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on 30 October 2004
Having read alot of webcomics I somehow happened across a webcomic by the name of Megatokyo, basically a webcomic the mana style but with a particular American feel to it (being that the artist/author is American) so you could say it's an East culture meets West culture hybrid.
I was having trouble getting into it online so I decided on a whim to by one of the books and read it, let me tell you I'm so glad I did Megatokyo is entertaining and funny. But whereas most comics storylines are just there to set up the gags, Megatokyo is a comic with gags worked around the storyline which to me is a really refreshing idea. I'd recommend this book to anyone who reads and likes any type of comic.
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on 26 December 2004
For those of you who are to MegaTokyo, it is an online webcomic located at megatokyo.com. The artist/author, Fred Gallagher spends his time creating the comic on a full-time basis, and I guess to help him support his life, he needs to make some money through his merchanise!
Anyway, the book itself is well printed by Dark Horse Books. Volume 1 covers the entire Chapter 0. As Fred himself says, he was unorganied when first beginning MegaTokyo, so the first set of strips were named Chapter 0 and bunched together.
The story tells of Piro and Largo, two great friends with opposite personalities. One day, Piro drags Largo into going to Tokyo, and after spending all of their money on games and beer, they're stuck with Piro's friend Tsubasa in his tiny apartment. Piro must find a way to get out of Japan by getting a job and making some money.
Largo is able to blackmail his friends Dom and Ed for the money to get tickets back home, however they spend it on more games before being able to get a ticket, so they're back to square one. Therefore, Piro and Largo are stuck in Tokyo for even longer, and when Piro's friend Tsubasa leaves, they must find a place to stay.
MegaTokyo is mixed with humour which surrounds the storyline. Fred Gallagher states that each comic is supposed to be able to stand alone with a gag, but when put together with the other comics, be able to read as a full story. He does this extremely well except on a few cases.
The book boasts great quality print and small footnotes on most of the MegaTokyo comic strips. At the end of the book, Fred has grouped sketches from his sketchbook with full commentary. He also has included all filler strips and has a well organised book as a whole. The book also includes an index stating every comic strip the book covers and where you can find them.
When compared to MegaTokyo Volume 2, Volume 1 doesn't boast as much on the extra side is still able to read as a good comic book in true manga style. MegaTokyo fans will be able to re-read good times in the book whenever and wherever they want. New readers may be skeptical at first, so I would recommend looking through the MegaTokyo website before making a sudden purchase to make sure you like what you're buying.
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on 10 March 2005
Like most of the reviewers am a fan of the webcomic, and picked this up while travelling as l couldn't get to internet access for the back issues. The reason for my reduced enthusiam for this Volume is simply that it is not really a good representaion of what Megatokyo is. Rodney Caston's influnece, slapstick and internet/computer humour, is much more apparent. It is also somewhat disjointed between the two creative influnces. While enjoyable, and sets everthing down for the future story, it seems to form a very extended prologue (hence Chapter:0). The 'bonus features' are worth getting if you already know the strip, but if you are new to the series try online before you buy.
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on 14 September 2006
The megatokyo phenomenon is an interesting one- it's one of the most popular webcomics available, due to a good story, involving characters and a great deal of self referential humour that at the same time manages to be easily understandable by non-geeks ;). Because it's more accessible than the japanese manga, it's a good way for a newbie to get involved in the whole thing. The reason I'm not more enthusiastic, is, unlike later books the story is not as involving and the art is distinctly average (sorry Fred). This is because this goes RIGHT from the beggining, and when you read the webcomic it's not so obvious, but it is obvious here.
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on 27 December 2013
Could'nt find a new copy so ordered this one, hoping it was in good condition as described.It as almost perfect and arrved in plenty of tie for Christmas. Would use this company again without hesitation.
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on 2 February 2004
The story of Piro and Largo, Americans traped in tokyo with no money.
This follows the first two parts of Largo and Piros story as they try to save enoughmoney to get home.
Maddness follows,with Rent-A-Zillas,insane overclocking and alot of trouble as Largo's umm... problems becomes more apparent(or does he see more than most?).
By the way do 'j00 5p34k L33T?'
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on 5 September 2010
I loved this book. It's hilarious for anyone who has ever been involved in any anime/manga fandom or gaming. I (somehow) had never come across the webcomic before but this was a great introduction. Containing the early releases interspersed with Shirt Guy Dom sections and a running commentary from Piro on the early development I would recommend this to longterm fans and new converts alike.
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