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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: Toy|Change
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on 6 April 2014
Let me start by saying that I am a monster GOT fan and a strategy board game geek to boot so this game was the perfect gift for me. This is a living card game, which means there are new cards that get published which add to the variety of gameplay with new characters and rules, keeping it fresh for years to come, but everything you need to start with comes in this box and indeed you must have this box to play any of the other expansions sets.

This core box includes four of the six main Houses (Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen) and the board itself which is only used for three or more players and just adds another dimension to what is effectively a card game. It's no exaggeration to say that the design and concept of this game is genius. The aim is to collect 15 power token via 3 principal means of engagement - Military attack, intrigue or power attacks. As in the books, there are many paths to victory and this is reflected by the three means of obtaining tokens. This game is exceptionally amazing because unlike many board/card games its also just as much fun two player.

The characters have traits and strengths that reflect their characters in the book, for instance Little Finger is devious and earns you gold, whereas the Stark armies are pure military might and Arya is elusive! Finding the balance is the key to victory. There are also various event, location and item cards that are great fun, turning a seemingly total victory to a crushing defeat in the flip of a card! I've heard gasps of horror when the ambush card is played! The blend of tactics and luck is perfect in this core box set.

This game can be enjoyed on many levels that develop as you appreciate the complexities of the game. Straight out the box, you can pick one of the four House decks and get stuck in. The different strengths of the Houses soon become apparent and it's a blast to play. Any fan of GOT will not fail to love the beautiful artwork and lore of these cards, you can tell they are made with love. There are also neutral cards, such as the Night's Watch, who any House can play, so even if you choose the Starks the bulk of your deck may be comprised of neutral cards if you so choose, adding an element of surprise.

The only cards you need to separate are the plot cards which should (unless House specific) be set aside so players can choose the plots in turn before they start. The plot cards dictate unique terms of play for each round as well as determining the amount of gold you get each round and who goes first (important!). The plot cards you choose and the order you play them is up to you and are fundamental in any victorious strategy. After players simultaneously flip their plot cards the action begins in turn. You can only make one type of attack each round, and once a character has been engaged (knelt) he/she cannot be used again that phase - even to defend! So if you use Ned Stark to attack your mum and lop Joffrey's head off, you can't use Ned as a defender should your sister send dragons your way on her turn! There are token penalties should you not be able to offer any resistance but this game is not about simply killing character cards who are more or less powerful than you. Tactics are central. Taking risks at the right time, second guessing your foes, holding back key event cards for when you'll need them the most. You can have up to three of any one card in your deck, which must be a minimum of 60 cards, increasing the chances of bringing it into your hand when you need it, but duplicate cards only serve as 'body guards' and not clones of the same characters in play - so the blend of your deck is vital.

In truth it will take many months to fully master the rules of this game, but that's half the fun! Learning the nuances of this game together is great fun in itself, and once you've mastered them you'll realise the true potential of this game as it becomes a true test of skill when you customise your own decks and play on the strengths of your House and the weakness of your foes. This game gets uber geeky for those that want it to but for casual players it's also great fun. Diplomacy, betrayal, shock, laughter, tactics with a splash of randomness! So go ahead, invest in your pleasure now! This game can also be played with up to six players if you buy two more expansion packs for Greyjoy and Martell which add a totally new angle!

There is also a good video online on how to play this game!
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on 28 March 2014
I gave this Item a 5* review due to the engaging gameplay experience and the brilliant card designs.

I found the gameplay and general premise of this game rather easy to pick up, which is contrary to some opinions that the game is over convoluted, I found that after investing a short time reading the instructions we were ready to play and we hit the ground running, there may of been a few brief pauses whilst we consulted the rules, but it did not detract from this enthralling game - infact I for one find the intricacies the thing that make this game so appealing.

I would recommend this game to people who enjoy games of strategy but who also enjoy sudden turns of fortune to keep them guessing. This game is also a must for people who like me crave more from the world of A Song of Ice and Fire by GRRM, with its extracts from the books and all of the characters we know and love on top knotch quality (illustrated) card deseigns.

We will be playing this time and time again.
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on 13 February 2014
If you enjoyed the Pokemon card game as a kid, you'll love this - it's the adult equivalent and awesome to play. The rulebook is quite big though and even now my friends and I have to consult forums, or Google the cards to find out what they mean. I think they are made that way so you can argue, discuss and come to your own conclusions sometimes. My favourite deck is Lannister, because of all the money, but I've still yet to win my first game because my friends betray me as they enjoy seeing me enraged and get mad.

If you like Game of Thrones and you like playing games you probably already have this. Just a warning also, some of the booster packs contain awesome cards so if you're playing anyone with a custom deck, you won't stand a chance.
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on 13 February 2012
I got this Living Card Game as a Christmas and "it was love at first sight".

The Core set box includes 4 decks for each of the most important houses in Westeros (the place where most of Song of Ice and Fire stories take place): Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen.

Each of these houses should use its strenghts in order to succeed the different challenges (military, intrigue and power/political). As you need to change the strategy depending on the decks, rivals and games the fun could last for ages.

Additionally, the art in most of the cards is really gorgeous so it's a perfect way to improve the experience of reading the books and/or watching the Game of Thrones TV series.
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on 1 April 2015
This is a great game but beware this is not for light play. if you are looking for something light hearted and simple this is not the game for you. some people have rated this game low due to their own mistake in not understanding what they are purchasing.

For a card game this is great and I am a relative newbie to these type of games. Understanding the game play and rules can be quite hard to start with specially if you haven't played any similar sort of games before, but once you get going it starts to make sense and becomes easier to remember so don't be daunted by the manual (which definitely can better written and organised). Some of the cards can be unclear in their use however there is plenty of resources online to help you.

one other thing to consider is that most long time players recommend you buy 2 of the base sets so you have two sets of each houses deck. this will help when you buy the expansions as they include 3 sets of each house.
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on 12 March 2013
The game is really good to play but you need to buy the Greyjoy and Martell expansions if you want the complete experience with all the houses
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on 28 November 2012
The game is very fun, it takes a little beat to become confident with the rules, but it is very enjoyable.
Maybe it would be better with few less rules and/or a few less exceptions: there are so many things to remember that takes a couple of matches to get into it.
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on 26 July 2013
This game is so detailed that it will probably take the average person between 4 and 8 hours to finally understand and grasp the rules. Enjoyable so far, but I have unfortunately not been able to play a full game as I have only about half way through the rule book. I wouldn't let this review prevent you from buying the game, just let you know you will need a LOT of patience.
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on 26 March 2013
Bought for my Fiance and she absolutely loves it. We have played countless times though we are now looking to expand this set with more card decks as it can get a bit limited with this core set.
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on 4 October 2013
great game make sure you know someone who would be willing to play though and there are lots of fiddly parts.
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