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on 2 October 2017
This is a really nice book to have and in hindsight I should have bought it as a hardback rather than kindle but still great to have. Clear guide on technique and recipes and easy to follow.
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on 7 November 2017
It’s a book
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on 12 April 2014
there is some worthwhile knowledge to be had from this fairly expensive tome. but it's authors, including thomas keller, seem to be sending a message that 'this is how we exalted few use sous vide cooking technology and while you may give low temp cooking a try it will always be as amateur wannabes.' actually, it is possible to truly use sous vide, even if you don't care to make a 10,000 quid investment and don't have a place to put all that equipment even if you can afford it. a circulating heater and a vacuum sealer with proper bags will get you started. jason logsdon has a couple of books on the market that will be of help and there are a number of sous vide apps for ipad that will give you cooking times and temperatures, all without lord keller and company talking down to you after buying his very dear book.
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on 10 August 2010
It's a pretty book, but lacks detail on the subject.

And "The Inspector" is right - the author should have concentrated more on the science and the recipes, than plugging restaurants he owns or suppliers of goods that he patronises.

... because some people who buy these books actually want to COOK, rather then leave the books on their coffee tables and dream.
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on 3 March 2009
I was a bit disappointed after having bought this book.
For me it was the first book on cooking sous-vide, but the only parts I really liked where the introductory pages. They describe some of the principles, results and why's of cooking sous vide. But the recipes are not really inspiring.
Then came the last part of the book: the part with the tables. I liked that very much. It gives you a helpful overview of cooking temperatures and times.
But with a useful introduction and a useful appendix, it does not become a useful book. At least not for this price. Thomas Keller has done so much better in other books.
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on 21 December 2011
It's not every day that you pick up a cookbook that totally changes your perception of food and cooking. As a child foodie, I can just remember when Cuisine Minceur by Michel Guerard hit the bookshelves in the 70's; after the butter-laden recipes of the 60s, its low-fat cooking was a relevation (hard to believe nowadays) and the food and flavour combinations - now commonplace - shocked chefs, home cooks and my parents alike. (It's still a classic.)

Under Pressure is somewhat of a misnomer. Sous vide means 'under vacuum', and it is this combined with cooking the food at below boiling point that is the revolution. No longer do you have to overcook the outside to ensure the interior is not raw. And no longer does the colour leach out, along with the flavour that our new generation of farmers work so hard to capture, and (presumably) the vitamins.

However, even the sous vide method was developed in the 1970s, by one Georges Pralus attempting to cook foie gras without losing its shape or fat. (Similarly, Cuisine Minceur was born of the necessity for a healthier way of cooking - to lure figure-conscious Parisiennes 800 km to his new wife's spa hotel in South-West France). But like many radical changes, they take time to find broader acceptance - and a creative adventurer like Thomas Keller to bring them to public notice.

Under Pressure condenses the past ten years of experimentation with sous vide techniques at The French Laundry into one book. A warning - do not attempt the recipes at home, unless you have a near commercial kitchen, a team of uncomplaining sous-chefs/kitchen slaves, and unlimited time. Further warning - read the section about food safely very closely - bacteria can multiply fast at temperatures of 65 C. The recipes are more for professional chefs.
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on 10 June 2013
Very disappointed in this book. I am an accomplished cook but this book is full of recipes too complicated to cook, and weird chemical ingredients that I've never heard of and I doubt you can buy in the UK. I agree with other reviewers that the only good part of the book is the beginning where it talks about the theory and benefits of sous vide cooking. I have yet to find a good sous vide cookery book to be fair. I have also just bought 'On The Menu' by James Mackensie which is full of recipes I DO want to cook. I'm going to adapt his recipes, where appropriate, for sous vide techniques.
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on 10 December 2016
This book by renowned US chef with three Michelin stars is the reference standard for professional chefs. It is beautifully photographed and presented. The section on the danger zone (8.5'C to 40'C) was very informative as was the section on fast chilling cooked food safely...After reading that I have completely revised how I look after food and take it from the shop on a hot day to my home!

The recipes are great for a professional chef who access to specialised ingredients and has an army of assistants to help in the preparation. For me trying to do memorable and some would say gourmet cuisine in a home kitchen this book is a journey too far. My son has the other Keller books and I think those recipes are more readily adaptable to the home reality.

The best book on sous vide is in my view sous vide for the home by Lisa Felterman...it has all the safety information and it contains very detailed recipes that are delicious.
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on 4 February 2009
This book makes me want to do something amazing with every meal.

I truly enjoyed the book because it inspired me to buy a sous-vide waterbath; result - some awesome home cooking that few UK restaurants can come close to.

Perhaps "The Inspector" has missed the pages with very clear charts, and is taking things and him/herself way way too seriously - rule number 6 anyone. As for safety concerns, don't use cheapo ingredients.
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on 18 March 2012
It is beautifully photographed book with "laboratory-like close-up" pictures. It explains sous vide cooking technique very well, as well as gives some top class basic info at the end (stocks etc.).
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