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on 26 July 2011
This does exactly what it says on the tin - and then some! I've bought numerous books on vegan cooking - but none appeal to my confirmed meat-eating hubby - he simply doesnt do beans or pasta or rice, so adding in some healthy animal free options has been murder. This is clearly laid out, and gives straightforward options for 'animal to veggie' replacements, and oodles of example recipes too! The imitation bacon bits recipe had him totally fooled! Some of the ingredients are american, so you need to be a little creative on the internet to source some of them -or spend time and money in Brighton (my nearest veggie haven). I still cant find 'vital wheat gluten flour' or tempeh - but i'll get there.
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on 1 March 2014
I usually give reviews that veer towards tough! But this book had me giddy when it arrived, came with me throughout the day to read on the way to work and while sitting in a café at lunch time. Its a veritable encyclopedia that really does what it says on the cover. There are charts for foods such as butter, eggs, cheese as well as foods that there are high rates of intolerance for, that allow you to instantly and directly replace them in any recipe, with a range of alternatives depending, on the recipe. There are also recipes for how to make the substitutes. Need blue cheese? Parmesan shavings - this is the place to go. Need mayonnaise or eggs for that chocolate cake batter or quiche - you got it here. Need Buttermilk - you got it here. Want to cut the flour out of the recipe you saw in a magazine - it's here, or want to make that creamy pepper sauce. Joy oh joy - its here.

I have spent hours and hours online trying to find answers to questions that are answered here back to back, in depth and comprehensively. If I could only own one book - this would be it. Six Stars
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on 11 September 2016
Don't buy unless you just want some new recipes. There is only one useful suggestion for substitutions and that is for when an egg is needed for binding in a recipe. Basically you use apple sauce. The other suggestions make use of the philosophy of stating the downright obvious...if a recipe calls for bacon then use a proprietary mock bacon as you would find in most healthfood stores, which is not new and not helpful; I could have told you that and saved myself the more than ten pounds that this book cost. There are over a hundred recipes in the book, and so from that point of view it is a reasonable cook book...if you're looking for advice on substitutions, however, you'd do as well to use your common sense and save your money. I've also used this review for the second book from these authors, as I bought them together. It's almost identical in tone, just with different recipes. Together they cost me over £25, and I must admit to feeling ripped off, as they are pretty useless for the reason I bought them.
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on 24 May 2013
I don't like labels, as soon as one says that is if one is a vegan then all sorts of assumptions are being made.

So I don't see myself as a vegan see myself as very much biasing towards completely vegetarian diet. If that's what you're doing then this book is full of great information on how to do it. It is informative, very nicely written, and the some great recipes too.

Not only does it suggest recipes that are vegetarian in style also gives you the information of how you take existing recipes and convert them to fully vegetarian . So sorry to Amazon but you can keep all of your old recipe books keep looking at your favourites and then converting them using the information in this book. To me that is one of the really nice parts of this publication.

Of course I would recommend this book, and I think it is very good for those starting out on a vegetarian lifestyle as well as those who have been vegetarian for some time looking for new ideas of how to convert old recipes.
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on 6 November 2015
I bought this book to help transition from eating ovo/lacto vegetarian. It is only a little helpful with substitutions as many of the suggestions or recipes suggest things like store bought vegan cream cheese. I am trying avoid this sort of commercial products because they are not readily available in my area, they are expensive and they are not always made of ordinary foods. Also, many suggestions might work but could completely change the taste of the recipe. For instance, instead of honey, it suggests molasses, etc. Anything with a very strong flavour could ruin some recipes. I was expecting more substitution suggestions and less recipes. Most of the recipes are not that appealing. Some ingredients I have never heard of and I have been eating vegetarian/vegan for almost 30 years. Very disappointing book.
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on 13 August 2013
If you are new into vegan cooking (as I am - I got fed up with the amounts of cheese in regular vegetarian recipes), this is the thing.
It works as a manual and gives you information on why things work and makes finding vegan solutions a matter of logic instead of magic.
(example: if you need your egg for binding, or rising, you have to substitute it with a binding or rising agent. If the egg belongs in the recipe for flavour, you have to add something flavourful, sounds so simple, and once you realise this, it really is!!)

I loved the "instant cheese mix" and I made some burgers (with gluten en TVP) that tasted GREAT!!

I keep trying all sorts of things, but so far no dissappointments. It is nice that options are given (if you don't have arrowroot, what to do). Really really helpful.
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on 4 March 2015
Too many ingredients to purchase for a begiinner.
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on 8 September 2017
Wouldn't be without this - and haven't yet found an ingredient that was not available on amazon if I can't get it here in the north of Scotland. As I have to avoid dairy fat when the psoriasis is playing up, I am always interested in non-dairy alternatives, and this book has loads. Being American, it also uses sensible weights and measures, instead of the unwieldy and much disliked continental ones the U.K. uses. Glad amazon recommended it to me.
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on 19 June 2014
Saw a copy of this at Veg Fest and thought it looked interesting so ordered it once home. It is a useful book that feels and looks lovely. Its printed on textured paper and the corners are slightly rounded giving it a soft comfortable feel to handle.
It’s divided up into sections to make it easy to find lists of replacement ideas for most non vegan or alternative solutions to things like sugar.
Packed with nice recipes and filled with illustrations and photographs to keep you interested.

Would recommend this book and will be buying a few more copies as Christmas presents.
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on 8 April 2012
I do love this book and have used it many times now. The Vegan 'Parmesan' sprinkles and Dijon Portobello Steaks are basics I'm always using as is the Soya Milk Mayo. Another good thing is that (unlike a lot of US cookbooks) there are plenty of photos too. My only (tiny) niggle is the index - if you know what you want to make eg the Portobello steak if you look up P for Portobello or S for Steak there is no mention of the recipe as in the index is it is Mains and then under D for Dijon - annoying or what!
Still it's worth buying if you are Vegan (and particularly if you are new to veganism) some of the ingredients might need Googling for UK equivalents ie the word Meal us used as in Almond Meal where we call is Ground Almonds and also some ingredients can be a bit trickier to find ie Vital Wheat Gluten - which you can buy in the UK I might add.
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