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on 12 February 2017
Leading on from The reality Dysfunction y. With a terrorist loose, the 'possessed' on the rise, and yet no solution to help or eradicate you are taken on a journey that is truly a page turner. It's Sci-fi fantasy but it's action packed with touches of romance. It is everything in . It is hard to keep this book down. It is an easy novel to get into, it can seem daunting as these are quite thick novels with over 1000 pages each in The Nights Dawn trilogy but don't let that put you off even if you are a first time reader these are novels that you will read again and again.
The Nights Dawn trilogy consists of
The Reality Dysfunction, The Neutronium Alchemist, and The Naked God
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on 15 July 2017
Excellent read, complicated and rewarding. It has a depth and descriptive writing style that keeps you engaged. I have all three books, they link brilliantly and just keep you wanting more. Their are so many plot lines for each character that you sometimes have to search your mind to remember as it just switches characters often. But once you have read this and the first book it gets easier and some questions get answered well.
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on 28 April 2013
Having gone through the first book in this series, I was very excited to be starting this second one. I still think that the first book (The reality dysfunction) is the best book I've ever had the pleasure of reading. This second book however is just as excellent in almost every way.

The story spreads out a bit more as more and more confederation worlds and outposts fall victim to the reality dysfunction. We meet a lot of new characters and some new story arcs develop.

The first few chapters of the book really gets you gripped with the events on ombey. The story is brilliantly written, with tremendous edge of your seat action, drama and suspense. This may be a SciFi novel but the meshing together of many other genre elements such as horror and non stop action are brilliantly done.

The political aspects are also equally interesting as we see the different confederation colonies come together to try and establish a method to deal with the reality dysfunction.

The pursuit of MZU also plays a pivotal part to the story, as we learn more and more of her secret doomsday device and her intentions become clearer. We meet even more new characters and see even more new worlds as she makes her way towards her date with the alchemist.

The possessed also become a lot more organised, as a visionary, charismatic and bold new persona emerges to take command and create what he calls 'the organisation'.

Then there's also the adventures of syrinx. And Joshua Calvert. And off course there's the events on valisk. We also continue to follow the Norfolk girls in their adventure. The evil intent of Quin Dexter also becomes more clearer and dangerous.
The book is packed full of goodness established from the first book, as well as a lot of new and equally brilliant worlds, characters and story arcs.

The style of writing is again a pleasure to the eye, with on point story telling and a natural effortless pace throughout. I never got bored of this or the first book.

Overall this is another excellent title from Peter F. Hamilton. I can only highly recommend.
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on 25 July 2013
This really is a very solid piece of work from a master of the genre. Hamilton builds a great deal of momentum and tension in the first of the trilogy (The Reality Dysfunction) and then expands and entwines a myriad of plots in "The Neutronium Alchemist" in a manner that really defies description. To be harsh, it can be a little heavy going in places, but one of the strongest points about the entirety of the work is that Hamilton respects the intelligence of his readers. There are no contrived "if only..." moments, no point at which you will witness a character do anything recklessly stupid for the sake of a plot. Not at all. These are very real, flawed, vulnerable and believable characters all desperately clinging on to a roller-coaster that's way out of control.

This is the work of a master story-teller in action. No, it's not a light-weight book, it's a tome. But it will reward you with a wonderfully intricate, complex and beautifully realised story. Dark, cerebral, hard going in places, but worth it.
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on 1 April 2013
I read the first instalment of the trilogy and thought, interesting ideas and some good characters but did it really need to be 1200 pages long. But I kept going and, not surprisingly it had no real end so...on to the second instalment. I can understand why people like the writing and I felt compelled to continue, at least for a while. But why does PFH not have an editor. Someone to say ENOUGH. Too many parallel story lines, too many characters, loads of ideas that go no where...I could go on. Page 563 was where I gave up. Respect to anyone who had made it through all three books. Life is too short. And Al Capone back from the dead. Really? That's really the best you can do? Well no, actually it isn't, because Great North Road is a cracking read and one I would recommend highly. If you value your sanity and your time then this book and its counterparts are not for you.
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on 2 December 2015
The Night's Dawn trilogy is an impressive union of pulp sci-fi, well thought-out unpredictable fiction and vampire porn. I found the first couple of hundred pages of the Trilogy somewhat hard going but it builds up to an epic storyline. There are a vast amount of characters, interesting plot twists and there are complex sub-plots in play, yet the writing is solid. This is excellent science fiction. It is intelligent, engrossing, philosophical and action packed whilst still having a heart.

The order of the books for The Night's Dawn Trilogy are: 1. The Reality Dysfunction 2. The Neutronium Alchemist 3. The Naked God
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on 10 July 2011
If you like fast-paced, almost detective-type hard science fiction, this series is for you. The plot jumps from one disaster to the next, with our trusty hero finding some way out at the last minute. It would suit a tv serial: every episode would have a cliff-hanger ending.

My own preference in hard sci-fi is for a plot that reveals aspects of the universe that stretch the mind (or sometimes boggle it!)and this author can do that, at his best. This is not his best. That said, I read all three books end to end, with only one or two breaks to come up for air. So, a page turner if nothing else.

It would be invidious to reveal the plot, as this is at the centre of any detective story. However, I can say it is set in a future replete with ftl, exotic weapons, strange societies, very randy characters, and casual homicide. Enjoy!
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on 23 January 2018
Super book but a long read for me as I only read when I can fit it in. Well worth the journey though as the story continues from the first book and more characters come and go as we head towards the final stage in book three.
Very much enjoyed!!
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on 17 February 2014
Far in the future Humans have spread, living on hundreds of worlds, inside millions of asteroids and even gargantuan, genetically engineered living, sentient bitek habitats. Travelling between them in starships or their living bitek counterparts the voidhawks and blackhawks.

Some people have even adapted themselves, able to interface with these habitats, ships and even each other using the affinity gene, at death they can upload themselves to the habitat creating a general consensus. Here all can interact, have their say and make decisions on every event around them. Some are even bonded directly to the habitats and ships. The Edenists.

Others use technology instead of genetics, Neural Nanonics hard-wired to the brain, creating the abitlity to interface directly with technology around them. The Adamists.

Some have refused all such "tampering" as against their religious orientations, living pastoral lives adhering to the teachings of their Gods.

Peacefully co-existing together....... almost.

When a member of a deviant devil worshipping cult on Earth is sentenced to a colony world to serve time as an indentured worker, He gains control of the other convicts and deceives the colonists, earning him enough freedom in order to practice his dark worship.

For billions of years it and it's kind have travelled the universe, logging all they encounter as, for them, knowing is everything.

A being of pure thought with no mass or size, yet an almost infinite "storage" capacity comes across one of these barbaric rituals, it perceives an unknown energy flow between victim and torturer, in an effort to KNOW what this energy is, it places itself in the flow and all HELL breaks loose!

The dead are somehow set free to possess the living!

The most depraved lunatics human history has to offer, released from a state of perpetual limbo, where all they have is the experience and memories they can tear from each other in the darkness. Now they are back and intend to stay here forever.

Along with them they bring the ability to change their physical form, manifest objects at will, disrupt electronics, shoot elemental fire at will and even distort the very fabric of space to their needs and desires.

Can the diverse human race defeat the dead?
Can they accept that death is not the end of existence?
Is this absence of everything all life has to offer at it's inevitable end?
Afterwards comes darkness and nothing......?
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on 15 August 2017
Second time round reading this book and really enjoying it this time too. I am actually listening to the audiobook, which I find pretty engaging and of decent length (40 hours). I also enjoy Ian Banks, and this is a bit more action based and a pleasant contrast to banks
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