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on 30 March 2013
This book is like no other book in its field/segment/genre whatever you want to call it, this book won't "dummy" guide you through already made up stuff, that will turn you into a BOT.
This book lays ground and rules to think and develop your skills outside of what you have been taught, it teaches you in a way that will let you evolve further without the book, and in no time you will be developing your own exploits, this book would be only worth for its programming side, it is that good.
It comes with a a linux distro with some tools you can use, I have decided to use my own linux distro, but further in the book, it is advised to use the one provided by the book, because, some exploits have already been patched in later distributions, and all of the exploits and tools work on the one provided by the book.
Also the package was adequate and it came in excellent condition.

Absolutely recommended, although not recommended for someone with very little computer knowledge, or someone that have never written a line of code before, if that is your case this will be very difficult to pick up.
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on 24 April 2016
I only have a basic understanding of computing/programming so I found this book a little hard to read. Dealing with assembly in the first chapter felt like being thrown in the deep end. What's covered in the book is excellent though. Instead of getting you to remeber a few "Magic Tricks" you get a working understanding of what you are doing and how computers work. This book put me way ahead of my class mates at Uni. The only thing I will say is the information is very dense. Jon teaches complex ideas in a very condescend way. My head feels like it will explode if I try to read too much of it in one sitting.
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on 18 January 2017
Arrived earlier than expected. In very good condition, book is informative for the period. Will be reading more for curiosity and assessment to learn about this subject.
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on 5 April 2017
Cool book covering the fundamentals pretty well. Treat it as a repository of pointers to things you have to deepen in your own time.
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on 17 April 2015
I could preach this book all day. From a beginner's perspective, there are plenty of books available on the market that all claim to offer an in-depth introduction to 'Hacking'(Programming, Computer Science, Reverse Engineering), but many books fail to lay a foundation of knowledge, starting from the basics concepts. This book does just that, and at a quick but manageable pace brings the reader up to scratch to start tackling some of the more challenging concepts and their problems.

Personally, I would consider this book to be a fully comprehensive introduction to the field of computer security, because it doesn't miss out any of the key concepts that are a prerequisite to learning certain topics in the field computer science. Granted there are books like 'Violent Python' and books on using suites of tools such as provided in Kali Linux, which serve their purpose if you're studying penetration testing, but this books gives you the knowledge to be free with in the computer space and not be bound by specific tools. This book will teach from the ground up the basics of Networking and how these, and all tools do what they do, rather than just focus on their application.
This book won't teach you everything there is to know about computer science, but will provide a better introduction compared to any other book.
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on 10 February 2016
If you want an introduction to computer science and the real nitty-gritty details of hacking, look no further. You will learn about Assembly language and the C programming language as well. I'd highly recommend to get a bit familiar with a Linux OS before attempting to read this book, however. Commands such as cd, rm, mv, rmdir, and ls should be learnt before attempting to read this book. Good places to take any questions about linux is the stack exchange website for Linux & Unix. Also learn the basics of a command line text editor such as nano or vi. This is all the preparation you will need to tackle this book. Happy hacking!
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on 14 December 2015
A pretty good book on a pretty big topic however I would wish the author had stayed on the subject of exploitation. Starting with an introduction to programming and having a chapter on networking and on crypto is just plain bad in my opinion since they each deserve entire books each. I would recommend "The Shellcoders Handbook" over "Hacking - The art of Exploitation"
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on 14 December 2016
Forget all that stuff you read about what is required to become a hacker...This is the REAL DEAL !!!
its not talking too much about hacker mindset.
It cuts to the chase...explains how hacking is really about understanding how to circumvent how computers and programs work
then it shows you how to start analysing programs....then onto getting and manipulating the machine code to change things up.
need i say more...this book just goes deeper and deeper...its a proper hackers crackers book....
its not for script kiddies.....this book is about creating zero days, and how them guys actually do it.
script kiddies use some tools and then the exploits of guys who read this book.
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on 2 May 2014
Dont be expecting to hack your mates facebook account, facebook has very advanced security, this book will show you the kind of exploits like the recnt heartbleed vulnerability, it realy gets down to the bits and bytes and focuses on C and Assembly language. Extremely interesting and the information will certainly aid you as a penetration tester, youll learn all sorts or techniques to take advantage of overlooked 'mistakes' in the code written by apparently 'good' programmers, this teaches you to be better than them, it teaches you that a program that is executed that was written in C does no contain IF statements and FOR statements and all that, it contains 1101011101101, or translation to assembly, things like
mov ecx, ebx
add eax, ecx
sub edx, eax
... you get the gist, it doesnt execute as C, but as binary code, the key difference between a programmer and a HACKER!!!
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on 16 February 2005
I consider this book to be excellent. It is a "must read" if you really want a thorough grasp of the priciples behind computer security. It concisely explains the techniques of exploitation, aided by clear code examples. You will benefit most from this book if you start with a basic background knowledge of C programming, shell scripting and networking.
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