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on 5 December 2013
This book is my fav gem book, so much information and enlightenment. This a great for any level of programmer but I definitely recommend to those who are novices or at uni. I keep coming back to this book and still find new information that helps me.
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on 24 January 2015
Game design student son delighted with this product, which he says will help him no end - readable, useful and user-friendly.
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on 15 March 2015
Excellent, full of ideas that are rarely discussed in most forums / work places.
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on 5 December 2013
Another great gem. This contains loads of amazing gems that is useful for any level of programmer, I very recommend this book.
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on 13 March 2013
My Grandson was well impressed and rated it very highly. works with it all the time. Would recomend it to any budding Games Programmer.
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on 24 October 2001
It's a great great book, with excellent source code and well edited. Covers a great deal and has things in there to keep even the genius among you busy for months.
Code is talked through, and is well commented. Will not be much use to you though if you haven't touched OpenGL, DirectX or Windows API before - and is for the C++ developers among us.
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on 22 August 2000
Compiled by the industry's leading game programmers, this book contains a multitude of handy routines, game-related algorithms, mathematical tutorials, and ideas.
The book has been excellently layed out for accessibility: you can browse the table of contents to spot a useful "gem," then read all about it, play with the source code (printed & on the CD) and if you're still interested, follow up references. Alternatively, you can sit down with the book and just read it, learning and being inspired! The list of topics is remarkable, and you can expect to find coverage of most of the tricks behind the complex games of the present day.
Limitations have been imposed on the contributions, such as the graphics API they use, in the interest of compatibility. Obviously, OpenGL (the 3D graphics API used) is not the only choice for game graphics, and so the reader may wish to convert to their chosen system. This will not be difficult, as the focus of the book is on the algorithms and techniques, not on the details of APIs or operating systems.
Don't expect to find a step-by-step guide to making your own 3D engine, or a detailed tutorial on setting up OpenGL for a particular OS. This book may well be a little tough going for the beginner, despite an introductory section. Nevertheless, providing you have already acheived a degree of familiarity with game programming, I am sure that you will find it one of the best advanced books on the subject. I thouroughly recommend it.
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on 14 July 2002
This is a collection of articles, covering several fields related to game programming. They are the same articles you could find in a good game programming magazine but -supposely- of greater interest and better edited.
The articles are:
Algebraic Techniques, Trigonometry and Geometry, Linear Algebra, Matrix and Vector Operations, Advanced Mathematics, Ray/ Polygon/Polyhedra Intersection Algorithms, Handling Large Amounts of Polygonal Data, Triangle Stripification and Fanning Algorithms, Using 2D and 3D Billboards
LIGHTING: Multi-texturing to Achieve Lighting Effects, Shadow Algorithms, Using Simple Radiosity, Projected Texture Lights
TEXTURING: Using Texture Matrices, Bump Mapping, Cubic Environment Mapping, Procedural Textural Mapping
DYNAMIC POLYGON CONTROL: Parametric Curves and Surfaces, Subdivision Surfaces, Multi-resolution Meshes, Spatial Partitioning Schemes ,Camera Techniques/ Movement Techniques
GRAPHIC EFFECTS: How to do Lens Flares, Weather Techniques, Sky Domes, Effective Clouds and Fog, Aliasing Effects (Anti-Aliasing, Motion Blur, Depth-of-Field),Teleport Portals, Particle Systems
ANIMATION: Inverse Kinematics, Blending Keyframed Animations, Solid Skinning vs. Hierarchical Skeletons, Using Motion Capture Data
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Finite State Machines, Heuristic Tree Searches, Flocking and Crowding Behavior, Path Planning and the A*Algorithm
MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS: Blending Phrases in Interactive Music, Dynamic Audio Generation, Simulating a 3D Sound-Effect Environment, Using Music Cues to Initiate Game Events
NETWORKED PLAY: Minimizing Latency in the Network Pipeline, Dead Reckoning Algorithms, Client/Server Design, Encryption Techniques
The good:
. The real value is that the topics covered here are hard to be found elsewhere. Most of them (but no all whatever says the publicity) came from seasoned and sucesfull professionals in the game programming scene.
. The articles are clearly written, and directly to the point.
The bad:
. Some articles can be found in the web. Moreover: they can be found in a clearer, deeper way (i.e. Skin animation, where there are excelent resources online, and even in the web page of the author !)
. The quality, while great, is somewhat less than the first book.
. Some articles are written by people with a terrible background (some articles are written by people behind the ATI OpenGL Driver R&D, and if you have worked with Ati OpenGL, well, you know how they are at it)
All in all, it's a good book, with great content where there are some articles that somewhat found their way in without reaching the overall quality level (that in some articles is *excellent*)
Even with its defects, it's a book to be in your shelf if you are into game programming.
If you are on a budget, make sure the book covers your work/learning area before buying it.
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on 27 June 2002
The book is an absolute must have for any Game Developer in the industry or as a hobbiest. The book gives a detailed design and implementation of game devlopment aspects, techniques and tricks around 10 pages which is enough to keep you thinking and coding for days.
The novice game developer might be a little overwelmed of some of the topics discussed but from the amount of knowledge contained in the book im positive everyone will benifit from the book and well worth their money.
For the professionals and experienced coders, you'll make your way to the top quickly from taking in and implementing the discussed topics in the book and find theres a few things that you wont probably find on the web.
This book is one of the highlights of my references and book collection. You wont be dissapointed!
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on 22 January 2002
This book is just set of articles that you can even find around the net, and without spending money. Some subject is just obsolete, others just an introduction to the solution of misc problems like c++ programming, artificial intelligence and audio. 3D Animation is quite unexisting, to me it was a delusion. Buy this book if you have enough money and don't like search around the net for articles.
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