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on 23 October 2010
I just love this book! Acrylics are a very versatile medium and this book just about covers the whole range of effects that you can get with them and provides a load of ideas which you can take on and experiment with. I do a lot of mixed media work and it is in this sphere, not just in pure acrylic painting, that I find this book inspirational. What this book is not is a sort of 'how to paint' instruction book for those stating out and wanting to know absolute basics of composition, colour mixing, etc. But it is an absolutely comprehensive survey of how to handle acrylic paints and mediums. It gives some, but not a huge number of examples of artists using these techniques, but that's OK - you really need to think how you could use the methods to create your own style.I don't really go along with some of the previous reviews - I don't think the ideal audience would be absolute beginners, and I think that many experienced artists would learn at least something new from this book. As for the focus on the use of 'Golden' products, this company produce a greater variety of acrylic media than any other, and certain techniques need a medium that may be unique to Golden (e.g. I don't think any other make produces an equivalent to their clear tar gel). Golden products are readily available in the UK, and for many of their products there are equivalents produced by Rowney, Windsor and Newton and Liquitex, so I don't see that any of the techniques covered here would be impossible for a UK artist to carry out because of unavailability of materials.When you buy a book from Amazon without being able to browse through the whole book, there is always a risk that some parts will disappoint or be less relevant. With this book, I actually found it better than I expected from looking through the 'look inside' feature on the website.
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on 28 January 2009
After reading the library copy of this book I have just placed an order for it. As a relative newcomer to acrylics and to painting I found a large number of special techniques that I was unaware of, and the step-by-step instructions easy to follow. The previous review refers to the emphasis on Golden products: it would be easy to substitute other similar products of a different brand in most cases. I think this book is useful for those who are less familiar with acrylics rather than for experienced acrylic artists.
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on 30 March 2017
Great book
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on 6 February 2009
A great intro to acrylics and how to use them to create various effects.

This is an ideal book for the beginner painter or crafter. I believe it would also be useful to the experienced painter working with acrylics for the first time.

The book is well organised, with clearly written step-by-step instructions on using acrylics innovatively and great colour illustrations of techniques and end results.

This has been by far the most useful book I've bought on acrylics.
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on 5 January 2012
This book is nothing but a guide to/advertisement for 'Golden' brand art products. Almost every technique in the book involves using a specific Golden brand product for the effect needed, even when simple household alternatives are easier to use, more adaptable and a hell of a lot cheaper.

If you prefer to buy an off-the-shelf, expensive art product from the USA instead of experimenting with what's around you, this book is an excellent guide to that. If you're looking for tips, tricks and suggestions on actually being creative with acrylic paint, look elsewhere.
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on 30 October 2011
This book is exciting and opens up creativity in all sorts of areas, not just in acrylic paints. There are sections on stencilling, collage, transfers, pigment control, working with acrylic and oils, using acrylics and watercolours, faux encaustic, scrafito staining, spraying... and lots more.

I am doing a textile arts degree and found many of the techniques can easily be transferred to other mediums onto textiles. It really doesn't matter if you don't use the recommend Golden products. I have learned so much from this book and keep dipping into it when my creativity is waning. I love this book!
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on 15 August 2008
I wasn't that happy with this purchase and for two reasons: the first I've only got myself to blame for as I've been using acrylics for 30 years or more & didn't really learn that much that I didn't know already, thought the book might be of more interest to a newcomer to the medium - but then there are loads of introduction-to-acrylics books and this is not special.

Secondly, the author has business connections with the American acrylic paint company Golden and indeed Golden products are mentioned on most pages to the exclusion of all other brands. I've used it - Golden is OK if a little pricey in the UK but the book really should have a subtitle - Buy Golden Paints...
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on 30 May 2014
I also bought Nancy Reyner's Acrylic Illuminations, which as a pair of books are ideal for both beginners and experienced alike. This book is for you if you want to be experimental with your painting but may be unsure how to be more expressive. Check out her video clips online which support her techniques. Nancy is a gifted and generous teacher and explains everything in her text in easy to understand stages, lavishly illustrated with excellent quality photographs.
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on 24 July 2013
I love this book. It is beautifully made, bright and vibrant and easy to follow. There are lots of wonderful ideas for a huge variety of ways to work with acrylics. The instructions are easy to follow and the quality of the cover and the pages is excellent, making it a beautiful book to hold, own....and wipe down!

Several reviewers complained about the use of "Golden" products but I don't mind this at all. Golden products are pricey and I cannot afford them often so I understand why people object a bit to this but you can substitute easily enough. Liquitex is a really good substitute brand (which I use) and although you cannot get everything Golden make, you can get a lot. I have a few Golden products and have to say they are worth every penny but otherwise just mix and match and enjoy this wonderful book. Personally I love it and am glad I eventually decided to treat myself!
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on 22 September 2013
A book introducing very basic techniques - no revolution here... The instructions are fine and it introduces a number of techniques. The paintings used to illustrate the techniques are either very basic or you cannot really see where and how it has been used. Not a book I'm going to use much. But if you are really new and like a very detailed and basic introduction you might find it useful.
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