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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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I bought this book for my wife as she loves baking but I thought this book might help her take her baking to `the next level'.

She is a very competent baker but not especially refined, having seen the Bouchon Bakery in Las Vegas she was inspired... and hence this book seemed perfect for her.

Some quick things to note about the book (which I've tried to explain in more depth below):

-It's a BIG book. Not too practical for the kitchen worktop
-Each recipe is richly illustrated with lovely photos, really helps you know what you're working towards
-Lots of information / recipe stories to read through should you want to
-Perfect for passionate and confident bakers / Thomas Keller fans, perhaps not for beginners or those looking for a quick and easy baking book
-All recipes have precise measurements in grams, but also American equivalents available too if using cups (although they do tell you to throw your measuring cups away!)
-There are notes on the majority of recipes for `professionals'

Firstly it's worth noting this book's size: it is very large and not especially practical if you wanted to use this in the kitchen and are limited on space.

The book is also fairly text heavy in places, with a lot of information but my wife is very passionate about food so has devoured this information with glee. It gives a lot of context not only to the recipes but also Thomas Keller's development and training as a baker, and passes some tips on along the way. Well worth the investment of time in reading I think if you want to get the most from this book.

I have uploaded a couple of images of typical recipe pages but in general they all have accompanying photos and are laid out in a very practical, easy to follow way. The images are so inspirational although they almost put my wife off doing some of them, thinking she wouldn't be able to achieve the same results.

My wife's favourite recipe by far is for the TKOs, we didn't have the special coco powder but the results were so very tasty, and if you like OREOs you will adore these.

All in all I would recommend this book for those with a real passion for baking / are fans of Thomas Keller and his Bouchon Bakery, perhaps not for those are looking for some basic bakery recipes.
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on 29 October 2012
I've been waiting for the release of this book for ages, and my expectations were blown away! I have a huge book shelf, filled with pastry and baking books and this is easily one of the best. Bouchon Bakery covers everything from homely favourites like home made oreos and chocolate chip cookies, to brioche, croissants, incredible versions of eclairs and macarons, delicate tarts, robust loaves of bread and a wonderful assortment of candies. I would recommend this book to anyone who is already fairly experienced with pastry, wanting to improve or revive your passion, try some wonderful old favourites, as well as beuatiful modern show-stoppers. A-STAR Mr Keller!
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on 19 February 2013
Yes, this is a physically big book, and if you are looking for an introductory book, or a very complicated book, this isn't for you. However, this is a great book if you want to move on from the basics.

In terms of the recipes, there is a wide range of styles employed. The book covers cookies, macaroons, scones, muffins, cakes, sweets, pastries, breads and more. The instructions often look lengthy and complex, but that is partly because the book makes the effort to fully explain the processes involved.

Yes, it doesn't always give substitutes, but that reflects the more advanced nature of the book and there being some expectation of bakers being able to figure out a way if they don't quite have the right tools to hand (or being able to buy on The internet). Some of the measurements do look a little odd, but that comes down to two factors - first, as the book reflects, they are from larger quantities scaled down, but also because of the cup to gram translation. Most modern kitchens have digital scales so this shouldn't really be an issue - plus, this is about baking with accuracy.

I often rate my baking on how many people ask for the recipe -I've been overwhelmed from this book! Although many of the end products look simple, they taste truly delicious and get rave reviews - hence I have little choice but to give top marks for this!
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on 28 February 2013
It takes pride of place on my book shelf in the kitchen
It's informative and enlightening on the processes of baking both for pleasure of if you want to apply it to a more commercial application.
All the recipes are advised to use a kitchen aid artisan as that's what they have been tested with. But I don't own one and I 've still gotten very good results from using a hand mixer or just plain elbow grease.

Pictures are beautiful and add to the quality of information presented especially with how to fold battards correctly etc..

It's worth the money and the first recipe of pecan sandies which is like a shortbread with pecans only using icing sugar instead of caster sugar, will have you salivating so much, that you will make them before anything else. And they will forever be a staple of your cookie jar as they only take 5 mins to knock up.

The other recipes are equally delightful although they do advocate have digital scales which can be zero'd.
I had mechanical scales but went a brought a digital one as it is important to get the correct weights to ensure the best results.

Treat yourself and buy it.
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on 11 January 2013
Superb book for pastry, although a tad disappointed by the short bread section (what's there is good but quite limited to Baguette, epi Etc). Only annoying aspect is that it's very proscriptive about make of tools to use with no alternative size (e.g they say you should use a Ateco #867 french star tip for piping eclairs but no indication what size tip it is if you don't have Ateco).
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on 30 October 2015
I am a very keen baker in the UK and this is hands down one of the best baking books I have (and I have many!)

What sets this apart from many other baking books I have is that there are really clear instructions for each of the recipes. One of the things that frustrates me most with other recipe books is that they leave certain instructions ambiguous - and as baking is an exact science this always baffles me! Not with this book - Thomas Keller et al tell you what speed to put your mixer on (and what value that equates to on a Kitchen Aid), what precise shelves to put your biscuits/cake in and how long to mix something for in seconds. I have tried many recipes from this book and they have turned out fantastically and that is all down to the level of detail given.

It is also a fantastic book to look through with lots of creative ideas, peppered with tips throughout.

As an English baker I do have to convert a fair bit and try substitutes e.g. for cake flour but thus far have had no issues with this.

It is a little tricky to use the book itself to have alongside me when baking as it is quite hefty and takes up a lot of room on the counter, but usually I type out the recipe or photograph it.

If you are a keen baker I would highly recommend this book, you won't be disappointed!
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on 1 November 2012
I knew it was coming and waited impatiently for it's arrival. The wait was well worth it! If anyone wants to buy just one baking book - this is the one. The recipes are outstanding, the fotography is just wonderful and all the tips are priceless! The book is a treasure in true, perfect Thomas Keller fashion. I have baked for 50 years, but his latest book is teaching even me new tricks. I recommend this book unreservedly.
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on 8 January 2015
Another Keller winner. Not for the faint hearted like all his books but great for those with some advanced moves or those looking to go beyond basically throwing a few ingredients together. The results from everything I've made have been fantastic. The muffins in particular have been a winner with everyone who has eaten them and has elevated me to superstar baker in their eyes. The techniques and information in the book are priceless. A fantastic addition to my cooking library
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on 27 November 2013
If you want to be SURE that you will get excellent results while trying out a recipe for the very first time, this is the cookbook to get. I assure you that it's built to give you perfect results every time. I have made over 8 recipes from it and they were ALL the best version I have tried. Though I must admit, the process may seem unnecessarily finicky to you if you were an experienced baker, but it's essential for a beginner to follow it to the T as it was written.
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on 16 January 2013
First of all, it is a very heavy book, and it will be too big to use easily in most kitchens, as it is too big.

Secondly it is full of big pictures of Children and other things you really do not want from a working tool, which I believe a Book about Baking should be. The Pics take up place as well, and you really do not want to see other peoples kids stacking cakes or eating them.

Third, the text is small, and not in a Friendly reading lettering. Which is also irritating, if you keep looking in text or following a recipe. A lot of elderly ladies bake, and you definitely need your glasses if you do not have eyes like a hawk.

4the and this is very serious. The Baker uses Canola oil in a lot of things, and that made me really mad. How can a person who writes about excellent bakery recommend Canola Oil? I choose to bake, because I do not want any GMO or other kind of crap in my food. And it made me doubt if Thomas Keller knows what tastes good.
5th. How can TK make himself translate cups to grams making eggs weigh 83 grams? Baking Powder 2,2 grams, Kosher salt 0. 6 grams and when he tries to go from Cups to Grams, why can he not go from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

6th. Why change a Classic Florentine recipe to something else, and keep the original from us? And why add Glucose which is not readily available to most? And hard and messy to work with, when all you have to do is caramelize nuts and add a chocolate base?

7th Why use unsulfured black strap molasses and what the Hell is it?

It is a book which is just irritating because it is not a book for a professional baker and not for a housewife baker either.
All the pages and pages of pictures is just irritating for both the housewife and the baker. You have not bought a picture book of cakes, you want a book from a professional, so that you may make cakes as good as a professional.

I bought three books about baking this time. and How to Bake by Paul Hollywood was far the best one of them. I can in fact recommend it warmly. I just made the best Scones ever, from a description which was very easy to follow, and I can now compete with any of the best two bakeries in town, when it comes to Scones and I have tried a lot of Scones recipe's in my time. This one was the best ever.

Muffins should be made with butter, not Canola Oil. Coloring should be natural vegetable and fruit color if you really want to go that way, and not some artificial poison. And what is Unsweetened alkalized Cacao? Why not just natural Cacao, the best of course. And what again is Liquid Levain and Diastatic malt powder?

I cannot recommend this book at all. Go for anything else, something usefull.

I have found great joy and good recipe's from Richard Bertinet Pastry and his book about Bread are are just Gems. Paul Hollywood is as good as Bertinet, and I strongly recommend his books How to bake - Also.

The Book Bouchon Bakery, I do not understand the Stars, it must have been all his friends trying to help him sell this oversized, hard to use Book, with strange measurements and even stranger ingredients. It is not what I want from a Baking Bible, it want it to be easy to read, easy to handle, not fill up the whole kitchen table, and most important, not full of crap you would not eat, if you want to keep yourself healthy.

I can probably use some of the
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