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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

on 1 December 2012
When the Angel TV series continued officially in comic form I loved it and became a big fan. I'm not too blinkered to admit that when the series continued after the After The Fall storyline was resolved it was fun, but didn't truly feel like the TV series anymore. Then again, I was disappointed to see it end, partly because it was fun nevertheless and partly because I'd considered the whole Angel as Twilight revelation to be rubbish. (Who's with me?) I was intrigued to see where the new Angel and Faith series would go, and now with the second volume I have completely bought into the vision.

This new series sticks with the core characters of Angel and Faith and allows the writers and executive produced Joss Whedon to explore them emotionally as characters once again. The third character, and the one who binds the series together is the late Rupert Giles. Angel's guilt at killing him when possessed by Twilight and his singleminded determination to bring him back is one side of the coin, with Faith trying to save him the same way he saved her as the other. In this volume we meet up with Drusilla again, but not the same Drusilla that we're used to. Faith's estranged father also turns up. The story is more about the issues people have (hence this volume's title) than who can draw the biggest and ugliest looking monster for them to slay whilst wisecracking. Faith goes on an emotional journey in this book and it's satisfyingly believable, and very obvious that Joss Whedon is steering this ship.

To me, this volume is the closest to the feel of the TV series as any of the comic series of the Buffyverse that have gone before. Okay, one small gripe - the fifth chapter of this volume, as with the fifth chapter of the first volume, is completely throwaway - but the main arc is excellent and has some of the best pencilling you've ever seen - no kidding, the characters really do look like their actor counterparts.

If you have any doubts about this new title, put them aside. You'll be glad you did.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 18 May 2015
I'm passingly familiar with the Buffyverse, in that I know who Buffy is, along with Giles and the Scooby gang, and so on. I know the back story for the appearance and eventual spin-off of Angel. That's certainly enough to get you in to this collected volume, especially since this book revolves around Angel.

This particular volume, "Volume 2", collects issues 6 through 10 of the Angel & Faith branch of Buffy Season 9. This set of collected issues is generally referred to as "Daddy Issues". (The first 5 issues are collected as Volume 1, "Live Through This".) The "Daddy Issues" arc has been written by Christos George, but has been executive produced by Joss Wheedon and is considered part of the Buffy canon.

Now, with that background, the question is - do you want to read this? For me, the answer is definitely yes. Of course, if you are a hard-core fan or a completist you have to read this. If you are a casual or passing fan, like me, the question turns on risk/reward. How hard do I want to work to get up to speed and what's the payoff if I do commit?

Well, the story is compelling, accessible for part-time fans, entertaining and satisfying. Angel is a more engaging and attractive lead character than I would have expected, and Faith, the rogue slayer, is a lot more interesting and a lot less angst ridden and whiney than I anticipated. There is a lot of narrative bobbing and weaving before the story settles down and goes somewhere, but not too much and not to the point of exasperation.

We run into a number of interesting villains, some villains who are actually good guys, and a lot of smarty-pants types, (like Giles' relatives), who turn out to be O.K. I know that sounds a little smart-alecky, but this is a smart-alecky kind of series, which may be why it is so satisfying for a part-time fan. Unlike many series installments this set has a fairly conclusive ending, instead of a cliff hanger, so this volume also works in a one-and-done kind of way.

The drawing is very effective and has a lot of pizzazz and expression, without detracting from the storyline. Most of the humor is a bit understated, and is the more satisfying for it.

So, if you would like a little fix from the Buffyverse, this would seem to be a good choice.

Please note that I received a free electronic copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a frank review.
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on 18 April 2013
(Potential spoilers, although the blurb on the back of the book and above makes it not so spoiler).

The fantastic Angel and Faith continues in volume 2 as they continue to investigate how to return Giles to life. For me, Angel and Faith is far superior to Buffy season 9, due to its snappy writing and consistently wonderful artwork. Isaacs manages to makes her characters look like their real-life counterparts without being overly slavish about adhering to actors photos, etc. Her artwork is so much better than Buffy's Jeanty, it's almost embarrassing. Seriously, some consistently fantastic artwork here. Gage is slowly building up an interesting supporting cast, and the fact that the series clearly has an overall series arc is definitely to its benefit. One issue I had with this story arc was the use of Faith's father. To me, he felt very underused, and I was disappointed he didn't stick around longer to have some more impact on the story and on Faith. Otherwise, great volume.
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on 15 August 2013
I'm reading all the graphic novels of the buffy verse the story in this one was a good one. Some of them have been meh heh like volume 2 of buffy season 9 but this yeas awesome.
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on 3 June 2016
For such a cheap price I was amazed at how undamaged the book was and it arrived really fast
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