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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 October 2011
This inexpensive book changed my life. I had been suffering from Angina for 14 years and after a mild heart attack during last cold winter spell, think gradually got worse until I was struggling to climb stairs and walk up hills especially in the really cold weather.
After the doctor suggested the only solution was either a Stent or a ByPass, Came across a supperb video by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyne and eventually tracked down his book - " Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease".
Within about 3 weaks I was walking upstairs and up our local hills without the rel difficulty I had experienced previously and although I didn't need or intend to lose weight, I had actually lost 1 stone in just one month.
The advice and recipes in this book are a revelation even although I though I was eating a very healthy diet. I would certainly recommend this to anyone suffering from heart disease of any kind and certainly anyone with Angina or the clogging up of the arteries.
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure
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on 31 March 2007
I bought this book because, although I don't have heart disease, I do have a family history of heart disease on both sides of the family. Having read the book, I decided to follow the nutrition plan for a trial period of 3 months. I am six weeks into that trial period now and it hasn't been too hard to follow although I would admit I have deviated from it on 4 or 5 meals during the six weeks so I haven't followed it absolutely rigidly. I took my blood cholesterol today. My previous 10 readings were all between 4.4mmol/L(170mg/dL) and 6.9mmol/L (265mg/dL) but after six weeks on this plan I recorded my lowest ever reading of 2.5mmol/L (~95mg/dL) and my ratio of total cholesterol to HDL was 3.57 which is well within the healthy range.

On top of that, I have lost weight, lost body fat, and I feel great despite not doing as much exercise as I should be doing. If you want to get your blood cholesterol down without taking drugs to achieve it, this is a great way to do it. It requires some effort, but it's worth it.
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on 27 October 2010
This is a fantastic book, full of information to help prevent and even reverse heart disease. No, you don't have to eat just cardboard and tofu! There is a HUGE array of foods you can eat, but yes, it's basically plant-based, but I'm sure you already knew that. You will not go hungry on this 'diet', I promise. This is more of a lifestyle than a diet. The book has lots and lots of recipes to try. Once you realize what your body really needs to work efficiently, it's easy to pick and choose what to eat. I highly recommend this book. Your body will thank you!
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on 3 January 2016
Having been tested for high cholesterol I decided to take control of my own health rather than leave it to doctors and medication.

I spoke to my GP first and he recommended that it would be sensible to try and reduce my cholesterol through diet and exercise first. This is normally all you need to do unless you have an actual medical condition such as inherited high cholesterol.

In order to see a real and long-term change in levels, you must have a 2nd blood test after 12 months - anything sooner is not going to be reliable.

I have been following the advice in this book for 6 months now and I can honestly say that it is not as difficult as you may think. Yes it does take about 1 month before you stop craving fats, fish and meat but like anything, once you get into a routine it becomes easy. The full feeling I used to get from a big roast turns out to be mostly bloating - something I never feel now. I now feel full and satisfied after a good meal but with no 2 hour belly pain!
I have always enjoyed fruit and veg anyway so it was easier for me than it may be for a true meat lover, however the recipes in the book are great and you soon start to create your own or modifying things you used to cook so that they are now fat free and vegan such as your favorite curries.
Do not think of this book as a diet. A diet suggests an extreme and temporary change in foods in order to achieve a superficial goal such as "a beach body". This short-term mindset is not good for you and will not give you the results you wanted anyway - consistency is what gets you the fitness, body shape and health that you dream of; so change the way you think about food and your body and let this book help you achieve that change.
Yes I will die one day and it could be tomorrow for all anybody knows, but I am in my 30s and I can't think of anything worse than being in my 60s, dying in a hospital bed and having to tell my wife and son that I could have avoided heart disease if I had just taken this simple advice about food. I can't stop cancers and freak accidents but I can take responsibility for what I eat and how I treat my body.

If anybody is interested I will update this review in 6 months time with my blood test results that will show if the advice is working. Visibly I am much slimmer than 6 months ago and I feel more energetic, but this is just an added bonus - my real interest is in how this is changing me on the inside so I have also agreed to have a full body composition and fitness test at a London University.

Incidentally, the author of this book is a practicing physician who you can make an appointment to see at a real hospital - not just a a self righteous "vegan warrior" hippy with an untested theory and a book to sell.
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on 15 January 2012
This book is essential reading if one has suffered from angina or heart disease. It explains the vegan-type diet and its physical/medical rationale simply and convincingly, with proven statistics and photographs to show the benefits to the arteries from such a plant-based diet. I wish that this book had been recommended to me at the time of my first angioplasty with stent procedure seven years ago; it would have made my second, recent procedure unnecessary.
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on 2 February 2013
3 years ago I was diagnosed with 95% blockages in my arteries. Treadmill tests showed a flipped t-wave and I was recommended for a triple heart bypass. After consultation I instead followed the strict oil-free vegan diet in this book. This morning I received the all clear and no longer have a flipped t-wave. Always consult your doctor first but this method really did work for me. The diet is great and I will remain on it.
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on 27 September 2011
I found this to be readable book and at first glance the recipe section is far more varied than I had imagined it would be. On further examination some of the ingredients seem to be American brands of which I had not previously heard but was able to source in my local health shop. This is a really serious book and. demands total dedication. I am glad I bought it but do however,occasionally fall by the wayside, which does somewhat defeat the object. Readers buying this book should aim be totally motivated and able unquestioningly to accept the authors way of living in order to fulfill the promise of a heart attack free life.
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on 26 June 2011
I purchased this book after viewing the Planeat film at my local cinema. The book is written in easy to read manner as it feels like the author is having a conversation with you. The case studies of patients linking illness and disease to their western diet and the improvements on their health when they adopted healthier eating options was quite remarkable. The recipes at the back are are added bonus and gives an idea of how to modify your diet to eat a healthier one.
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on 25 March 2016
I read this book 3 years ago and this along with 'The China Study', 'Whole', 'Engine 2 Diet', and 'Eat to Live' have changed my life completely. I am now slimmer than I was before, my blood number have changed dramatically, I'm fitter and stronger physically than before and having to change my diet totally has made me an accomplished Whole Foods Plant Based chef. With the knowledge Caldwell Esselstyn passed on to me in this book I can now see AS CLEAR AS DAYLIGHT the causes of the problems faced by an increasingly obese population. My family and friends are riddled with illnesses brought on by what they eat. With Type 2 diabetes reaching epidemic proportions in the Western world it's time to wake up learn what the causes are, make a change and prevent yourself becoming the next heart attack victim. Buy this book, absorb it's teaching and in the future when the wisdom of this man is finally recognised to the full by a lazy, reluctant to change and sceptic world, you'll still be alive to say 'I told you so'!
review image review image
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on 20 September 2009
Esselstyn provides dramatic photo evidence from patient scans and angiograms that his nutritional regime, plus statins, can actually reverse heart disease. Since he also refers to other health problems such as strokes as having a common origin with heart disease, his findings can justifiably be called revolutionary. My only reservation about the book is that he does not refer to the importance for heart health of avoiding prolonged periods of stress. With the minor modifications of small portions of fish or chicken breast 2-3 times per week, I have adopted his diet following a minor heart attack 6 months ago and have found that an important benefit has been some desirable weight loss as well as a cholesterol reduction down to 2.8 total. This is essential reading for anyone with a history of heart disease or a tendency for it in the family. One supplememtary point is my strong recommendation to also buy the book on "Reverse Heart Disease Now" by Sinatra & Roberts, which includes much useful info on health supplements and, for those who want to dig into the underlying evidence of the long term damage potential of our western diet, I recommend "The China Study". Tony Carey
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