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on 14 July 2013
Chapters 6 - 14

Boobs, boobs, and more boobs.
If you get bored at every given moment a sneaky peak at a boob, then this series definitely isn't for you.

The front cover featured Demon Eyes Kyo and he certainly looks drastically different from Kyoshiro Mibu on the front cover of volume 1.
I am thoroughly enjoying the comical side with Kyoshiro (getting fired out of a canon, accidentally perving on a naked old lady) and then the vastly different Kyo with his immense blood lust.

After the defeat of Jimon which was a battle continued over from volume 1. Izumo no Okumi unmasks a deeper anger within Kyo and his mission looking for "He".

There is a never a shortage of action in Samurai Deeper.
While Kyo is out of action, Yuya goes out of her way to protect a pair of orphan children bullied into pick pocketing by Kazura.

Not long after, Kyoshiro meets his new enemies, the Three Color Gang and their employer Genma Kidou.
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Yuya has finally found the elusive man with the cross scar... and it's Kyo/Kyoshiro/whoever. But that's not the only surprise in store in "Samurai Deeper Kyo, Book 6," since Akimine Kamijyo spends most of this volume exploring the new characters and villains that are swarming all over the forest of Aokigahara. It's a fast, fun read with plenty of new twists.

While Yuya struggles with her new knowledge, Benitora and Okuni run across a bloodthirsty, scarlet-eyed man with a giant scythe -- Mekira, one of the Twelve God Shoguns. He's also an ex-classmate of Benitora's who murdered their master when he refused to teach him the deadliest techniques of their school. Benitora, unsurprisingly, is not happy to see him again.

And it seems that Mekira's skill has only increased, since he seems to be able to teleport around during the fight and is cutting Benitora to ribbons. Meanwhile, the elusive Master is in the heart of the forest, and he wants Kyo's body. In a non-X-rated way.

And during all this, Kyo and Yuya have found a deep underground cave where Kyo's body seems to be frozen inside a vast expanse of ice. Except it isn't actually Kyo's body -- it's a disguise worn by one of the Twelve, a ruthless mathematically-minded puppet-master whose constant attacks are wearing Kyo out. When he goes critical, someone else emerges to fight...

"Samurai Deeper Kyo Book 6" is a pretty action-packed, bizarrely superhuman volume -- we have Benitora and Mekira carving each other up with astonishing skill, a preteen ninja slicing a guy in half, Kyo fighting against an army of shapeshifting puppets (including multiple Yuyas), and even Yukimura effortlessly thrashing a crowd of bounty-hunting thugs. With a FISHING ROD. It doesn't get much more impressive than that.

Amidst all that action, Kamijyo still manages to weave in some plot exposition (including a shadowy appearance by the Master) and a glimpse at how Yukimura's little ninja organization works (including the female Kagemusha who poses as him... presumably with a steel sports bra). There are some moments of humor (mother-hen Saizo freaking out) but the overall feel is rather grim.

It also introduces some interesting new characters, such as Benitora's nasty old schoolmate, and a bespectacled puppetmaster with a sadistic edge. Most impressive the deadly prepubescent ninja Sasuke (who is somehow able to draw a sword as long as he is), and in the meantime Yuya comes to a surprising decision about trusting Kyo.

"Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume 6" is heavy on action and moderate on plot, and both promise to get more intense as time goes on.
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I have to give Akimine Kamijyo credit -- while many action manga have fighting tournaments of one type or another, they usually focus on a series of one-on-one fights. But "Samurai Deeper Kyo, Book 4" keeps everything short and sweet, instead focusing on the old enemies (some closer than you'd think) that our little band of anti-heroes must deal with as they home in on Ieyasu's head. And we see just how scary Yukimura can be when someone pushes him too far.

Kyo is cooling off outside when Yuya unexpectedly follows him... and tries to seduce him. Unsurprisingly, it isn't actually Yuya -- it's actually a ninja named Mahiro, who has a four-year-old grudge against Kyo, an army of black widow spiders, and gravity-defying hair. After his encounter with Mahiro, Kyo changes his mind about Yukimura's offer -- he will take part in Ieyasu's tournament, and exchange the shogun's head for his old body.

Unfortunately, the tournament isn't gonna be that easy. Benitora, Yukimura (disguised as a girl) and Kyo effortlessly carve their way through the others in the tournament, but they've already been detected by Ieyasu and his forces. Plus, Mahiro is still skulking around. And things take an unexpected turn when a masked combatant reveals that he recognizes Yukimura -- and turns out to be someone very close to him, both personally and in skill.

Like the last couple volumes of "Samurai Deeper Kyo," the fourth volume blasts through its story at a rapid clip -- basically the entire tournament is covered in this one volume, with the focus being less on the actual fighting and more on what is going on behind the scenes. And Akamine Kamijyo manages to inject more mystery into Kyo's background with the story of Mahiro and her sister, as well as a twist ending that you definitely won't see coming.

Along the way, we get plenty of elaborate sword fights, thuggish and/or creepy combatants (including a cannibal and a serial killer), and plenty of spurting blood and crazy-eyed expressions. It gets grimmer as the tournament winds on, and it becomes obvious that our heroes are in a massive trap -- and Yukimura is forced to fight one of the big battles of his life. But Kamijyo manages to weave in some comic relief as well, such as Yuya shrieking and climbing onto Benitora's head when she sees her doppelganger.

And this volume sees more development of Yukimura -- he's still the seemingly lighthearted, fun-loving guy ("Are you ready to see it roll?") who apparently has no qualms about putting on a dress. But it turns out that one of Ieyasu's fighters is someone he knows very well, and we see that he's a very kind guy who cares about and respects his ninja servants -- in fact, he becomes terrifying (spooky insane eyes and a lighthearted grin) when one of them is injured defending him, and called a "fool."

"Samurai Deeper Kyo Book 4" manages to take us all the way through a fighting tournament with a minimum of one-on-one team fights, and Akimine Kamijyo manages to throw in some surprising twists. Can't wait to see how this pans out.
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Apparently life on the road with mild-mannered, lecherous medicine peddler Kyoshiro Mibu is never boring -- when attacked, he might just turn into the killer of a thousand men, Demon Eyes Kyo. And "Samurai Deeper Kyo, Book 2" has Akimine Kamijyo smoothing out his rookie bumps, even as he introduces some interesting new enemies -- both old and new -- for Kyoshiro/Kyo to deal with.

Kyoshiro desperately tries to fend off the crazed Jimon without releasing Kyo, but when Jimon reveals the bloody extend of his obsession Kyoshiro stops trying to hold back the inner killer ("You got what you wanted. You woke me up!"). Jimon has a perfected, near-impossible technique to use against Kyo, and even if he defeats this guy, he's still got to deal with the incredibly creepy miko who has a message from his past.

Then Yuya gets a chance to shine: She becomes involved in the fate of a young boy and his baby sister, who have become ensnared in a gang of thieves run by a cruel prostitute. Temporarily blinded, Yuya can't see to fire her gun -- but she may be able to take out the gang leader anyway.

And after rescuing a little old lady from some thugs, Yuya and Kyoshiro learn that the old woman's home mountain is coveted by a local gang called the Kidou Clan. One of their assassins, the icy White Crow, gives the old lady three days to vacate her house -- but when he tells his master of Kyoshiro's creepy presence, another assassin called Black Scorpion decides to take the young man out. And I don't mean in a romantic way.

"Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume 2" is a smoother ride than the debut volume -- there's less frenetic flipflopping between comedy and gory action, and the two (or is it three?) main characters seem to have settled into their niches. And while he doesn't provide any answers yet, Kamijyo also drops more hints of the conflicts in Kyo and Yuya's pasts -- particularly a mysterious "he" that seems to inspire earthshattering rage in Kyo.

Kamijyo also blends together humor ("But Demon Eyes Kyo is so SHY!"), drama and some heartrending moments (such as Kouta and his bizarrely tiny little sister). And the bloody action goes up a notch with the introduction of the Three Colors Gang -- not only do we have the bloody sword-swinging and slashing from Kyo and Jimon, but we have a guy who can spew thousands of poisoned needles from his mouth. I can only imagine what the other two are capable of.

Despite seemingly being a wuss, Kyoshiro does demonstrate in this volume that he has a lot of courage -- he almost lets himself be beaten to death rather than endanger innocent villagers by releasing Kyo. He's still a huge lech, though -- and it turns out, so is Kyo. Yuya turns out to be less mercenary than she acts, and Jimon turns out to be WAY crazier than even those wide insane eyes would imply. To make it even more embarrassing, his great enemy doesn't even remember him ("Who the hell are you?").

"Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume 2" smooths out the initial ripples of the series, and introduces some hyperpowerful new villains for the next time. This series is definitely fleshing out nicely.
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on 15 April 2009
If you have loved the series up to volume 20, then volume 21 will prove no exception. The battle through the gates continues with Kyo battling against an enraged Shinrei and a surprising revelation from Hotaru.
The art and the action is still first rate and despite the heavy battle scenes Akimine still makes room for his usual comic asides.

A great volume, but then aren't they all?
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on 27 January 2004
THIS IS AMAZING!I saw this in the shops,I'd never heard of it before and thought it sounded interesting.I bought it and loved it!Samurai Deeper Kyo is about a travelling medicine man, but when he gets attacked or wounded, the demon Kyo is unleashed and he is almost invincible.I recommend this to fans of Samurai X.
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on 7 May 2006
SDK has managed another sterling manga with issue 18, it delves into Mahiro's past and the events that occured 4 years earlier... with more good fight scenes and the plot progressing i found this another good SDK issue.
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on 20 February 2004
This is the 2nd Volume of the Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga series and it is excelent. it continues from the previous volume and it has even more funny comedy and more samurai action. this is a definite must for the people who have the first volume.
Those who want to get into manga ..... i recomend you start collecting the series now........
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