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on 22 September 2013
Well I wish I had read the reviews here first, this is terrible. The story is boring and very short and it ends way too soon... I was literally stunned when I got to the end, I thought that I was missing at least half the book! What a waste of money
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on 15 April 2014
Brilliant artwork, great story, but it's a touch on the short side. A little more depth into the story would have had full stars.
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on 1 February 2013
Well being a fan of the Alien series, and the description of this story I was nothing short of disappointing, the story, mining on Europa, Alien something or other discovered, all goes wrong, the end. No real plot, and what there is makes you feel like pages are stuck together as it jumps. The artwork is all well and good, but it is more like a picture book, I was hoping for a much more detailed story on a moon such as Europa.

I would recommend this even if you were a die hard alien fan to be honest. Which is a genuine pity.
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on 20 May 2012
This publication (Hardback Novella) has, I am told, been awaiting release for some time. And may only have been delayed until now to capitalise upon the renewed interest in the Alien franchise with the release of Ridley Scott's Prometheus in cinemas. I would pay Dark Horse credit. They have succeeded. The upcoming movie provoked interest in this product for me. Doubley so with the high quality of the cover art for this publication. Excellent! And sometimes manufacturing a commercially successful product comes not from producing something of high quality, but from a clever marketing campaign. Again, Dark Horse have succeeded. The plot of this graphic novel sets the events chronologically close to those of Alien, and brings the events of the story closer to home: the action of Fast Track to Heaven are set on the moon Europa - one of Jupiter's moons. These two elements made this an interesting product that I felt compelled to buy. Evidence? I now wish to see Prometheus even more (UK release date Friday June 1st people!!). Dark Horse and Fox are different companies of course but I'm sure they're aware both will benefit.

Unfortunately this is where the praise for this product ends. Despite excellent artwork, colouring and lettering, you are presented with a very basic and generic story featuring a group of scientists/marines who are hunted by the Alien and are ALL wiped out! Suggesting this as a prequel to every other Aliens graphic novel ever published, and to wet our appetites for Prometheus is a nice touch - but the plot is so rudimentary and recycled that there is little to retain the interest in reading this for a second time. This type of plotting has been seen before both in previous Aliens graphic novels and indeed the movies. It is also much too short! You will finish this book in under 15 minutes and still have change to spare. The credits at the back of the book eulogise artist/author Liam Sharp's credentials listing the other graphic novels he has written. Fair play to him. His credentials are impressive, and his work on Fast Track is excellent. However, Dark Horse have wisely printed the words `Graphic Novella' on the front cover. Spot on product description!
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on 31 December 2014
good for all aliens fans
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on 3 October 2015
Decent Aliens comic!
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on 29 November 2011
Dark, atmospheric , grim and violent. Liam Sharp's first stab writing and artwork is a claustrophobic tale of death and indifference. Don't miss out on the embryonic work of a new writer/artist. You will not regret it.
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on 2 January 2013
Dark horse comics do the best alien comics my first was aliens genocide i hope amazon add that next to their kindle books
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VINE VOICEon 25 November 2011
Nice cover and thats about it. SPOLIERS AHEAD.

If you have seen the movies or read the comics then this offers nothing new or exciting. The story is the biggest problem, it's much too linear and poorly handled. Communications with a team of scientific explorers on a planetary moon have ceased thus a second team is sent in to see what went wrong. Its fairly obvious what did go wrong as they find the remains of the original team. Hey presto, the alien shows up and kills half of the cast within two pages, the remaining characters are one dimensional at best. Its at this point where the story starts to get incredibly lazy. The survivors get in the lift shaft and rather than go up, they have to descend because the alien has managed to get on top of the lift - though it seems difficult to see how it could have done this in the first place. It may sound like a gripe over something simple but its this type of poor story telling which is found throughout the book. Straight forward, by the numbers plot and script. After witnessing your fellow crew members being torn to shreds by an alien monstrosity the last thing you would want to do is return to the lift shaft for a medical pack.......but it happens with obvious consequences. The only way to escape involves taking a mini sub in the planet's ocean but the alien just swims after the crew and basically they all die. The end. No tension, drama or excitement. In fact the characters don't even seem that bothered about the situation they find themselves in.

Sure it's Aliens so you know what to expect to a certain degree but this is just lazy and does not come close to justifing the price of the deluxe format. Its been done many, many times before and done better. The art by Liam Sharp is better than his writing ability (stereotypical characters ahoy, acts of insane stupidity, one dimensional characters and terrible dialogue) but that doesn't excuse the muddy inked panels which seem rushed in many places. Generally it ain't too pretty to look at. The book is endorsed with quotes from Mike Carey and Dave Gibbons who are over-generous with praise, making this out to be a masterpiece. Nothing new and generally boring and uninspiring in everyway possible.
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