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on 1 October 2017
This is one of the best books on meditation I've ever read. Joseph is among the top of his game in a tier of meditation teachers/writers that are really remarkable in their depth of knowledge, clarity of writing style and familiarity with teaching. I believe Joseph is one of the best meditation teachers alive right now, and as a person without the funds to travel to the US to go on retreat with him, reading this book really felt like I was able to make a connection with his teaching for the first time. I've listened to a lot of his talks on YouTube but this for me was the most useful so far.

The purpose of this book is to discuss and provide helpful solutions to popular questions that have arisen from his students during his time on retreat. With that in mind, I would recommend the book most to people with some regularity in their meditation practice. If you feel you've hit a brick wall in your practice with a particular problem, if you feel you don't quite understand something about meditation and its purpose in life conceptually, or if you just feel like you want to inject some life into your meditation, then this is the book for you.

As is characteristic of Goldstein's writing, the book is concise, easy to read, a joy to read and without a trace of arrogance or assumption that his method is best. Each chapter deals with a particular issue that often arises for meditators and spans about 2-4 pages. It's really the perfect resource to dip into in a random order if something is causing misunderstanding or a problem, or to read in full. I can't recommend it enough.
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on 27 March 2017
Easy reading - profound thinking in short bursts of 2 page chapters. Meaningful and joyful. I will read and reread for many years to come.
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on 29 March 2013
Very useful in terms of practical suggestions for meditation. Tends to emphasize freedom more than compassion and makes occasional references to "past lives" which doesn't really jive with my belief system.
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on 13 May 1999
I think we all want to be happy. This course is not really Buddhist or even a course of meditation. It's a road map to happiness and great peace. It's a road map home. You can do the meditations in a chair. Or you can sit in a variety of positions. It is asked that you meditate for 45 minutes daily. But, on certain days, you can only meditate for a few minutes if you so choose. I feel it's really best to start on the road to happiness with this couse rather than finding a teacher or a group. I've been that route many times, and I have always been left unfulfilled. This is simply a wonderful couse. It custom-tailors the practice of happiness tailored for you. It is for beginners as well as for advanced practioners. My instructor has completed a nine-month retreat in this meditative tradition. Several three-month retreats. Is the director of a meditation program in New Hampshire. Has a master's degree in Western and Eastern Psychology. On and on. I follow the guided meditations with the tapes being played. You can do this or pracice without the tapes after you've listened to them several times. I prefer the tapes on. Once again, this course allows you to custom-tailor your practice for you. You don't get this by joining a group. All these options. It is hard work. But it's also good to be alive and not asleep. Each meditation on side two of each tape, modifys or builds on the prededing one. You are really creating your own practice. Then if you want to join a group or find a personal teacher, fine. But you will be in the driver's seat. And with this course and the resorces that the workbook provides you, I'm beginning to wonder if this is absolutely necessary. I write to my instructor after each lesson. And she replies. I am also asked to contact her if there are any special problems with my practice. Using either letter or cassette tape. I use mail. I really love this course. It's just so concise. And each tape is user-fiendly. The talks are very inspiring, and the guided meditations gently glide you into the practices. If you really want happiness based on a 2,500 year study of the mind and the causes and the practices of happiness, here it is. Put the workbook under one arm, the cassette binder under the other, and follow the yellow brick road to happiness. There is one catch. It is hard work. And you do have to stick with it. Nothing is free. Good luck.
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on 2 December 2015
If you believe your meditation practice ought to have a positive moral value, and be more than another macho achievement on your path to becoming a superman, this book is for you. This is a serving of meditation for persons who already doubt the truth or value of bourgeois hierarchies. It stands much nearer to Buddhist tradition, philosophy, metaphysics and religion than most contemporary American neo-liberal and objectivist proponents of managerial mindfulness. Like many contemporary Nirvana recipe books, discussion of stuff that might be important to you, even after you become a mental eagle, psychologically soaring over the human ants below, is kind of left out. Capital, work, climate, gender and the social are all overshadowed by the prospect of becoming a modern Zarathustra, John Galt or superhero member of the Fantastic Four. Goldstein is an intelligent and gentle guide to his own experience, and a proper teacher.
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on 8 January 1999
the meditators bible .... this book provides the guidance of an teacher for getting over many problems that arise during ones meditative practice.
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on 1 November 2003
A very helpful book for everybody who wants to practise meditation seriously. Goldstein is a renowned meditation teacher, but in this book he also shares his own painful and joyful experiences on the spiritual path in a warm and honest way. The book is absolutely readable for total beginners and yet still interesting for experienced meditators.
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on 10 August 2013
Been on retreat with this guy, and he is a Guru of Insight Meditation. Very simply written book highly recommended to both us old timers and those newer to the Buddhist spirit (note that I didn't use the word religion).
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on 6 February 2010
Insight meditation has one special quality: clarity. Its an interesting and easy to read book suitable for all levels. A good help that, apart from guidance, can help you solve a few doubts about meditation and its practice.
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on 23 June 2015
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