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on 3 March 2015
It is nothing about aliens, the author rambles mainly about Christian religion for hundred of pages, and it seems to me that he is just massaging his huge ego. Boring and disappointing beyond words. it does not even deserve to be brought to the charity shop, it is going to the bin straight away
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on 12 August 2013
Nigel's command of the English language is evident throughout. I mean, the 'velvet universe as opposed to the universe. Not getting the velvet description at all and this books is littered with those kinds of instances where the use of language becomes more important tina the subject and as a result waters down the story. The lyrical waxing in this work eventually bored me. It's middle England Bronte sisters meets a space hippie. It may be the case that Nigel has stumbled upon or lined hisself up with the the common view in exopolitics that the grays/greys exist and his view is a shared one, but this work looses focus on the issue as it meanders off into areas like the shroud of Turin whilst constantly using irritating made up words like 'Godhead'. Nigel makes no apologies for making these words up, but for me that only supports my view that Nigel likes a good anal gazing session and loves the English language more than Stephen Fry. I guess the most irritating thing for me was the lack of research around Myan culture whilst still pedalling the old myths about the Myan calendar. Then there's his attempt to support predictions and pending disastrous world events using web bots. Sorry Ngel but that's just nonsense. You clearly don't know how computing technology works. And this is the problem with this work. Nigel dips his toe into so many areas he is totally ignorant about and sometimes its embarrassing and insulting to ones intelligence. So you've had a bad dream Nigel. Get over it. Greys/Grays harvesting humans. Yes, we know, but your not helping this important research. This book could easily be 1/5th the size. Go elsewhere if you have an interest in exopolitics.
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on 16 February 2014
I start this review by giving a strong warning! Be very careful before choosing to read this and the authors other books, as you might never see the world the in the same light again! Make no mistake this book "will be attacked" for its highly controversial research and the theological implications for Man and Mankind. Nigel is the Morpheus of the UFO research establishment, so choose wisely? This is essential reading for the off the grid undergraduates or unfettered mind of all types and those going into intercepted scientific high tech academia with their heads switched on.

Having read most of the top writers in the field of UFO research, you sensed some were aware, but will not go, where this author has decided to tread. Therefore, I am sorry to say, that there will be many who will seek to cleverly "silence" genuine inquiry into the contents of this and "especially" the authors first book "The Song of the Greys and this second book. Many a smug lofty elite will sit very "uncomfortably" at the debunking of their so called divine right to rule, on the notion that they carry the seed line of the Gods. Be discerning when reading negative comments on these books?

The Earth is a Petri dish according to Nigel where the races of man have been deliberately "cultured" from source genetic material and separated through use of the caste system and Eugenics to keep a incepted bloodline pure. The implication is that we have been carefully "shepherded" by various "corrupted and themselves intercepted" institutions for the benefit of those intent on stealing our most precious commodity, the human soul.

Through the two books Nigel posits the theory of genetic manipulations and interception of our genome to develop a "hybrid human host" or clone that can be used as a trojan horse or avatar into our physical and spiritual reality. The implication is that there are those amongst us who have more in common with the Greys than with humanity.

This and the authors other books are not for those, seeking superficial thrills. There is genuine research and scientific discourse here from his fellow associates in mainstream academia, who in the tradition of the great teachers have sacrificed much to bring you these hidden truths. Men like Professor John Bickkerstaff bio-geneticists who have connected the dots. If you are brave enough and intelligent enough, to understand, that the question, is often more important than the answer, then you have awakened your conciousness from a carefully contrived sleep for control of your soul!
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on 25 December 2013
I like to read books which are a little more direct to the point.
This work is far to complicated and off the subject for most of the time,only coming back to the main
thread after much procrastination.
I was expecting some new thoughts and insights into the theories(after all they are all theories) of
aliens and their interaction with the human race.
All I could get was someone trying to convince me of alien existence with babble talk.
Waste of money.
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on 31 March 2010
Kerner's thesis about the Grey aliens purpose with mankind is haltingly simple and logical and obvious. That is why it is so compelling and I believe the most plausible, if you look at all the evidence. It is remarkably put together with verifications of all the facts and a deep insight into all the various links it makes with what science tells us today about the Universe. There are a myriad theories about this whole question out there and I believe I have read most of them. Nowhere have I come across a resolution to it all as complete and as well put together as that propounded in both this author's books,' Song Of The Greys' and `Grey Aliens and the Harvest of Souls'. They will test your patience and the dexterity of your mind. But if you really are serious about sorting out the plethora of confusion, obfuscation and just the simple stream of information coming at you not just on the UFO business but more pertinently on the various interfaces between science and religion out there for yourself, you have got one hell of a starting point in this book.
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on 14 November 2010
I have read some utterly contradictory reviews about this book and decided to see what the fuss was all about for myself. Expensive one this one but I took the plunge after hearing about the startling ideas this author has come up with from an Oxford graduate friend of mine who had read it cover to cover. This was the secret in explaining the contradictions in the reviews. To understand the ethos of this work you have got to read it cover to cover. I could hardly believe what I was reading. This is singularly the most fantastic work on this phenomenon of the UFO's. A truly stunning work with brilliant concepts that had a sceptic like me utterly convinced that we are in the midst of the most important phenomenon in the world today. Kerner's take on this is compelling. In a master work, juggling mind blowing notions, he manages to convince that we have got the common existential (as he puts it) base of our thinking about the great questions about `who we are,' `what we are' `why the universe is here, all upside down. The great thing is that he does it all with simple reason, taking us through the most complex disciplines of science and tying them up with all the many things that make up our common experience. Essential for most of us who have little knowledge about science. We are taken on a magical ride through the interfaces where science meets religion and philosophy with an intriguing take on what death and life after death might involve. All threads are connected up as we get to the end of the book leaving the reader in awe as to why all this has not been seen and connected up before. The work of a brave mind who has seen that unless you think outside the box you have no chance of seeing anything that gets near the truth. I will give it ten stars. It has changed my whole way of thinking. Every University undergraduate and graduate should have a copy. Their level of philosophical discussion will take a quantum leap if they do. Will put up the profits of pubs too especially the ones that have no restriction on opening and closing hours.
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on 16 February 2010
After reading the first rave review I bought the book and after I finished reading it I saw the second not so enthusiastic one. I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with the first reviewer. This book is beyond good, in fact I find it hard to find a superlative big enough to describe it. As I read through the pages I found that question after question on my list of things to ponder were given resolution. Maybe I'm just on the same wavelength as this guy I don't know, but I'd hazard a guess there will be others who will feel the same as me.

The author's idea of the `Godverse' is nothing to do, as far as I can see, with the institutionalised Christian concept of God, I find that idea just as tedious as the reviewer who mentioned it. Kerner's idea is far more like a centre of all existence, not a `universal creator' either. More like an implicate centre of all being.

The Grey agenda is explained in terms of an overall context that explains where we came from and where they came from. They are artificial, we are natural is the crux of it. I've ordered this one for my sister who has big problems with the idea that there can be such suffering in the world if there's a God. That question is answered in this book and it has set my mind at ease as never before.
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on 15 April 2015
It wasn't coincidence (there is no such a thing!) when I met the name of Nigel Kerner online as a result of the research on the topic (unfortunately - unpopular ) he covers in this book.
There always were souls who have been asking questions related to our presence upon this planet,why we are here,where we are going to afterwards and if there are things what are going on onto this planet what are hidden from us and couldn't be seen by our 3rd dimensional eyes.
In some amazing way Mr. Nigel Kerner have gotten this knowledge and understanding and presents,shares and explains in this book.I have to admit - in very small details what even confuses the mind in times,but - it is the 3rd dimensional mind and one have to get out of the box for accepting and understanding the topic covered in this book! Things definitely aren't that simple like the Matrix introduces them to us since it is a part of agenda of those who are running this world!
If you are ready to chose a Red Pill instead of chewing the Blue one for the rest of your life incarnation after incarnation just get this book,broaden your mind and yes - accept the things what your mind refuses to accept! But,, hey! What the mind is at the very end?!
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on 31 January 2010
This is without doubt the most remarkable book I have read on the subject. This is the first time anyone has sensibly answered the questions that have always troubled me about the phenomenon. What do the Greys want with us in the first place? Why do they need to abduct so many and on a continual basis? What are they and how did they come to be?

Nigel Kerner agrees with Sitchin, Von Daniken and all the others who believe the Old Testament God may well have originated from a spaceship. But unlike these authors he has what I think is a realistic hypothesis of their purpose with humanity. I have always been very incredulous about Sitchin's and Bramley's ideas that the aliens genetically bred humanity to provide labourers for themselves. Even with our technology which is primitive relative to theirs, mechanisation is taking over from human labour.

Kerner also justifies the existence of a very different God to the OT variety, a God demonstrated by Jesus but disregarded by most Christians in favour of the Old Testament version. An implicate God that is the infinite centre of perfection described in Buddhism and implied by quantum physics. It is a natural connection to that state of perfection that Kerner says the aliens are missing and that is why they are fascinated with us because we have that connection. A Soul in other words. These alien visitors are artificial creations, probes sent out by technologically advanced civilisations to explore hostile environments and warn their creators of threat.
Kerner offers a good deal of evidence from Gnostic texts to suggest that Jesus warned his apostles of the threat posed by the alien phenomenon. There is evidence he presents from the Gospel of Judas, a recent find, that seems to imply that Jesus told Judas his biological line was genetically intercepted.

All in all I can't recommend this book highly enough to the serious minded reader. Scientist or philosopher, you'll find your answers here.
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on 11 April 2010
its a little philiosophical.....actually a lot philosophical which i'm not usually into but the author makes a lot of sense. This is not what i usually enjoy reading in this subject, hats off to the author hes's done a damn good job keeping me coming back. I won't pretend reading this isn't hard going but it it makes a valid point. I aint a religious fanatic or religious in anyway but the author manages to explain religion in a really obscure way which i kind of could except. In my my opinion not for all UFO/Abduction type interested ppl but a very interesting read for me, very different from the norm so far... repost incoming..
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