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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars

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VINE VOICEon 10 October 2016
Review from June 15th 2009

Let's be honest John Shirley's Predator: Forever Midnight had some great ideas but no one appreciated his retconning of the series. Alien and Predator veteran Steve Perry returns for this entry and delivers a superior Predator yarn.

Set in remote Alaska a Park Ranger and a tourist must fend off a gang of evil poachers and four of the Yautja (Predator talk for Predators). There's lots of hunting and sniping in this cat and mouse tale. It moves very quick and wastes no time in cutting to the chase. It's all you can really ask for when reading pulp fiction.

It won't win any awards, but it's an entertaining read and one of the better Predator novels.

And am I the only one who pictures porn star Max Hardcore when imagining what Ranger Sloane looks like?
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on 4 February 2010
In this novel by Steve Perry a group of Predators are loose and hunting in an Alaskan reservation, which leads to a fairly standard hunter/prey stalking story.
Overall I found this to be an entertaining Predator story, although it doesn't differ that much from the basic plot and feel of the original movie. You could say it's Predator set in Alaska rather than South America with Arnie replaced by a grizzled old park ranger. But this approach has its strengths even if it doesn't advance the whole Predator mythology much. I'd rather a writer stayed true to the original style of Predator than turn the whole thing into a space opera.

In fact the simplicity and directness of this book is its main strength. It's a basic story, but one that is very well written, with well realised characters and some good action. It must actually be hard to write an entertaining story that mostly involves people tracking other people and creatures, but the writer manages it. This is a fast paced story that progresses nicely and reaches an exciting conclusion.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves Predator (like me!), and wishes to see the character better represented than in the recent Aliens vs Predator films. The character deserves better treatment than these poor films and, on the evidence of this book, the novel seems to be the place for the Predator story to continue. I enjoyed 'Turnabout' very much and will be reading other Predator novels available as soon as possible.
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on 7 December 2012
I'll be blunt; this is a terrible novel. It's only saving grace is that it doesn't turn the Predators into the comedic b-movie baddies seen in a previous book from the same publisher; Predator: Forever Midnight. What it DOES do though is turn them into incompetent cannon fodder.

The writing style is slow, repetetive and riddled with grammatical inaccuracies and typos. It's almost as if the publisher has foregone any kind of editorial process in order to get the book out earning money as soon as possible. How the author became a NYT bestseller is beyond me.


There are four preds this time around, although fans expecting to see plenty of awesome predator action will be hugely disappointed as they make around five appearances throughout the whole story, with at least three of those lasting for perhaps one paragraph each as they are glimpsed off in the distance.

The primary protagonist of the story (an ex army sniper-cum-forest ranger) stumbles across them by accident without them realising and manages to kill two of them with single sniper rifle shots before they even realise he's there. A third is killed in a similar fashion by a poacher (mistakenly thinking he's firing at the ranger).

The vast majority of the story is turned over to the efforts of the ranger and the lead poacher in trying to tracker and outwit each other, an incredibly dull and drawn out process that ends in an excruciatingly anti-climactic fashion without them ever even actually meeting.

To summarise, there is absolutely nothing new on offer here, and this isn't even compensated for by an at least interesting story. If you want to read a good predator novel that isn't just a rehash of the movies with all the good bits taken out then pick up Concrete Jungle, Cold War or South China Sea. All are excellent novels that offer a different spin on the predator concept. Don't waste your time on this one.
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on 26 September 2009
This was a valid and somewhat successful attempt at Predator lore. Good for the fact that all the technical side had been stripped away, leaving out and faults that can be connected to Forever Midnight. And rather reminescent of the first Predator film. Its simple. Small Clan land on Earth and hunt. And for that you can't flaw it. The characters are interested, being drawn more to the villains. It was simple and successful, I don't think eithr die-hard Predator fans, or people just after a read will be disappointed. I know I wasn't, and I am truly die-hard.
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on 25 July 2009
Steve Perry and his daughter have written a few of my favourite books, namely some pretty excellent Aliens and AVP tites that, like their graphic novel companions, take a no holds barred approach with the subject matter of murderous extraterrestrials.

"Turnabout" is one of a new series that Dark Horse Books has been publishing recently to kinda tie-in with the latest AVP movies, sadly most of them have been pretty dire fare compared to the heart-pounding reads that the original Predator and Alien novels were. Good cover art and not much else, really. Thankfully, this book stands apart as definitely the best Predator novel since "Cold War" came out a number of years ago. The story is set in a national park and revolves around a park ranger, some poachers and of course a couple of unfriendly ugly muthas. It may take awhile to get going, but "Turnabout" creates a great sense of suspense as more and more mysteries crop up around the park and the poachers' trip turns sour. Steve Perry always manages to create interesting characters and that's one of this book's strengths. Even if you don't neccessarily like them, you still wanna find out what's gonna happen to them.

Anyway, I thouroughly enjoyed reading "Predator: Turnabout" and hope Perry takes another crack at Predator writing sometime because he's definitely got a knack for it.
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on 21 March 2013
This novel is pretty much a basic Predator story, with all the usual trappings of the first two movies. The setting is Alaska, with the lovable crab-faces hunting for bears (hand-to-hand, of course!), this time in a group of four. The protagonist is a Vietnam veteran, now a ranger, a little old (around 60), but still skilled and tough as a nail, so he is a "predator" as well, and he'll be able to get out alive, save the girl, and hook up with her (while he's at it). The main flaw of the story is that there is no point of view for the aliens, which in turn was the biggest draw of some of Steve Perry's previous Predator Novels (eg: AvP Prey), and the lethal hunters are dispatched rather easily (with a special sniper rifle, by the way, similar to the weapons they use). The "yautja quotient" is also very low, with the aliens only appearing one in a while, as the rest of the book deals with character development and interaction between the main character and a group of poachers.
So, not bad for a fan, but not the best in the franchise.
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on 20 February 2015
This is vintage Steve Perry with great visual images of the wilderness too, really makes you feel like your there with the characters. I could see the trees the rivers the snow the animals.

The characters are Steve Perry characters if you don't know what that means--and there is no reason you should--expect cyberpunk-esque; not the worst kind of cyberpunk character and dialogue but by no means the best kind either.

There is absolutely no information on those mystical hunters, nothing, not a piece of thought from narration on their minds. it was very disappointing considering the author did such a great job with his descriptive on the Xenomorphs in the Aliens franchise.
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on 31 January 2012
The Hunger Games

I got this becuase i like the whole Alien/Predator franishise i got about 20 now,anyway this is a cat and mouse
game of wits and that ALL i'm going to say about the storyline. BUT i will say they need more from the predator
point of view. it's a short book. Also the product came fast and in good condition. I hope more Alien/Predator books are made by dark horse. I personally enjoyedPredator: Forever Midnight the most but i understand some fans are not but that's ok.

Predator: South China Sea
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on 6 October 2013
Loved it, and there are still so many titles to read by so many great authors out there.....i'll be buying more from Amazon.
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on 3 October 2014
Love the Predator franchise.
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