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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: Cards|Change
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on 19 March 2004
It's arrived ! I first discovered this deck on Kat Black's website last summer.It was due to come out in October, then November, then no-one seemed to know when it would be out.I can only say now that good things come to those that wait.I received mine in the post yesterday.It's a joy to pour over the cards.Black is an artist who is steeped in Renaissance art, especially gilded art-thus the deck's title-AND she's steeped in Tarot.She originally made this deck for her own personal pleasure, so it really is a labour of love.The 78 cards are collages of over 1000 Renaissance paintings, many of them Italian.They are so well collaged that they don't look like collage at all, more like fully-realized paintings in their own right. They are very beautiful.All the Minors are fully-illustrated, and are as pleasing to the eye as the Majors. Black very wisely has eschewed the more well-known images-by da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo,etc-in favour of equally interesting but less publicized works.I was pleased to find my beloved Hans Memling represented here. . .and I have just discovered Simone Martini's sublime angels ! The accompanying booklet is intelligently and sensitively written-the Appendixes contain information on all the paintings used-title of painting, artist, where the painting can be seen.This is a lovely touch : not only is this a lovely Tarot deck-lovely AND accurate-I've done 2 small readings already-but it serves as a very nice introduction to many superb and rather neglected paintings belonging to a particular period.It's not all Virgins and angels, either-there are wonderful details such as the Italian greyhound in the Hermit card, a female Fool, and many instances of so-called ordinary people going about their lives :farming, weaving, playing musical instruments, celebrating festivals, etc.
I must stop raving. This is a gorgeous deck wonderfully produced by U.S. Games and packaged in a little box ideal for keeping book and cards together. It is also incredibly inexpensive. Anyone who loves Art, Tarot-regular or not, would welcome this as a present, I think. Oh, and the cards are all gilt-edged.
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on 17 March 2004
If only I could give this deck 100 stars!!
The truth is, there just simply aren't enough wonderful adjectives to even come close to describing just how supremely delicious this deck really is...
Incredible collage work and design, rich extravagant colors and textures, superb packaging, gilded edges, the perfect size, perfect weight, an awesome book, a great price... Kat Black has created a certifiable masterpiece.
How such an incredible deck could be sold for so little is nothing short of astonishing. I would easily expect to pay twice as much for this deck, and had I done so, I would still not be disappointed.
These cards will absolutely sing to you with meaning and radiance. The love that Kat poured into this work is clearly evident on each and every card in this amazing deck. I have no doubt that new tarot decks will be measured against this deck for a long time to come.
If you buy just ONE tarot deck in your life, make it this one!
Well worth the nearly 2 years that many of us have been waiting to see this deck transformed to print.
Many, many, many kudos to Kat and US Games for absolutely the most beautiful tarot deck I have ever seen!! A wonderful deck, from a wonderful person. Bravo!
I originally bought this deck just to collect, but it's simply too beautiful and magnetic to let it languish on a shelf, it absolutely begs to be used. It is based on standard Rider Waite symbolism, but is done much much better, each card speaks volumes and is very easy to read.
So, I've already ordered my second copy of this deck, as I plan to use this deck more than all my others combined, and want to keep a pristine and undamaged example in my collection to show my friends!
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on 27 January 2012
This was the first tarot deck I bought, after studying Rider-Waite about three years ago. I'd been recommended to go for the Rider-Waite for its simplicity and as a starting point, but I was just drawn to this deck and knew I had to have it. After owning these cards for some time I have built up a relationship with them, so hopefully this review will be more useful than pure first impressions.
For a start they are beautifully packaged and designed. Very few of the artworks used are instantly recognisable, and I find it a thrill when I visit galleries or go on holiday and suddenly see one of the familiar faces looking back at me, in an entirely different context.
I'd just returned from a holiday in Italy when I was introduced to tarot, and this deck resonated with me due to its use of medieval and renaissance art, which I'd encountered a lot out there, and love. To see so many beautiful images combined, and so carefully, is great. I sometimes just look at them for their beauty rather than for any messages they may have. But when it comes to readings they are accurate and tell their meanings in simple, often obvious ways. Although loosely based on Rider-Waite some of the cards are quite complex, so not ideal for a complete beginner that has no clue about tarot and wants to learn from this pack.
The little (very little) book that comes with the deck is basic but insightful, and is just enough to get you started before you start to build up your own interpretations. I am not naturally 'psychic' but since using the cards my ability has increased, and my readings (once for willing guinea-pig friends, but now for anyone who asks) often take me by surprise with how accurate some of the images I get are.
Black's second deck, the Touchstone tarot, is produced along similar lines. It's also beautiful but hasn't quite the connection with me that this one has. Of course that's just personal preference, but this will always remain my favourite deck that I use (probably too often, the gold has faded a bit) and I'm glad that they are so popular and that other people share my love for this deck.
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on 13 December 2013
I purchased this deck some 7 years ago when l was first starting my tarot journey. I Had no clue then which deck to buy but avidly looked at as many as I could here on Amazon. Finally l settled on the Golden Tarot. So pleased l bought them, the medeival artwork which attracted me was even more wonderful close up, each card is truly lovely and well thought out. The High Priestess card has become my favourite, she sits so quietly regal on her throne with her leopard by her side. The strength card a good runner up, in fact there are so many. From my experience of having had no firsthand knowledge of tarot back then, and being a real beginner, I would say without any doubts that any beginner can start with this deck. Put the time in and it will speak to you. There are so many decks out now and l have collected a few, but I always go back to the Golden Tarot, as the longer l use it the more it works for me, especially in an intuitive way. I have given scores of readings with this deck and it has proved to be gentle and accurate. Not only are the pictures beautiful and the golden gilt edges sumptuous, the box they come in is very strong and will take good care of your cards. The little blue book that accompanies the cards has adequate meanings both for upright and reversed. There is also history on the source of the artwork used in the deck.

Considering how long I have had this set l can say they have hardly shown any wear. To be on the safe side though and before they may get too difficult to obtain in the future, I have just ordered a second set. Most of my other decks I have passed on to others, as I am not a collector and they are not a match to the Golden Tarot (at least for me). I am more than content to grow old alongside my faithful Golden Tarot friends.
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on 8 October 2014
WOW! Out of approximately 80 Tarot decks I have collected, these are by far one of my favourite, if not THE favourite. This is the deck I have always wanted, being a huge fan of Ancient Italian decks and the Renaissance. Every card is enriched with detail and beautiful imagery. The card stock is thick, glossy and very smooth to shuffle.

A slight caution though (but please don't let this put you off buying, make sure you find a good seller): I don't usually include such issues in my reviews, but this is obviously a problem with the publishing. The cards are gilt edged, which look stunning - however some cards stick together - so please make sure, upon your first inspection that two cards are stuck together before you panic that a card is missing from your deck. However, cards WERE missing from my card, after an hour of counting and checking each card the last few Coin cards must have slipped away during factory packing. I did a quick google search and found a shocking amount of people missing one or several cards (im not sure if they had checked thoroughly enough though). Thankfully, I use the Book Depository Ltd and they sent me a replacement out free of charge, so make sure you order from a good seller with plenty of stock just in case. I emailed US Games Inc to inform them that some of packs appeared to be missing cards.

Anyway, that aside - these cards are THE cards to have. They will blow you away, they did me anyway :)
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on 28 February 2011
The Golden Tarot Deck is full of alchemical symbolism which combined with the stunning artwork creates a magical gateway into the mysteries, age and mythology of the dark ages. The Golden Tarot deck paintings, to me, portray both visually and in their vibration the crushing power and religious indoctrination of the Medieval church, but thankfully, on lighter note has touches of the age of the Renaissance enlightenment.

I would have preferred the deck to have included digitally enhanced lighter painted backgrounds for the majority of the cards, so as to demonstrate the hope and joy of life, and overall find the artwork, although beautiful, is too dense. The deck is also, sadly lacking in images of people laughing, smiling or remotely enjoying themselves.

This is a fascinating deck on which I enjoy meditating and studying but I like to work professionally with lighter vibration cards.

Overall I am very pleased I have added this deck to my collection and am working on infusing the cards with my own light energy, so far so very good! The images are opening up and expanding in light.

Take care, light & love be with you always. lauradarling
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on 3 August 2011
I have been using these cards for a while now and they are absolutely one of my favourite decks. The cards themselves are stunning to look at, extremely good quality and are finished with gilt edging. The time and care taken to fuse the images in each card so flawlessly is incredible, and I am always amazed at how each element in the image contributes to the overall effect and meaning. If Renaissance style appeals to you there's no doubt you'll love these. The only reason I haven't given them 5 stars is due to the companion book. On the plus side, it does credit all the original artwork which was used in the creation of the cards but that's about the only positive. The book is very small and a little awkward to read. Also, the information given is pretty basic and lacks the detail and discussion inspired by the cards. This doesn't affect me too greatly as I am familiar with the meanings and themes of the cards, and bought them to add to a collection based purely on the cards themselves. However, with this in mind, I don't think I would recommend these as a deck for beginners to learn with unless in combination with a more detailed guide to reading the cards. For those who know what they are doing though, I can't recommend these enough.
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on 10 November 2015
This is an excellent tarot deck with gold gilded sides featuring collage images from the middle ages to the early renaissance period using the Rider Waite system. It comes in a sturdy box with small book on the creation of the deck and its divinatory meanings. This deck is quite impressive and looks rather expensive / exquisite when you use it with people.
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on 2 December 2014
I love this set! They feel nice in your hand and the pictures on the cards are very interesting I've had these for about 8 years now and there isn't a mark on them. The booklet is very concise and the box is very sturdy!
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VINE VOICEon 4 December 2007
This deck is really beautiful, it's a collaged deck, but there is very little to remind you of that when you're using it as it's so well done. It's stunningly presented, much more luxurious than your average deck. Those who dislike plastic laminate and ugly white borders will be thrilled to discover that this deck has neither, plus it has gilt edges, unobtrusive patterned backs and is made from very good quality card. It comes in a very sturdy box, not just a thin tuck box, but a rigid case which also contains the lovely little book which comes with it which, although small, gives a lot more detail than the average Little White Book you get with most decks.

The colours and textures are really wonderful, and those who are already familiar with the Rider Waite Smith deck/ system will be able to read with it straight away with no study required. Being true to the RWS system means it's also ideal for beginners with the added advantage that it's so beautiful, you'll soon learn to read these cards as you won't want to put them down!

It seems to me that there is great variety between the cards, yet the style is continuous throughout the deck. There are so many wonderful little details in it, the animals and creatures, babies playing harps... you just keep on noticing little things every time you look at it. A wonderful deck!
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