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on 30 May 2013
There are far better books out there with a greater level of research, although maybe worth reading as an introduction to all things esoteric.
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on 15 May 2010
As far as alternative history/research goes, this is an interesting addition, but, based on my own researchers into the topic, seriously flawed.

As I read through it, it became painfully obvious that the authors would have benefitted greatly by studying the actual archaeology and reading the works of mainstream - but maverick - scientists such as Clube, Firestone and Baillie. The Cosmic SerpentThe Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: How a Stone-Age Comet Changed the Course of World Culture

Exodus to Arthur: Catastrophic Encounters with Comets

The Celtic Gods: Comets in Irish Mythology

The Diluvian Impact: The Great Flood Catastrophe 10,000 Years Ago As The Consequence Of A Comet's Impact

Man and Impact in the Americas.

With the information easily available in the above mentioned books to hand, they would have had a much wider field of ideas upon which to speculate and wouldn't have made so many truly embarrassing assumptions.

There are so many things that they just state as fact - along with the rest of the "esoteric crowd" - that are embarrassingly dumb when you have all the info about former cataclysms, cometary bombardments, giant comets, and so on.

It seems to me that some of these sites that became so holy are places of impact and the objective was to "contain" the demon that came from the sky - or, conversely - to tap into the power of the "god" that came from the sky.
This "straight track" business strikes me as a line where a series of impacts occurred a la Shoemaker-Levy-on-Jupiter in our distant past with the same consequences: shrines, churches, stones set up, or whatever to either contain or tap into the assumed power of the celestial being.

Then, of course, there is no reason why there could not be energetic anomalies for a very long time after impacts whether they are atmospheric explosions or direct hits.

The authors are also not including easily available information about genetic mutation that occurs in conjunction with cosmic catastrophe, which can include psychopathology in human beings. What I see is that, during a period of great stress, pathological types saw their moment and seized it and instituted a system that was supposed to reflect the cosmic system that had existed before, but with some important twists that worked to their advantage. And we've been stuck with it ever since. Then, of course, it would make sense that a traumatized people would want to be protected by such a draconian system as they describe. They would have been told by the psychopaths taking advantage of the situation: "hey, you people sinned, that's what brought on this disaster, now if you want to avoid more of the same, you have to do what we say because the god talks to us and not you."

The authors just gloss over the problems and assumes that everyone had good intentions when they did what he proposes they were doing. The clues to the more ancient system that was displaced by the new pathological "enchantment", he just mentions and brushes aside rather cavalierly, IMO. The authors think it was a good idea for the truly ancient model to have been wiped out by the Asiatic model - the 12 tribe model - and assumes rather naively that this was the "good" one even though he openly says that there was an older one and even talks about it and mentions that the 12 tribe one came into being along with the suppression of the feminine, the institution of agriculture, etc. He hasn't cast his net wide enough to grasp those implications. It's a certainty that we have lived under the control of an "evil magician" (see Gurdjieff) for lo, these past 13K years, since the diluvian impact and the rise of psychopathology to power and the dystopia we experience today is the consequence - and part of that spell-casting.

So much foolishness could be eliminated if people would only read the fact based stuff alongside the inspirational stuff and try to make real sense out of it.

I wanted to give it a three because it is decently written in spite of the wild leaps of assumption, but just can't due to all the data/interpretation flaws. I wouldn't recommend it.
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