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on 1 June 2017
Lots of info, as some people say it is stuff that can be found online but this is all from ONE source! Also, I love having a book to hold and read!
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on 24 April 2017
This is not what I was expecting
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on 4 September 2012
I met Elayne back in the years when she was in London. She struck me then as a passionate practitioner who had a very high degree of knowledge who did not suffer fools gladly. She certainly rates among the worlds top Piercing Exponents, and her work here in The Piercing Bible shows her extensive knowledge clearly. As a piercer myself, who has been working commercially in the UK since 1988, I have yet to see a more concise articulate book on the subject, and I recommend it to anyone seriously interested in this form of body modification. It is required studying of any one who is an apprentice of mine, or the several business's that I am the consultant piercer to. In fact along with Grey's Anatomy it is an essential source of reference.
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on 4 October 2014
I have had over 20 piercings, with time and trial and error, I have learnt to choose good studios and see good practice. This book would increase a newbie's knowledge and inform their choice but I have learnt much from it and feel better able to select positioning and suitability. The stuff on aftercare is invaluable, especially about negotiating with medical professionals. It is also am entertaining read.
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on 3 May 2009
This is a book the piercing world has needed for many years helping to dispel myths and educate you whether you are the piercee, the parent or teacher of pierced students a Dr or Pro Piercer there si something in this book for everyone ~Quite simply this book is the best £15 I've spent on anything piercing related in the 9 years and 9 piercings I've got since I started getting pierced
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on 23 September 2010
If you're looking for photos, drawings illustrations etc, you will be sadly disappointed, as there is not one photo to refer to, except for those of the author on the cover. Drawings and illustrations are a little thin on the ground too. It's a big paperback with a lot of words on a subject that lends itself to have as many illustrations and photos as possible... [if for nothing else but to keep the reader from straying onto the dreaded slippery slopes of boredom].
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on 12 October 2010
This is a good buy on anyone wanting a body piercing, how to find a good proffessional, types of piercings avaliable and how to look after them. You can read through or just dip in or out. it lifts the lid on rumours and old wives tales.
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on 21 June 2010
A book that was really needed in the UK. Really well written and informative. A must have and read for anyone who has body piercings.
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on 20 December 2013
This book was given five stars by Patrick Bartholomew, who must surely count among the top legends of piercing. His review should be much more authoritative than mine. But for what it's worth, here's how I found the book.

The good points, for me, were that it's written in a very readable, engaging style. Where the author talks about her experience, about healing times, jewellery types, procedures, etc, I found it very interesting and educational.

Bad points:
It's not a modest claim, to declare your book "The Bible" of a subject. To me it's a pronouncement on comprehensive coverage, well researched (as opposed to simply one's own experience), and dispassionate (non-judgemental, non-opinionated) treatment of a subject.

I didn't find it comprehensive.
- Example 1: When I see photos of Uvula piercings I think, "How the heck do they do that?". But 'Uvula' isn't even in the index of this book, and yet this is "The Piercing Bible".
- Example 2: I have a nasallang piercing, so I was quite interested to see what the Bible said about it. In fact thre's just one short paragraph saying what it is and noting that care should be taken in cleaning because access can be difficult. I would have expected it to describe placement and how the challenge of achieving symmetry might be achieved, maybe about considerations of bone position for some piercees, how it feels to have a triple piercing in one... any number of things.
- Example 3: In fact it was Patrick himself who gave me my chest piercings, so I was interested in what it would say on the subject. But the Bible is silent on the issue.
- Example 4: I had my ear cartilage pierced with a cauteriser, which worked very well, and I would have liked to read an assessment of comparative healing times for tongue splits with cauteriser method v. scalpel method v. constriction (tying) method v. flesh scissor method. The Bible mentions a cauteriser (but only in her personal cheek-piercing experience), and not even a mention of tongue splitting.
- Example 5: I've often considered an eyelid piercing, and this was one of my main reasons for buying the Piercing Bible. But again, no mention of it.

I've found that piercers often have very fixed opinions about what's acceptable and unacceptable and utterly foolish; even though one piercer's everyday procedure is another piercer's complete no-no. To me, this book is just like that: if you hope for a dispassionate view of procedures, you're out of luck.
- Example 1: Self-piercing is condemned, even though the author points out, for example, that it may be the only route for young piercees without parental permission (as such it's just the route I took myself with good success). I don't think that authors of Bibles should completely disengage their own opinions: just that they should take care to give accompany them with un-opinionated facts.
- Example 2: The author says "There are several placements in the tongue and oral cavity that are not advisable, and I will not perform them, though other piercers do. I would suggest you avoid the following piercings. Cheek Piercing/Dimple....". You will already guess that the reader is not going to be given a balanced review of such piercings, although there's plenty that deserves to be said (how the piercings heal for younger v. older piercees, for example, extent of swelling, etc, etc. A Bible doesn't have to be the single experience of one person: I think subjects deserve research outside one's personal experience.

So there we go... for what it's worth, that's how I found the book.
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on 20 January 2011
this is the most informative well written book on body mods I have come across the info in this is second to none excellentThe Piercing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
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