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on 2 June 2017
Very interesting book.
It gives a really 'esoteric' view of qi gong. Although I have been studying qi gong and tai chi for the last ten years, I am reading this book very slowly, as it gives access to deep layers of knowledge that help me unify my understanding of the body's energy anatomy with my personal journey.
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on 31 May 2017
Really really good intro to Qui Gong.
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---I now realise that this book has been so thoroughly updated, I will probably buy the new edition! however, I will still share my experiences with these exercises.

--- I've got the new book and it appears completely different. It progresses far slower; in comparison, the old book felt starting at the deep end. But I can't say anything for certain until I've spent more time comparing them and trying these exercises, I can only say again, from my experience, as soon as I got close enough to the basic standing posture my awareness "shifted", the rest of my breathing and movement of abdomen etc. became automatic, and my mind became completely free to "observe" ie actually feel areas of tension in of my body. (To be exact, some areas I didn't have the sensitivity to feel anything). I could feel tension in areas of my body just as disctinctly as I can feel tension if I massage a bony area of my body like a finger, eyebrow, temples etc. It was exactly the same. But, whatever I thought I wanted, afterwards I decided I wasn't really ready for it. Now here's my old review where I say the same thing again. Sorry. In time I will write a review for this edition and a review for the old edition, on that product page.

~~~This is a fascinating, if challenging read, but for me, these exercises were not the place to start.

After much reading, and much scepticism, I tried the outer dissolving exercise. It was quite an experience when it first started to work! I didn't find it unpleasant to perform, although it was a challenge to not let my mind drift. Afterwards I experienced a sort of restlessness/paranoia, which is not that unusual a side effect. It only lasted a couple hours, was not so strong that I regretted doing the exercise, and didn't leave me feeling shaken. But I came to the judgement, however attractive they sounded, these exercises were not for me [edit: I had meant, at the time I was not ready for them.]. I don't think it is good to do them reluctantly or half-heartedly, and certainly not for some sort of 'novelty'. I expect that I wasn't ready for them. [and I hope to come back to them someday, but this is not on my mind.] So in that sense, two stars.

For me, the place to start with Bruce Frantzis (I do other chi gung too) was the DVD of Dragon and Tiger chi Gung, available from his website, which I have so far been using happily without either book (although I recommend the deal that includes both books). I also know, his website has a forum open to customers, and there are many teachers who can offer guidance and advice to people who may have difficulty with these exercises, as I did.

[I have now reviewed book 2, where I also write an long essay about what I gain from the dragon tiger set]
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on 12 January 2015
Guy is a bit of an ego freak
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on 21 August 2008
This is very sound teaching from a very experienced master of real, root- deep Taoist Chi Gung. It is a step by step manual, and if you have done any Chi Gung already, it puts everything in context both historically and in terms of explaining the why and how of each exercise. It is rather not about martial arts, but about inner strengthening, balance and mind/body/spirit harmonisation which is the basis of all true martial arts training, but also the key to good health and longevity generally.

For the beginner, it provides the best possible start, (and there are contact details at the back for you to find a teacher, which you should do asap).

Even if you just do the breathing exercises, the result is pretty life changing, as they restore energy levels and dissipate fatigue in a matter of weeks.

If you follow this book in depth and read the Tao Te Ching at the same time, it all starts to come together, the one gives insights to the other.
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on 14 March 2016
looks very good, fed up with being bugged for reviews though, how am I supposed to review a book I have only just received? I tried reviewing the supplier ( excellent) and had my review rejected, please can I have the choice not to submit a review?
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on 28 July 2016
Hubby was happy with his father's day present, unfortunately it arrived late
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on 23 November 2007
Provides detailed and clear instructions for the complete energy gates Chi Gung system and makes it available to the new or average practitioner. Could be used by someone without access to a teacher but invaluable for those with access to a good teacher. The starting point of material in this book is what some teachers would have you believe is only available to the gifted few.
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on 8 September 2016
A very important composition of information on Chi Gung. The author really knows his stuff. To compile this must have taken years.
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on 10 January 2009
Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body is a comprehensive manual for this great chi gung set of movements. The depth and detail included is fabulous, as Bruce Frantzis explains the why as well as how and writes in clear, easy to follow way.
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