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on 15 March 2014
Definitely become my go-to cookbook! Everyone should try her bircher muesli, the fudgy chocolate cake, the festive kale salad, and the chia parfait! Angela, you have outdone yourself with this book. My hat goes off to you.
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on 14 March 2014
Love, love, love this cookery book, every recipe I have made has been great, easy and tasty, my family also agree. I am not a vegan, but I don't eat a lot of meat, I am slowly moving to a more vegetarian approach to my eating and I like to clean fresh approach to Angela's recipes. A wonderful book to add to any collection, whether or not your a vegan,vegetarian or a meat eater, its a great book to get you started on a healthy eating plan.
Greatly recommend this book.
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on 17 October 2016
This is a great Vegan cookbook. It doesn't matter that it is American and measures ingredients in cups and mls, just buy some cups from Amazon, as I did, because the book is worth it! This book is well presented, with each section having it's own index, as well as a full index at back of book. Each recipe has the ingredients listed to the left of page, with the method written lower right of page, and something about the recipe at top right of page, plus a colour photo of the dish on page next to it. The general font size is only about a 12, but the lay out of the book makes recipes easy to follow. The book also has lots of useful information about a healthy diet, foods to have in your Vegan pantry and how to store and use them, plus a section about useful equipment to have around. A lot of the recipes are very simple to make, using everyday ingredients, whilst other recipes take a bit more time and ingredients to look through and execute. Recipes vary from being for 2-8 people. Most ingredients used can be sourced easily. There are a few ingredients that may seem to be specific to the USA, but some of them can be sourced in the UK from local stores, or of course online. Some of the less familiar ingredients are things like Coconut sugar, Edamame (green soya beans) ,Pepita Seeds, Chia Seeds, Sucanat sugar, Herbamare (herbed salt)...., but don't let this put you off, because they can all be easily substituted and most of the recipes don't use any of these (I found Coconut sugar at the local Co-op! ). If you are completely new to a Vegan diet, then there may be other food stuffs that you might be interested in, such as Kombu (a form of seaweed). Tofu (Soya bean curd), Tamari (a type of Soy Sauce), Miso (used to make soups and dressings)...., all of these are generally available from supermarkets and health stores. There are enough easy recipes in this book, including drinks, starters, smoothies, snacks, mains, desserts and baking, to make it well worth someone new to the Vegan diet, buying it, and enough really lovely recipes for anyone already a Vegan, to enjoy. Paperback book made from good quality paper, measures: height 10"/25cm , width 8"/20cm, depth 1"/2 1/2cm.
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on 9 March 2015
I bought this book a few months ago. It is beautifully presented and packed full of delicious recipes which are easy to follow. For the beginner, her 'my natural foods pantry' and 'my favourite kitchen tools & equipment' section would be useful.

The book has inspired my daughter who is at university to reconsider her diet and introduce more healthy foods - my daughter also uses the Oh She Glows website.

The book is American, however everything mentioned can be easily bought here and the measurements easy to follow - American cup measures are available everywhere now and she also give the quantities in ml. I have substituted some ingredients more easily available in the Uk - different varieties of squash for example - and the food still tastes great.

An energising book, full of inspirational ideas
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on 1 September 2015
This is a lovely book. Well presented and inviting, it makes you really tempted to get stuck in. I bought this a couple of weeks ago, and have made two of the soups so far (peanut stew and lentil-cauliflower soup). Both have been delicious, and have been hearty enough to be main courses. My only criticism is that I thought it was a clean eating book, and some of the recipes (not many) do ask for sugar. However, it was my assumption that the book was about clean eating, not something the author claimed, so I can't blame her for that. I definitely recommend this. I love Deliciously Ella too, but the dishes in Oh she Glows seem more spicey and flavoursome.
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on 9 December 2015
I have got this cookbook for about 5 months now and I gotta say it is my favourite! I turned vegan about 6 months ago and needed something to help me learn how to make healthy vegan food and this has really really helped ALOT! after using this cookbook for the past few months I have become much more comfortable trying new things out. I only use this and Deliciously Ella cookbook, but I find that with this book all the recipes turn out soo tasty, and with Deliciously Ella I don't always get such a good result.

This book has so many easy recipes, and so many of them are adjustable so it isnt such a worry if I don't have all the ingredients. The veggie burger from this book takes about 25mins to prep and then 30 mins to bake in the over, so healthy but sooooo delicious - the best burger ever!

This book is full of great ideas and lovely healthy recipes :) I hope Angela Liddon will release another one soon, because I will definitely be buying :)
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on 26 August 2014
I would recommend this book to anyone, regardless of their diet. I've followed the author's blog for a while now and any recipes from the book or blog have never disappointed. I think this book caters for everyone, people without a lot of time on their hands, people who are health conscious or people who want to shake up their culinary repertoire. So easy to follow, loads of tips on freezing, and the ways to get the most from the recipes. I also find the ingredients to be very easy to source (in Ireland). Other members of my family who are usually wary of trying my veggie foods loved the dishes I've made from this book, with my grandparents even looking for their own copy!
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on 24 March 2014
I recently found Angela's blog and I enjoy each and every single entry. I couldn't wait for the cookbook to arrive and it had me running out to order a glut of different seeds. First off, it is absolutely beautiful, and kudos to Angela for doing the photography - it is stunning.
Recipe-wise, all the things I've tried so far - vegan overnight oats, morning glory (tehe) smoothie and the super power chia bread, chickpea-salad sandwich filling - have all been delicious. The other recipes I have bookmarked to try are - oil-free baked falafel, her take on hummus, ALL the soups, ALL the entrees and of course those desserts! Fudgy mocha pudding or brownies anyone?!
I like the fact that no fake meat is used, and I think fake cheese is only used once (and easily skipped) in the tex mex casserole, because I find those ingredients difficult to find where I live, and I want my veg/vegan food to be whole foods based. Her ingenuity in using these whole foods ingredients to create treats such as creamy sauces (cashew nuts and avocados), pestos (nuts/seeds) and vegan rolos (dates) is excellent, as well as crafting delicious desserts as a lot of people find the idea of tasty vegan desserts impossible (it's always great to prove them wrong!).
As another review pointed out, the sides section is a little brief (recipes still sound amazing), perhaps these could've been integrated with the entree section, with each side following a main it would pair well with. I do like the inclusion of the staples section, for example how to make your own almond milk, whipped cream from coconut milk etc, but as with the sides maybe these could have also been integrated elsewhere. One issue for me personally is that there is some variability in serving sizes so be sure to double check those, for example some recipes serve 3 which seems a little bizaare but I concede it is great for single person homes, just not so good for a greedy couple (I think these may only make 1 meal for us, heh). Since these last 2 points are down to my personal preference I won't deduct any stars, because I don't think it detracts from this top rating book.
Just a few points that may annoy some people out there, for one example the inclusion of a green tea recipe may seem like "filler" to some, but I'd never thought of including freshly squeezed juice in my green tea and I will be trying it out. Also, some of the cynics out there may not like the "hippy" names of things for example life affirming warm nacho dip, but from reading the blog I know that that is just Angela's personality shining through.

All in all, this is a great whole foods, vegan cookbook and I can see it becoming an every day staple in my kitchen along with my faithful tomes by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and the veg cookbook by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall! Some ingredients may be hard to come by, but I found them all on Amazon (with free shipping!), and most recipes can be thrown together in next to no time (with any long nut/bean soaking steps clearly noted) so there's really no excuse!
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on 28 May 2014
Excellent book with tasty, easy to follow recipes illustrated by lovely pictures. Would highly recommend this book to any one who would like to give vegan cooking a whirl!
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on 18 May 2014
Love this book. It's recipes are not only healthy but work and are delicious. I've even done recipes from this book, feeding a group of meat- loving guys.
I'd recommend this book to anyone wanting to eat less dairy, meat etc. and to anyone interested in great- tasting food.
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