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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

on 26 April 2013
"Mass Effect: Homeworlds" did what "Evolution" tried but failed. "Homeworlds" creates and gives us a lot of lore but makes its stories interesting and fun. The comic is composed of four stories, each for a character.
We have James Vega and a flashback into the time he joined the marines in his youth. This is essential for Vega because he was only introduced in ME3 and his development during the game was minimal at best so he never really made his mark with the player base. This "origin" story gives him more personality, more "history" and makes us sympathize with him like the game never did. We get to see his father and uncle and get a few pages on earth, in San Diego. His story does seem to end a bit too soon but its entertaining and succeeds in building Vega and giving him more of a "motivation" than being just a guy that shoots guns and looks good. Were there other characters I wish had taken his spot? Sure, after getting his own anime movie, it seems Bioware is somewhat desperate for people to care about Vega but it was still an ok story. Still, a Kasumi "origin" would have been so cool! Oh well...
Moving on, the next three stories are all about fan favorites.
Tali is here, on her pilgrimage and we get to see her journey before the original ME and how she acquired the info about Saren which is the reason she joins Shepard. This is as cool as it gets! As a fan this is pure lore heaven right here. Unfortunately, for the first time in ME comics, I found the art "just not right". The characters, especially Tali are drawn close enough to the games but the proportions just seem off and the style simply doesn't work. Its a shame but not enough to spoil a fantastic and lore heavy adventure.
Then we get the best of the bunch! Garrus, the coolest turian of the galaxy! We see him in his youth, we see a glimpse of his turbulent relationship with his father and even more than that, we see Archangel's origin and how Garrus ended up defending that bridge in ME2. Its just a well written story with good art and amazing lore and lots of fun!
Finally we get Liara because c'mon! Bioware cant get enough of Liara! She always has to be in there!
So Liara's story details her investigation into a way of defeating the Reapers and how she found a lead that drove her to Mars where we find her in the beginning of ME3. Its a good, entertaining story with nice art, even though no comic ever seems to really capture Liara's face. There's even a big fight between Liara and a Phantom which is just too cool! It fills some of the holes in the plot between ME2 and 3 and I guess it was interesting enough, even if not spectacular.
So there it is. This is my second favorite ME comic, behind "Invasion" and with the amount of lore and important events taking place here no real fan can afford to miss "Homeworlds". Even with a few flaws in the art and a story wasted on Vega when there were clearly better choices, this comic is just a pure joy to read for a fan like me. Get it!
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on 6 May 2013
This is about the best of the Mass Effect comic collections so far and consists of four shortish 'origin' stories set in various parts of the Mass Effect timeline. First off, we have Vega's backstory. Artwork and story are decent, and overall its a nice bit of filler to a character we first met in the last game.

Next, we have Tali's Pilgrimage lead up story. I'm a fan of Tali and this is one of my favourite of the four stories, BUT, I do wish the artwork had been done by one of the artists who had worked on one of the other stories as artistically this is the worst. The proportions of the figures seem a little 'off', and its a little more stylised than some of the artwork. That's just my choice though.

Then we have Garrus with a backstory showing his infancy and his leadup to his role of Archangel on Omega. Good story and it seems that the writer really nailed Garrus.

Lastly, we have a Liara story. It's not the absolute best story, as I feel it could have done with being a little longer but we get to see some new environments. Also some nice interactions with Cerberus.

Overall, one of the better collections, especially as I was disappointed with Evolutions.
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on 2 April 2014
I really do love this comic book, i admit mostly because we get to see Garrus as Archangel, as well as parts of his past with C-Sec, shooting practice as a teenager and part of his somewhat frosty relationship with his father. I really liked the artwork as well and felt that the characters were written really well, you could imagine them saying these lines in the games.

It's a similar case for Tali. Her story is set just before we meet her in Mass Effect. I loved her story as well but I did find some of her artwork (her...erm rear looks a little odd imo) but it was still really cool to get some background on one of Mass Effect's favorite characters!

I still haven't Mass Effect 3 which is why i haven't read James Vega's and Liara's stories yet incase of spoilers but the Tali and Garrus ones are great and worth getting for them alone. I will say that the volume is pretty thin BUT that also makes it more portable and bag friendly! But because the good points far outweigh the odd tiny bad point, and because i've read my favorite stories quite a few times by now, i give this 5 stars!! :D
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on 4 August 2014
Four back stories in beautiful artwork. James Vega (not really too bothered about him) and his military start. Garrus and his misfortune to becoming Archangel in Mass Effect 2 (sorry for a spoil, but I doubt you're buying the comic without the interest in the games), Tali and her back story of how she wound up on the Citadel at the beginning of Mass Effect 1, and back story on how Liara found her way to Mars for Mass Effect 3. Worth a read, and worth a look at the awesome and beautiful artwork.
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on 13 December 2012
i have all of the mass effect comics, they r all really good, and explain so much of the story line that was missing, i got these just to read to bridge the story, but really got into them and thy got me into comics, only good if u know the story line for the mass effect series or if u have played the games, if u r just looking for comics you may not understand all of the things that are happening through the comics

19, female
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on 4 July 2013
Being a fan of this series I just had to check this out and I must say I'm impressed with the art qualities and backstorys on the characters. Garrus's story was awesome as well as the others but he stood out mostly. Fans should get it
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on 18 February 2015
Great book and really good read i totally recommend.
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on 13 November 2014
Item as described, Delivered on time
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on 5 April 2016
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on 30 January 2013
It fill in some of the gaps in between th games
some of the drawings could have been better
It should have Joker and EDI in it
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