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on 28 July 2017
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on 20 June 2017
Exactly as I remembered it
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on 5 June 2001
Having not seen the first in the series, I can't compare, but as a standalone film it excels. Obviosly the budget couldn't stretch to much after getting the excellent Julian Sands to play Warlock, but the result is impressive nonetheless. A slightly predictable storyline (the ending is written on the video cover) does not let down this masterpiece of cheese-horror. Well wort watching for the cheddar-value, and as David says, excellent one liners. A bargain - I would give it six stars if it were available. The definition of epic 90s horror.
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on 25 May 2015
This film is very good. I really thought all the acting was good. I liked the race against time with the girl growing older and older by the minute.
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If you've never seen "Warlock"... then don't worry. This movie has nothing in common with "Warlock" except magic, a warlock, and Julian Sands.

So enjoy "Warlock: The Armageddon" for what it is -- a splashy, campy mess that can't quite settle on one plot. Julian Sands is deliciously evil and incredibly charming ("But I'm not a man. I'm a witch"), and he is quite easily the best thing about this movie... which is otherwise a fairly mediocre magical-teen-coming-of-age flick.

Many centuries ago, a group of druids used their power to keep Satan's son from coming to Earth... because yeah, druids apparently believed in Satan. Who knew? They succeeded, but the magical rune crystals were scattered when a bunch of clueless Christians barged in on it.

Present day: a woman makes the bad decision of wearing a rune crystal for a date... and instead gives birth to a freaky blob-thing that grows into the Warlock (Julian Sands). He immediately goes off to find the other crystals, which are conveniently all located in the continental United States, and kills the owners in various ironic ways.

Fortunately for the world, three older druids happen to be living in a small town, and two of them conveniently have whiny teen children (Chris Young and Paula Marshall) who are destined to be Druid Warriors, who are allegedly the only ones who can stop the Warlock... although it's never clear why, because they're kind of ineffectual. They are killed, resurrected and trained in magic, but they still may not be strong enough to stop the Warlock.

The only thing you should pay attention to in "Warlock" is Julian Sands. He rules this movie just by sheer force of presence -- his Warlock is charming, sinister, cruel and a massive fan of irony. He's not the same Warlock as in the previous film, though -- this guy is the actual offspring of Satan, and possesses nearly godlike powers (he turns a man into a Cubist sculpture, using his thumbs).

The problem is that the movie isn't entirely about the Warlock. About half of it follows him on his little road trip, killing people in amusing and irony-filled ways. This is easily the best part of the movie, especially since he provides plenty of nightmare fuel -- such as when he traps a man in a mirror dimension, or zombifies a cab driver to chauffeur him around.

But the other half is about a bunch of middle-aged druids trying to educate their annoying teen kids in the ways of magic... really cheesy, poorly-green-screened magic. And there's a teen romance subplot that is so boring that I won't even bother describing it. It feels like this movie is two unrelated films smooshed together -- one is a "Warlock" movie, the other is a sort of slow-moving magical coming-of-age story. The second plot only becomes interesting when Julian Sands swooshes into it, firing invisible bullets from his fingers.

Anthony Hickox gives his own odd, somewhat campy spin on the Warlock material, and at times he's really spot-on with the horror. It's gruesome, gory and sometimes wickedly funny... and then we get thrown some nonsensical plot twist -- the "Druid Warriors" are pretty useless, there's no rhyme or reason to any of the magic, and Hickox's knowledge of ancient druids is comically unconvincing. And the weepy self-stabbing scene is just... silly.

As mentioned before, Sands completely rules this movie -- he has a sort of sinister elegance even when he's wandering around naked and goopy. The elder druids are kind of fun, but Young and Marshall are intensely annoying. He is always whining and complaining, while she always acts as if she's on the verge of bursting into tears.

"Warlock: The Armageddon" is definitely a downgrade from the previous "Warlock" film, but Julian Sands' brilliant performance should be seen at least once. Too bad he isn't in the third one.
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on 4 October 2000
There is nothing my siblings and I enjoy so much as a cack film, and the original Warlock was a firm family favorite for years and years. It had everything: cheap special effects, dodgy acting and possibly the worst Scottish accent ever seen on the silver screen, curtesy of Richard E. Grant. As is so often the case, the sequel is a pale imitation.
Our Pal Julian Sands is back, unleashing the powers of Satan, is the end of the world nigh? the review guidelines say I mustn't tell you, but I'll hint that cunning plot twists are way beyond the scope of this film. While we laughed ourselves silly watching Warlock, we had trouble staying awake through the sequel. A disappointing video purchase with most entertainment value being delivered by Mr Sands's "bob" haircut.
To my horror I spotted Warlock 3 in my local video emporium. I think that we sould all be very afraid of what depths the final film might plumb.
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on 19 December 2007
In this sequel to the smash original from the makers of Highlander and The Prophecy Julian Sands delivers another solid siniter performance as the son of a witch in search of the ruinstones that will bring about the end. Julian's performance unintentionally outshines every one else in this movie so when we try to care for the main characters we just cant because we are in aww of Sands and his perfectly camp and evil tude! Love this film, hasnt aged well though but it still stands out.
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on 4 January 2016
This review is for the region b import blu ray release of warlock the Armageddon and the low scoring is for the terrible blu ray transfer and not based on the film itself, as the film is a decent follow up to the original movie,
The blu ray transfer is absolutely appalling and is in my opinion not even dvd quality, the picture is very soft and the colour is drained from the picture leaving an extremely dull and lifeless picture with absolutely no detail at all. This is one of the worst blu ray transfers that I have seen and is not worth the upgrade from dvd, as I believe the dvd version is better than this blu ray transfer.
If you already own the dvd version of this movie then you should stick with that, as it is not at all worth the upgrade to blu ray. Overall, an excellent film with a shocking blu ray transfer. Avoid at all costs!!!
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on 16 April 2001
The film has been slated by many people, however it is not intended to be a an oscar winner. If u love cheesy films then Warlock is for you. Its got something for everyone. Julian Sands plays the part to a tee, and the one liners he comes out with are genius. I promise you if you but this film you will not regret it.
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on 1 November 2008
[MOVIE | 3 out of 5]
Run time: 94:00 PAL | Production: 1993
Julian Sands' great performance is the reason why I gave this otherwise slightly below average movie 3 stars instead of 2, he really managed to create an underrated cult villain who deserves to be mentioned alongside Pinhead, Freddy and Jason. WARLOCK II has its peaks, where the film really shines and is simply superb: the way the Warlock dispatches those in his way is very original, almost artistic. Then the director throws in downright ridiculous ideas and completely ruins the climax, so this film swings between 4 stars at its peak and 1 star (anytime the Warlock is not on screen), which really is a pity, so much wasted potential. If only the filmmakers had hired a competent director and better writers (Kevin Rock & Sam Bernard ). O and while we're at it, a better male lead (Chris Young).
Personally I generally have my problems with Anthony Hickox movies - he also managed to completely wreck HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH - and while he certainly has his own style it certainly isn't to everyone's liking.
I did not care for the teenage "heroes" and the cheese "druid" / "druid warrior" sub plot at all. The story itself is a bit of a rehash of WARLOCK I, but the warlock is cooler and the kills are just jucier and more humorous, but also more violent. Instead of the grimoir the Warlock now is looking for ancient stones.
While the original hardly had any gore at all, THE ARMAGEDDON is quite bloody. Note that the UK version features the totally uncut UNRATED version, not the censored R rated version released on the US DVD. Unlike the US DVD the UK release is in 4:3 Full Frame.
Personally I find it hard to rate WARLOCK II - THE ARMAGEDDON. I really liked it at times - and if a GOOD Blu-Ray transfer comes along I will definitely upgrade - but then there's the terrible subplot - ouch. Missed opportunity big time!

Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 non-anamorphic

- English Dolby Surround 2.0


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