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on 2 June 1998
As someone who has been interested in the UFO phenomenon for over 20 years, I've always felt that a good case could be made for its reality. That case has never been made better than in Jerome Clark's latest effort.
The subject of UFOs has been given some really sloppy treatment in the mainstream media lately. Too much attention is focussed on lurid tales of alien abductions, cattle mutilations, and dark government conspiracies. Lost from view are the truly puzzling cases reported by reliable people, indicating that an unknown technology is operating on and above our planet. Clark provides detailed descriptions and analyses of the best UFO data we have, which turns out to be far more interesting than the tabloid silliness.
For instance, there is the case of an Army Reserve helicopter crew that encountered an extraordinary, structured craft over Ohio in 1973. The craft apparently "levitated" the helicopter, even though the pilot felt sure he had the controls set for a descent. Or there is the case from 1967 in which several police officers chased a UFO through parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio for a considerable length of time. In both instances, there was no question as to the non-ordinary nature of what was being seen.
These are just two examples from many that Clark has assembled to make his case. Additionally, he has included several entries that analyze the phenomenon in general--for instance, discussing the merits of the extraterrestrial hypothesis as opposed to paranormal hypotheses. There are a lot of historical data, too, covering the U.S. Air Force's involvement over the years.
If you've got to have just one "Bible" on the subject of UFOs, this is it. Clark's ability to separate the useful from the nonsensical makes his work second to none.
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on 17 October 1998
You really get your money's worth with this book. It weighs several pounds and not an ounce of paper is wasted, as it is filled with hundreds of references. It covers past archived information up to what's happening today. If you only buy one book on Aliens/UFO for reference you should buy this book. Also Tim Goods 'Above Top Secret' would be my second choice, as well as Steiger's new techno-thriller, 'Alien Rapture' which is written by an ex-black progrems engineer. Check out the reviews.
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on 2 March 2016
This is a very interesting book, the author has some specific areas of interest, like intra terrestrials, and the early UFO flap of 1996 and 1997. He also collects many strange and not so well known ufo cases, so it is a very interesting book, the downside of it is the more than occasional mock of some cases that are not really to be mocked at, making it a less interesting book at the end. But it does have useful information for everyone.
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on 6 June 1999
This book works as a reference guide for anyone interested in reading details about sightings and personages in the field. I noticed that Glenn Campbell's AREA 51 site and MSN all recommended this book as a companion to COSMIC TEST TUBE, a book which details the evolution of theories about these phenomena. After reading both books I would agree--they're bookends for the entire subject area!
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on 15 April 1999
The book is great. It answers everything you want to know about UFO's, abductions, and Aliens. I found there were more sightings in the state I live in (Michigan) than I thought possible. I personally research the existance of UFO's, and Extraterrestials, and this is the best UFO book out there.
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on 21 June 1998
Clark has put every major theory, case, and person into this 1 volume. Opposing views are also included. If you are interested in UFOs, at under $20 and over 700 pages of QUALITY information, you can't go wrong!
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on 16 May 1999
The fundamental problem with Jerome Clark's "UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial" is one of bias. First and foremost, Mr. Clark is a believer, and so everything in this book is put through a UFO enthusiast's filter. This bias is most clearly demonstrated in the consistent offhand dismissal of debunkers (the term "debunkers" being shorthand for anyone critical of the UFOlogist view), which only rarely rises to the level of quoting or addressing specific criticisms. I suppose this particular bias is impossible to avoid, however--after all, who else but a believer would even attempt to put a book like this together?
The second form of bias is Mr. Clark's own sense of priorities among the various UFO-related subjects he is forced to describe. Throughout the book, he cannot help but reveal his favorable opinion of strange CE2's and other simple sightings, or his unfavorable view of the more mystical wing of UFOlogy. His feelings toward the abduction phenomenon and "dark side" conspiracy theories are more difficult to discern, but while reading this book one never feels entirely free of Mr. Clark's filters. This is UFOlogy according to Jerome Clark.
Beyond the issue of bias, "The UFO Book" just doesn't seem to have enough entries to justify its subtitling as an "encyclopedia." When read cover to cover, it provides a fair overview of the history of UFOs, but it don't think it would serve as a true reference work. Mr. Clark writes that "The UFO Book" is an abridged version of a more comprehensive work; anyone planning on purchasing this book might bear this in mind. The writing is average, but my only major complaint would be that the choice of extended quotations often seems arbitrary; I rarely understand why Mr. Clark chooses to use someone else's exact words when he does.
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