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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2010
Within 24 hours of this book arriving, I have read it from cover to cover. I will go back and read it again, this time working through the exercises, but I had to write a review to say how much I enjoyed it.
I have a lot of books about clutter fighting, and have tried a number of approaches, none of which have fully worked for me, or I wouldn't still be buying them! Most of the books concentrate on the "symptom", i.e. the clutter, but Brooks looks at the mental causation of the mess, and comes at it from a completely different angle than most. He focusses on looking at how objects fit with you as you are now, and the message seems to be more about what you *need* and what is appropriate, rather than what you can bring yourself to part with. I actually like his referencing the clutter as "crap" and "junk", as it removes the attachment to the items. I think he's right about the fact that a massive proportion of items that people have being extraneous and unnecessary, and this definitely helped my brain to think about my items in a different light.
As I said, I now need to work through the exercises in the book, but re-reading the conversations that Brooks had with the clients whose stories he tells is quite inspiring and I think they will make a big difference. In terms of the approach used, I think it will be a difficult activity, but from the book I know to expect that, and so am less daunted by it than I might have been had it just happened, as it has in the past. The book has strategies and approaches to use, so I'll give them a try and see how I get on!
I may also encourage my fiancé to read this book, as I think it will help him to understand why I have such a difficulty in getting rid of things, and buying far too much as well.
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I've been making an honest effort at reducing clutter in my life. I've been going from room to room clearing up messes and finding homes for everything. I've donated and thrown away more bags of stuff than I even realized I had. The house is starting to become cleaner and I do notice the difference in my attitude.

Lately though, I've run out of steam. I'm finding myself putting off certain jobs or making excuses why I had to keep certain items that seemed to have no functional value whatsoever. I was quickly becoming stuck.

Clutter Buster to the rescue. According to the book, I'm giving these items value that they don't deserve. It's the memory I want to keep not the thing. Moreover, there are far too many things in my home that only serve to devalue me, remind me of past failures, and don't really fit who I really am.
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on 3 March 2012
Excellent book on the problem of clutter. The psychological approach to collecting clutter and why we do it is really inspirational. The author makes you think about what you're doing with all this stuff and gives a new way of thinking about it. This is not a book that will tell you how to get rid of the clutter but rather gives many examples of how the author helped people with the problem look at it in a different way and helping them to change the thought process that's causing them to be clutter bugs. The book flows very well with no finger wagging or orders to the reader. I sat and read it from cover to cover in one sitting. I would highly recommend this book if you have a problem with clutter, it may change the way you think about clutter and the way you think of yourself.
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on 13 October 2012
I have battled with clutter for years. I have worked very hard to change from a dysfunctional messie (bad) to a houseproud cleanie (good).

On my journey I used Don Aslett's excellent Clutter's Last Stand, 2nd Edition: It's Time to de-Junk Your Life! and the Mount Vernon Method from The Messies Manual: The Procrastinator's Guide to Good Housekeeping

However, as any hoarder knows, clutter is relentless!

So, I looked for extra help and found this brilliant book which is currently sharpening my clutter-busting skills.

Brooks uses bizarre stories from his messy clients to gently nudge and guide us into noticing the subtle connections between our stuff and our feelings. Some reviewers have criticised these stories as exaggerated 'psycho babble'. However, I noticed that after reading the crazy anecdotes I was itching to throw things out. Toss. Toss. Toss. Fantastic!

I am no psychologist, but in my view, Brooks has crafted powerful metaphors for the strong emotions that keep us hanging on to stuff. His descriptions are helping me identify clutter by sight, sound, feel and scent. His words help you see how your emotions and senses keep you stuck: so you can let go.

It seems that we hoarders are immune to clutter signals. Now I have learned why some of my clutter was invisible. Some of my fears around tossing junk have gone and I have been able to let go of things that have bugged me for years. For example, I burned a pile of school reports that reminded me of my miserable schooldays (whew... what a relief). I donated jewellery from a two timing slug of a boyfriend! and I let go of the 5 full tins of special order paint from a decorating project that I had changed my mind about! (Yes it was an expensive mistake... now time to move on )

So, I think this is a very good book. I I hope this review is useful and Good Luck on your clutter busting journeys.
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on 20 July 2011
Many books in this specific genre lacks the most important ingredient: guidance on how to think, questions on what you feel and how to regard the masses of items stockpiled in our houses. I found this to be very inspirational, and that is the one thing that can get you started. Highly reckommended.
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on 27 November 2011
The daunting thing is that this book makes you realise just how much clutter one has accumulated. Fortunately, throughout the book, solutions are presented. If you can no longer move in your house, buy this book
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on 16 July 2011
This book redefines clutter. I had an Aha! lightbulb moment. It provides the tools for assessing clutter, letting it go, and moving on. I've already recommended it to many people.
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on 10 August 2013
I had bought a happiness book but it made me depressed ! This book is brilliant. I thought it was going to be about opening cupboard doors and asking yourself a question and then throwing clutter away BUT it was much better than that. It helps you remove clutter from your mind and feel so much better in yourself. It has worked miracles on me. I didn't want the book to end. I have de-cluttered so much that I am a much happier person.
I can't recommend this book highly enough. I will re-read it as I enjoyed it so much.
I want everyone to read this book.
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on 20 January 2013
I am definitely prone to sentimental hoarding and was beginning to feel quite stressed about the amount of clutter in my house. I found this book absolutely gripping to read - the author's passion for decluttering came as a shock to me at first as it was such a different way of thinking to my own, but soon I became absolutely inspired to tackle my clutter. This book motivated me to spend 5 days straight sorting through all my possessions, generating many bags of rubbish and an almost equal number destined for the charity shop. Thanks to this book I have let go of things I never thought in a million years I could give up, and have sorted through stuff I hadn't looked at in years. The anecdotal stories about the author's clients and the simple exercises really helped me to look at my possessions and at myself in a new light. This book runs surprisingly deep for a book about something so superficially simple as having a bit of a clear out, but I found the psychological, almost spiritual message jump-started me into taking real, practical action!
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on 16 May 2011
Having read books on getting organised, using feng shui etc it was nice to read this book and see the issue of clutter pared back. Perhaps the bit that goes to the heart is where the author talks about getting clarity, a clearer environment will lead to a clearer mind. I liked the fact that he spoke as someone who had his own difficulties with clutter because some authors write as though it was never a problem for them. Best thing of all? No need for ceremonies or any of that kind of thing - just get stuck in and get on with it.
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