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on 6 August 2011
I was extremely disappointed with this book. While it is titled mark of the Xenos it has a full half of the book dedicated to Chaos adversaries. What is there of the Xenos is mainly about Kroot/Tau on the one hand and Tyrannid on the other. The entries about Kroot/Tau are disappointing in the extreme.

The only good bit are the entries on the Tyrannids, though even those leave much to be desired. All in all i find this book to be the worst buy i've ever made for an rpg. It is also the only book of FFG that i wouldn't advise you to buy (adventures not included) in the RT/DW sections (haven't gotten all of DH yet so can't judge fully there).
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on 4 June 2014
The creatures detailed in this book lend a necessary variety to the enemies your players will face. Deathwatch is largely about extremely powerful marines taking on foes in combat and the more options you have for that, the better your game will go. It is particularly helpful for new deathwatch gm's who may not have the stats for essential creatures, such as genestealers, that appear in other supplements and scenarios. The Tyranid section is by far the most useful, followed by the section on chaos - both of which will see a lot of use in typical scenarios.
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on 21 September 2011
I'm relativly new to the warhammer universe, I've only been playing the RPG games for about a year and I've never been interested in the stratergy game. When I started GMing this was a real help for supplying my games with veriaty and danger, espeshaly when I was planning long campains.
The different alien factions it has are:
T'au: this section is really detailed, with lots of new tau weapons and enemys. it also has alot of kroot animals, but only a single stingwing profile.
Tyranids: another wonderfully varied section, I love having the tyranids in campains. it also has tyranid psychic techniques and weapons.
Orks: the ork section is quite disapointing. it deals more with their culture than the enemy types. Creatures anathema is better if you want the Greenskins.
it also has a very good section on the forces of chaos, having chaos spaace marines for each of the ruinous powers as well as daemons. deffinaly worth a buy for any 40K GM.
(sorry for any spelling mistakes, my dislexia is quite bad).
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on 30 August 2011
I read this in a game shop - while it has lots of stats for monsters and enemies if you know the 40k universe even a little you would probably be able to make your own based on the enemies included at the back of the main rulebook. It is not an essential purchase and actually has a lot about chaos (who technically are heretics not xenos!)
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on 3 March 2013
A fantastic aid for a GM, expanding upon the creatures that can be used for missions for Deathwatch Kill Teams.
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on 10 February 2012
The book adds alot of new chapters, gear, and extra advanced classes. I still haven't read it through but this is a must for players and GM's alike.
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