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on 4 September 2011
Let me begin by saying this is a fantastic book, and one that I would recommend everyone have in their personal library! I call it a "Book of Liberation" because this 2011, 382 page book has the potential to free you from limiting beliefs that many folks are holding on to. I will also tell you right off--this is NOT a book to zip through. It is more like a college course, one you should be anxious to attend. This is a book to read slowly, in sections, so you can truly absorb what you are reading and put it into practice. Write in the margins, underline, and highlight - all that good stuff. Treat it like a text book that you do not intend to sell back at the end of the semester. When you finish, put it on the shelf for a little while, then go back and read it again. We are talking about positive, life-changing stuff here!

The book is highly detailed and is part science, part philosophy, and part spirituality. Dianne Collins often provides info on related scientific studies. Some of the concepts explained are how we are conditioned to think/act/believe in certain patterns, so much so that much of it is unconscious. The realization of that conditioning is an eye-opener in itself and it REALLY affects the choices we make in life. (Heck, look at how television conditions us to buy certain things so we can look a certain way.--and that's only the tip.) Dianne also covers how and why we see what we expect to see, how we are all connected, the "observer affect", and so many other concepts. I think many of you will say, "Geeze, I never realized . . . or I never thought of that. . .or I knew that, but forgot about it."

Dianne mentions that "you cannot be on a spiritual path at your convenience". Once you commit, you will likely work at it all the time. The important thing is to recognize (catch yourself) doing one of the things you know is not in your best interest, be thankful for the wisdom to recognize the error, and work to fix yourself. After all, we are spiritual beings living in human form.

Dianne shows us how to recognize our pre conditioning (which is probably the most difficult realization, but once you accept it as true, you can likely quantum sprint forward). "Patanjali suggested one way we can awaken is to recognize when we are asleep." (But, many never wake up.) She provides little practice exercises throughout the book, too, so you can experience and bring each lesson home.

You will be amazed at how much info is in this book and it is a great gift for yourself or anyone else who wants to break out of the box! I don't know that any review would be adequate to describe the depths of this book. If you want to self-improve, this book should certainly do it. I cannot imagine anyone it would not help--even if you think you know it all already.

It is, as I believe. Do yourself a favor and add this book to your personal library. I plan to buy some copies for some of my good friends, but no-one gets MY copy. This book is a KEEPER!!! And it really will likely ROCK your world!
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on 31 October 2014
I had the chance to be a part of one of Dianne and Alan Collins’ QuantumThink21 program in 2013 and I bought the book as an alternative to the audios that followed each distinction in the program. The program was excellent and Dianne’s book is the best book I have ever read (and I have read a LOT of books about related topics during the years). I agree that this book should be required reading for all human beings.

I enjoyed reading every page in the book – and I did not want it to have an end. A lot of the paragraphs I read more than once in order to fully understand the meaning. Now I am reading the different chapters in the book again and new insights is unfolded to me. And I am sure this will continue…

I totally agree with Dianne in what she writes but that’s not the same as I am able to master it. It is not enough to believe in it – you have to live it in order to master it. Having new insight and knowledge is not mastering – it has to be integrated as a part of your life and the way you are living. And I am practicing every day.

The book it is mandatory reading – and I recommend you read it more than once. Maybe once a year for the rest of your life – and practice the recreations.

For each of the 22 distinction there are one or more recreation/activity to do. This gives you the possibility to practice and integrate the distinctions into your life.

Dianne is able to explain Quantum Thinking in an easy and understandable way – and from many different angles.
I highly recommend it to be translated into other languages – including danish (my language) – in order to be accessible for people who do not read english.

The world needs this book 
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on 9 December 2016
For years I have been learning about how we build our life and our world with our thoughts; Charles Haanel's 'The Master Key'; the movie the Laws of Attraction' amongst others, but it took Donna Eden's demonstration on how our minds energy influences our health and relationships with Dianne Collins' 'Quantum Think' providing the last piece of the puzzle for me to fully grasp and absorb the knowledge that we are indeed the master of our world. We create it with the nature of our frequencies and the resonance of our thoughts! Whatever we focus on certainly expands! So to achieve what we aspire to in life, we first need to become conscious that energy is real, it is everything, raise our frequencies by stepping out of 'our old world views' and quantum jump into that which is rightly ours!
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on 4 May 2014
Very exciting to read. Have't finished it yet.
Looking forward to read the rest.
And see how I can use it in my own life.
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on 11 December 2014
I eneded up skimming through the book. Not concise or clear enough for me.

Any introduction to General Semantics would give a better guide to thinking efficiently.
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on 4 July 2014
Open your mind, heart and soul, the world's changing fast! Enjoyed those moments of Ahhh! That's what that might mean!
Read and enjoy, your choice and yours alone!
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