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on 7 January 2012
For a Postmodern like myself, Andrew Cohen's new Big Idea brings a sense and clarity to the isolated and cynical predicament that, along with my generation, I find myself in. The pages of this book unfold with ease and with this a depth perspective reveals who we deeply are as human beings, what we deeply share, and, our way forward together in culture. I found a current ran through my veins and an impulse of curiosity arose to find out more about the toolkit he gives, to recognise my individual responsibility for this most positive 14 billion year process that we are all at the edge of. This is an audacious step indeed, and Cohen proves to us scientifically, how a new culture can be born.

Cohen's words have called me to rethink: Our human predicament is delicate in this 21st Century, it is the cause of so much societal and planetary anxst. Yet, he shows us how great is our human potential! At this point in our evolution are we willing to allow our dormant Souls to awaken and to participate in life with renewed maturity and purpose? This book shows us how. (Hardback or Kindle)
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on 19 March 2012
Here is a very short "personal" story.
I share it with you because, it is important... :)

About 12 years ago I got very sick. My heart stopped, and I... died. (Yes, I died, even if the doctors say it was only a near death experience :).
Finally, after 25 years of meditation practice, I experienced "the real thing"...
At first I didn't want to help. I was OK! But then, I sew my kids, and I understood that heaven can wait.
I was lucky! A choice to come back to life was still an option.
It was a start of a new life, and quit a cool one. Knowing what "death" is, gave me the ability to live without fear. It is a big thing! Still, I did not have an answer to the biggest question ever; "What is the point of it all, and what life is all about?"
It took another 7 years till things started to clear up for me.
One day, I have heard that an American spiritual teacher is coming to town. The moment Andrew Cohen entered the room; I felt a very powerful connection to that very same part in him, that is the same part I got to know when I was experiencing death. It was the spirit recognized itself in Andrew. It was a spontaneous, and immediate feeling, of great love and oneness.
Andrew introduced the audience to the teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

A month later I went to a retreat with Andrew Cohen to learn Evolutionary Enlightenment. I can't say I understood it all immediately, but I did understand finally what is The Purpose of Life...

Now, don't ask me to tell you what is the purpose of life. Ask Andrew Cohen.
His new book "Evolutionary Enlightenment" will give you the tools to choose life full of joy, ecstasy and purpose!
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on 24 November 2011
The radical essence of Cohen's teachings is that we are one with the evolutionary process and that we are at its leading edge. At the dawn of the 21st Century, as our self-reflective consciousness awakens us to this, we realise that the evolutionary process itself now needs us to take responsibility for its further development. The idea of traditional religion that we remain dependent children praying to a God "up there" is thus turned on its head, as Cohen explains: "The fact that highly evolved beings can now awaken directly to the evolutionary impulse means that God, as the creative principle, is able to see, hear, taste, touch, and feel like never before his or her own creation, through us." God--or the creative principle behind the evolutionary process that started with the Big Bang--thus needs us to take responsibility for its further development.

Most would agree that, given today's rampant materialism and its negative social and environmental fall-out, humanity's stage of maturity hasn't progressed beyond adolescence; that is, we still haven't yet taken responsibility. And perhaps that's one reason both traditional religion and secular materialism retain such strong appeal: because both of them leave us in a position of adolescent dependency or irresponsibility; whether it be the spiritual dependency of praying to a God "up there" to solve our problems for us, or be it our secular faith in political leaders to somehow get us out of a deepening global crisis they haven't the first clue how to solve. What stands in our way, as Cohen points out with such brilliant clarity, is ourselves, our fear, and our unwillingness to take proper responsibility. As Bernard Shaw also recognised: "Freedom means taking responsibility. That is why most men dread it."

But for Cohen, the new enlightenment in which we take proper responsibility doesn't reside in experiencing the timeless, formless ground of Being for its own sake; infinite, blissful, intense and liberating though it may be. Rather, it's so much more than that. It is all of that plus a purpose. It is all of that plus being convinced, in the most profound sense imaginable, that I must further the evolutionary process; that furthering it becomes my primary sense of self. This is what Cohen calls ecstatic compulsion. As it happens, I'm not a very spiritual person and I don't even meditate. But I know what Cohen says to be true from my own direct experience. That is, from an altered state experience that occurred about 13 years ago; a split-second experience of the purest deepest bliss of loving emptiness which is the ground of Being and into which came, not so much an idea, but a burning conviction--an ecstatic compulsion--to give form to the quite impersonal conviction or idea that instantaneously filled the emptiness in that moment. It was enlightenment with a purpose. And I've been working on the Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign ever since, the slogan for which is, perhaps unsurprisingly, "Humanity taking responsibility".

For me, this just happened pretty much by chance and my "long night of the soul" remains with me, and beckons me. But for Cohen, evolutionary enlightenment is already a way of life; a whole-life practice crystallised in five tenets which explain what taking responsibility for the evolutionary process actually entails, means, feels like, and how we can make it our way of life too. As he concludes, "For those of us at the leading edge at this critical moment in human history, what could make the meaning and purpose of spiritual enlightenment more apparent? What could make more sense or be more compelling on an emotional, intellectual, philosophical, and spiritual level than the simple recognition that "It is up to me"?"

John M. Bunzl
International Simultaneous Policy Organisation [...]
September 2011.
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on 28 January 2014
I love this book. Like many people, I am feeling my way into the uncharted waters from orthodox religion to Whatever it Is. Mr Cohen provides a pretty good Rough Guide.

I am also currently reading the Experiential Guide to the Celestine Prophecy and was amazed at how the two dovetail (I#m getting less amazed!)

This is not one of those easy-read 'dodgy but interesting' type spiritual books, it is one with which you need to grapple. I usually read far too quickly but I have had regular stops to digest this. I thoroughly recommend it to anybody who is wondering where to go with their search.

Everyone will come to this book at the right time for them, so if you are reading this review I would urge you to buy!
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on 30 September 2011
This book is a groundbreaking tour-de-force of spiritual transmission that will significantly change the face of contemporary dharma.

Distilled from the wisdom gleaned from Andrew Cohen's remarkable 25 year odyssey as a spiritual teacher and his transformative work with hundreds of students, Evolutionary Enlightenment offers a profoundly rational, ecstatically mystical, deeply comprehensive, and urgently relevant spiritual teaching for the 21st century.

Beware all ye who enter here for this book is not merely theoretical intellectual fodder for a philosophic mind and nor is it mystical entertainment for the spiritual dilettante. Open yourself up to the laser-like immediacy of Cohen's very accessible narrative and you may never be the same again! Evolutionary Enlightenment will illuminate untapped potentials of your consciousness as it plunges you into the depths of primordial emptiness and then propels you into an awe-inspiring embrace of the evolving cosmos as the manifestation of your very own Spirit-in-action right here and now.

The unwavering arrow of Andrew Cohen's inquiry articulates a New Enlightenment which transcends and includes the traditional Eastern Enlightenment and resurrects the unmistakable clarion call of that which is sacred in a post-modern world starving for unifying higher meaning and purpose. In an alternative culture created by the "ME Generation", in which far too much "enlightenment spirituality" amounts to little more than a smug nihilism (Creation is a big illusion so nothing really matters)or is diluted to be palatable to the narcissism of the highly individuated ego (self-acceptance because you are perfect as you are), Evolutionary Enlightenment thunders with a transmission that speaks directly to the dignity, integrity and passion of a sincere human heart.

Non-duality, if it is truly non-dual, has to embrace everything, and "everything" in our time includes the truth that we live in an evolving universe. Evolutionary Enlightenment is both a desperately needed gift and challenge in our tipping point times, giving us keys to unlock the sinews of our personal and cultural malaise while placing the responsibility for our individual and collective future firmly in our own hands.
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on 29 April 2013
Part 1, line 1... "why do some of us seek higher truths?" Here the author is making a pitch as somehow special, seeking something that only 'special people' can find. What the hell is a 'higher truth'?
I'm afraid I believe that this kind of book is merely babble dressed up as philosophy and frightened, wounded or damaged individuals will latch onto it as a way of living. Put the book down. It's a crutch.
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on 24 February 2016
Brilliant would be an understatement.
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