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on 11 June 2017
Ann Coulter actually does fact based investigation and logic, which is more than can be said of BBC and Sky News journalists. The UK desparately needs its own Ann Coulter to question some of the absolute garbage our lock-step media organisations pump out.

EDIT: Note to the publishers of this book.....Queen Ann Coulter has written numerous books, all of which have been in the bestsellers list of the #FailingNewYorkTimes, but hardly any are available in the UK. I can guarantee that there would be a market for them. Please publish them all here, even if it's only on Kindle rather than hard copy.
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on 10 February 2017
A must read!
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on 27 April 2013
Coulter is magnificent. Always controversial. Always meticulously researched. Dares to say what takes huge courage. You can't be this outspoken and not be sure you're right. And she is.
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on 6 April 2018
A must read book to Understanding the left.
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on 7 December 2013
Ann Coulter is very abrasive and very funny. Readers may or may not like that. What is truly valuable about her work is the reliability of her facts. These facts are often those that we non-Americans simply don't have brought to our attention very often. A vital example is that of the abysmal history of the Democratic Party in anything to do with race, as compared with the Republican Party and life-long civil rights supporters such as Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, whose efforts were ferociously resisted by the Democrats. Ann Coulter's work is a meticulously referenced invitation to research these matters further.

Here's an example, from Professor Christopher Waldrep's 'African Americans Confront Lynching': "...when Republicans almost passed a federal voting rights law in 1890, Democrats fought back by arguing that voting aroused the black bestiality and lust that made lynching necessary." I didn't have to search for that quote, it's from an electronic copy that happens to be open at that page on my desktop. Detailed confirmation of what Ann Coulter says is easily available on today's Internet. Her ability to arrange material is very rare, however. If you like her style, you'll really enjoy this book. If you don't like her style, then it's well worth getting past it.
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on 1 October 2016
Typical Ann Coulter
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on 26 April 2017
Ann Coulter is the plague. Her books are complete rubbish. If Dr Joseph Goebbals were alive today and was an American then he would write this book. It's full of lies and half truths designed to help bring about a police state ruled by a few white super rich where the smallest infractation of their laws would bring about immediate and violent retribution. Coutler is the worst kind of propagandist. Her deinal of climate change will bring about the death of mankind and her desire for unlimited spending on the military, particularly nuclear arms is nothing short of madness. I implore people not to buy her horrible books. If you want the truth buy the books of Noam Chomsky,
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on 9 January 2017
Recommended to fascists and racists everywhere! Coulter is the American fascist hero - all hail the new dawn!

If you love Trump, want to deport all American non-whites, and make America great again then buy this and support fascist Coulter.
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on 14 November 2012
I'm afraid this is repulsive rave from Coulter. Her views are not based in fact and her arguements are poorly made. You come away from the book believing she is either somehow deranged or that her views are not real and only intended to shock - and sell books. I bought a used copy to prevent more money going to this extremist.
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