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on 11 October 2012
My interest in fasting began about a year ago, and as well as starting one 36hr and one 24hr fast each week I began to read all I could on it. This book is without a doubt the stand out one so far. And I'm in no way hippy, new age, or spiritual, and due to my upbringing, will panic if that becomes too heavy handed. But here Buhner quietly and cleverly avoids any overt emphasis on spirtuality making it highly accessible to those brought up to only accept evidence that can be physically measured, and validated scientifically. It's rational, modern and very readable.

He fully conveys the emotional and physical benefits of fasting in a far more in depth way that other books do, really nailing just how wonderful it can be on all levels. He also clearly sets out any dangers or adverse effects of fasting.

I think if you've just come to fasting and want to find out more, or are more practiced but want to go further then you couldn't choose a better book.

If you've never even thought of fasting, then definitely read this book - it will very soon be THE new health diet, and one which, as you'll find out by reading, is producing some very very exciting results both in and out of the science lab. And, even I, after reading this, want to find out more about the spiritual journey. Transformational indeed....
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on 8 February 2017
I bought this book as an inspiration to read whilst water fasting. Unfortunately I waited a few days for it to arrive so I actually started to read the book on my last 10th day of the fast.
Nevertheless it's a nice book to read with some useful info. I read it in 2 days! I did a lot of research before deciding to do an extended water fast. I aimed for 5-7 days and I was thinking I can stop anytime I don't feel right. But I felt great, somehow very serene and calm and only after reading some passages from the book I realised fasting have some profound spiritually cleansing effect too. I was concerned mainly with the physical side - getting rid of toxins, giving the body opportunity to heal etc. but the shift in my consciousness happened to. I was in peace and felt extremely balance. I was also meditating on those fast days so perhaps I was feeding my soul.
I am planning to do the water fast again in the future and I will feed my mind whilst fasting by reading this book for the second time.
Worth the reading, worth the try.
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on 28 November 2013
An easy to read book which makes fasting sound logical and easy . It encouraged me to immediately start and I was able to continue without a battle. Buhner addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of fasting which makes it sound very sensible. Must admit I skipped some bits here and there. I could have done with more recipes but they are widely available .
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on 6 June 2017
Really excellent book. I have Dr Fuhrman's book, which focuses more on the physical aspects of a fast.

Full details on how to perform a fast are provided, though for long fast you are recommended to have medical supervision.

But Buhner's book, goes more into emotional and spirit, inners self aspects These I am very interested in. I had very high blood pressure a few years ago , and underwent a 27 day water fast at True North in California, and this dropped my pressure to normal. Though at that time during the fast, I distracted myself by watching YouTube, read books etc. Now, (and I am planning another fast), I would pay attention to Buhner's recommendations, to carefully watch your experience, almost like you were sitting in a dessert, with no other companions except the wind on the dunes and canyons.
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on 26 July 2013
This book gives reliable and reassuring information, important for anyone considering a juice or water fast over several days or weeks.

The author writes in depth on the science of fasting, what happens in the body, and why it is so beneficial. He also offers excellent guidelines for a pre- and post- fast cleansing diet including juice recipes, so that you have a comprehensive plan.

I enjoyed the wisdom offered on how to approach the fast mentally and spiritually, the advice clearly comes from personal experience, and will help you get the most out of your fast.

In the earlier chapters of the book, Buhner outlines some of the many and major ways a diet of processed food and common pharmaceutical drugs are harmful to body, mind and spirit. If this is news to you, you'll find that part useful too.

Happy fasting.
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on 8 July 2012
This is simply the best book on fasting I have read. It is amazing and beautifully written. I am the first British reviewer (surprisingly) - but if you look on Amazon.com, i.e. the US site, you will see alot of other people have similar views.

It is very intelligent, really puts fasting into a spiritual perspective (as well as the physical and emotional aspects), in a way that I have not seen done anywhere else. At the same time it is very down-to-earth, easy to read and non-cranky (which I find some fasting books to be) An excellent book I would highly recommend.
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on 4 March 2016
excellent , fully comprehensive , carefully worded guide to fasting. it provides insight on various aspect that points out how to optimise the benefits and how to avoid mistakes associated with longer fasts. if you contemplate venturing into a fast , this is the one to read first , if you are in a fast , read it to see how to make the most of it , how far you want to stick with it and how to transition back to consuming food in a safe way.
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on 12 March 2017
not good all ol stuff in it
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on 2 February 2016
Excellent book!!! I got the paper and the kindle copy. The best book I have read about Fasting so far. Scientific and spiritual, very detailed and informative. You'll find interesting historical facts about fasting as well as a full report of what occurs in your body and mind every day during fasting, which helps you to understand and appreciate the benefits of this ancient practice.
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on 18 August 2013
There aren't many books on the market on fasting. So this one stands out as particularly exceptional.I had done a juice fast for 7 days and a raw food diet for 3 months(at different stages in my life) so I could understand first hand the power of allowing the body to cleanse itself. I had been eating really badly lately and had been contemplating doing a water fast so after reading a lot of contradictory information online I decided to get a book to see if I could get more informed information to decide whether to go on the water fast or not.What I really liked about this book is that it addressed fasting on all levels. I loved the idea of spiritual cleansing and while getting healthier was the main reason I was looking to fast, the attracting factor was the emotional and spiritual cleansing.I have also liked the idea of going out into the wild for the total experience of "emptying oneself" as the author calls it. Unfortunately for me it is not practical and could be potentially dangerous seeing as I am not trained to deal with whatever I might encounter in the wild. However I hope to do it at least once in my life after some survival training.

I had tried starting water fasting several times and I confess I never made it past day 2 as the headaches were particularly severe more so than on juicing and raw food detox that I had done previously. But then I had been on a really bad diet of junk food for the last few months, so unless I could stand the headaches without pain killers (you are advised not to take any painkillers during the fast)there would be no way I could even get close to day 10 which was how long I wanted to fast for.(that is the amount of time where the body comes close to significant healing)

The book is easy to read with a lot of information about the fasting process.And I would recommend it to anyone that is seriously thinking about fasting. Needless to say, for me I made the decision after reading the book that the best course of action would be to first address what I was putting into my body and cut that out first before attempting a fast. I had no idea how nutritionally equipped my body was to be able to function properly during a 10 day fast, so my first goal became to cut out sugar, fat, caffeine, processed food and the usual culprits and cut down my portion sizes and give my body as much nutrition as possible. The main focus is to train the body in receiving less food but the food that it gets would be food it can completely use to rebuild the body, so that this way it's feeding the body while not overloading it with digestive function with foods that have no nutritional value and actually create illness in the body.
After several months of doing this if my body felt like it needed to fast, then I would do and more than likely the headaches by then would have been very light or not there at all so I should be able to complete a good 10 days. However in the back of my mind what I was looking for was a way to change my relationship with food and while a fast certainly would help, I want to make sure that I felt confident that by doing so I wouldn't be doing it more harm than good. I guess I had hoped that fasting would be the miracle cure for my overwhelming urge to eat non stop.But if anything the book made me realize that fasting is not an easy way out, and if anything it is an important rite of passage that should only be undertaken when it feels intuitively right for each person.I will fast when my body feels a natural urge to do so: I am hoping that at least once in my life it will feel this urge and by then I can take the author's advise and take to the wild to be "emptied out and reborn". I really love that idea.
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