, these are lectures on preaching and pastoral theology, rolled into one course. So there are many lessons here about how to pastor God's people well, as much as how to improve your preaching.

As for a negative or two, if you're looking for a book on how to better interpret the Bible, you should look elsewhere. Spurgeon is assuming that his hearers know something about this already. Secondly, if you are looking for how to do expository preaching, step-by-step, again look elsewhere. Spurgeon will however greatly help with how to go about the general business of actually delivering messages. Taken for what it is, this really is an irreplaceable volume! A marvellous library of wisdom on pastoral and preaching ministry.



Here's a flavour of what you'll come across, just to whet your appetite.


1. The Minister's Self-Watch
(An outstanding opening lecture about the character of a minister and how to keep an eye on it.)

2. The Call to the Ministry
(This focuses on how you can know that God is calling you to preach for life.)

3. The Preacher's Private Prayer
(Spurgeon focuses on the minister's personal communion with God; perhaps one of the best lectures and worthy of another read.)

4. Our Public Prayer
(An exalted look at our prayers in the pulpit; a surprisingly excellent lecture and very thought-provoking for today.)

5. Sermons - Their Matter
(What we should include in our sermons; a brilliant lecture and it shows why Spurgeon was truly 'The Prince of Preachers'.)

6. On the Choice of a Text
(How to know which text to preach on from the Bible; a really helpful lecture for lay-preachers.)

7. On Spiritualizing
(A look at the validity of spiritualizing certain passages and a look also at the usefulness of allegory.)

8. On the Voice
(Good, healthy, practical advice on how to take care of our voices; some of it is outdated, but the principles still apply.)

9. Attention!
(How to get the attention of a congregation and keep it!)

10. The Faculty of Impromptu Speech
(Spurgeon valued preparation a lot and believed all preachers should, if they can, prepare adequately for every sermon. But Spurgeon also placed a healthy and Scriptural emphasis on being able to speak without notes, at any time. So here Spurgeon looks at why extemporaneous preaching/teaching is important and how to practice speaking without any preparation. Helpful and inspiring for men who wouldn't dream of doing any teaching without notes or any preparation. It emphasises that the greatest preparation for public speaking on God's Word really is a life-time of devotion to it. You won't find much in other preaching books on this topic! But it's unlikely that the prophets, Jesus and probably the apostles didn't really 'prepare' their sermons in the same, long, drawn-out way as we do today. It seems that they practiced mainly preparing their hearts, and then speaking. Therefore it's surely proper for us to be able to preach every now and then without much 'preparation' too. It's a skill which Spurgeon believed was really important and useful for certain needy situations.)

11. The Minister's Fainting Fits
(Many ministers grow tired quickly and get depressed or discouraged; Spurgeon gives reasons why and how to overcome these things. Going for a walk and looking at God's creation and praying to Him is at the top of the list.)

12. The Minister's Ordinary Conversation
(Another more detailed focus on how the minister should be in his day-to-day life.)

13. To Workers with Slender Apparatus
(We often forget that Spurgeon, great scholar and preacher that he was, very much wanted to help the poor preacher with little funding. Spurgeon had a heart for lay-men and lay-preachers. This chapter is dedicated to these men. Spurgeon tells them how they can make the most of what they already have, though they have little money. It's an excellent and thrilling lecture. Note especially the part where Spurgeon tells them they have the only book they really need: the Bible! This section is my favourite part of the entire book. Spurgeon opens up a little on his own personal experiences with the Bible. He obviously knew it really, really well! Very challenging and encouraging!)


1. The Holy Spirit in Connection with Our Ministry
(A longer lecture on the great need of the Holy Spirit in ministry. Spurgeon looks at the character of the Spirit and how He can help us, especially in our delivery of messages. Finally, he shows what we should avoid, incase we lose the Spirit's blessed presence in our ministry.)

2. The Necessity of Ministerial Progress
(A lecture on the great need for us to progress in our studies, in our ability to speak well, in our morality, and most of all in knowing ourselves and Jesus Christ.)

3. The Need of Decision For the Truth
(One of the best lectures of the second series and very memorable. A strong emphasis on how much we need to be convinced of the one and only Truth ourselves, before we preach. At the close, Spurgeon exposes his heart for missions and gospel proclamation. Very challenging and he spares no words.)

4. Open-Air Preaching - A Sketch of Its History
(In the whole book, this was the least most interesting chapter. It's long and some examples I found quite long-winded. I can however commend it in that it proves that God has perhaps used open-air preaching more than any other type of preaching. That ought to challenge us to think how much we value it and practice it.)

5. Open-Air Preaching - Remarks Thereon
(For a lecture on how to do open-air preaching, this is the best I've come across. Many books never deal with this at all, but it's still a powerful and valid way of preaching Christ. A better chapter than the previous one, because it is more practical.)

6 - 7. Posture, Action, Gesture, Etc. First and Second Lectures
(It almost begins to look like Spurgeon is running out of things to say now. But don't be fooled! These two lectures are helpful, even if they are two of the lesser important ones. Spurgeon shows the general need to not be off-putting in the way you use your body when preaching. We see his hidden love for Drama and Expression here. Some funny sections in this and the first of Spurgeon's pictures!)

8. Earnestness: Its Marring and Maintenance
(The massively vital need for earnestness in ministry and preaching. Dallimore concludes in his biography on Spurgeon that earnestness was one of the main reasons for Spurgeon's overwhelming influence and success. Definitely worth a read! Light your fire here!)

9. The Blind Eye and the Deaf Ear
(A very neglected issue, but so very important. Spurgeon speaks on the enormous necessity to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to all sorts of things in Church life and abroad. This comes from a man who was constantly unfairly criticised all through his ministerial life, both from churches and the media. Well worth taking note of!)

10. On Conversion as Our Aim
(Bringing us back to basics, Spurgeon opens his heart for us to desire conversions and how we might do our best to open the way for God to save. He speaks in particular about the content of our preaching and how we should preach.)


The third series is all about the use of illustrations, anecdotes, stories and examples in preaching. This is an outstanding section of the book and those who never get this far miss out on such an influential characteristic of true preaching. Spurgeon was a master of illustration and there's no-one better to read on the subject. I personally found this the most thrilling and helpful part of the whole book.


This edition comes with two extra lectures and Spurgeon's giant collection of commentaries he recommends. The first lecture focuses on which are the best commentaries. Spurgeon loved Matthew Henry the best and I think we should too. He's not appreciated by pastors as he once was. This isn't right. The second lecture is a very important one, on commenting as we do the public reading of the Scriptures. The public reading is so very important and it is neglected today. We have to improve in our public reading and I think Spurgeon can help us here. The commentaries section is quite interesting to read. You don't want to read it all, and many names you won't recognise. But I suggest you skim through and stop at the big names: Calvin, Gill, Owen, etc. See what Spurgeon writes about them. You can pick up some helpful tips about how to be a more faithful expositor of the Bible yourself.

All in all, a magnificent book. But what else do you honestly expect from the great man, whom many call 'The Prince of Preachers'?
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on 31 January 2017
This was brilliant, This is the first full work I've read from "The Prince of Preachers" Charles Spurgeon.

He was an excellent writer and teacher and is surprisingly very funny, lots of LOL moments in this one while delivering timeless truths in an approachable way.

Worth the read! especially if yo will be or are already involved in some sort of Pastoral Ministry.

Another nice surprise for me as a Londoner was the he mentioned areas, and roads I'm really familiar with. His school is up the road from our church and he mentioned Seven Dials which is where I work in London :)
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on 6 February 2014
Excellent book. Daily reading a must. Very challenging and rich with truth and clarity. Prepare yourself to be feed and to grow. Recommend to all. A++++
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on 19 July 2016
This is a much needed corrective to the current obsession with God-free Christianity. Homely, practical and witty, this timeless classic should be read by every theological and pastoral student (and every other Church leader for that matter). But beware! The thoughful reader will be forced to ask the question "Did God really call me to serve Him, or did I call myself?"
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