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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
Golden Tarot
Format: Cards|Change
Price:£26.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 7 August 2017
Have had this wonderful set for some time now and have to say that it is probably the highest quality pack of all my collection. The cards are beautifully chosen and created by Kat Black on firm and smooth card which is both glossy and richly gilded on the edges, contained in a strong, lined and attractive box. The cards are very nice to hold and deal with. Even better than the material aspect is the content and Kat Black's little book is one that I sometimes refer to even when using other packs. It is all in English and printed on good quality paper with black-and-white pictures of each card along with the meanings and some very helpful combination advice (so useful and hard to find!). I can't recommend these Tarot cards enough. So glad I bought them.
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on 10 August 2017
This particular deck is absolutely gorgeous. Golden finished and the images are a delight to watch. Really a beautiful deck for your readings. I strongly believe that it must be a bond between the deck of cards and the owner, particularly if you are using it for your readings on regular basis. I owe several, not many, just three decks and I have been lucky enough to get it right all the time. Recommended even if you are just looking for another gorgeous addition to your collection.
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on 6 January 2010
"A stunning compilation of tarot collages from artwork of the late middle ages and early Renaissance. The poignant images evoke a feeling of gentle beauty and human frailty while remaining true to the tradition of the Rider-Waite symbolism"

Recognisably based on the Rider-Waite deck, the 'Golden Tarot' is an excellent college deck. It's elegant and profound with its dark colours and serious faces and yet friendly and communicative. It's an exciting, beautiful Tarot and a joy to look at. I didn't have a taste for medieval and renaissance art until I got this deck. I am very taken by its wonderful imagery.

The accompanying small and simple book includes a black and white image of each card and explains each picture and its meaning in an upright and reversed position. It also lists the painting sources that each Tarot card was made up from. The stiff, wider than usual cards are robust and edged in shining gold, with a slightly laminated finish and come in a robust, luxury box.

It would be OK for a beginner, although I would recommend having some familiarity with the Rider-Waite deck first because the RW is silighty more obvious and simple. The Golden Tarot's imagery may distract the beginner a little. It's a 'must own' deck for the serious reader and collector and its money well spent.
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on 15 January 2008
If you like Renaissance and Medieval paintings by Cranach, Duerer, Botticelli and so on, you will like this pack. It takes images from those paintings and collages them into the well-known Tarot images. The result is a striking series of landscapes and characters, complete with plants and animals, rocks and castles, enacting the Tarot's storyline.

The pack follows the Rider-Waite-Colman deck with images on the suit cards as well as the Major Arcana. They are of the normal size, somewhat bigger than playing cards. The edges are guilded with gold making them visually striking and pleasant to use. They come in a sturdy cardboard box and with a nice booklet giving both the meanings (or this particular author's version) and references should you want to check out the original paintings from which the elements are drawn.

I personally have doubts about a couple of the designs. The substitution of a nun for the angel on card 14, Temperance, is a bit ugly in my view. Likewise, card 13, Death, has a more original design of a young woman on her deathbed - a touching image but a missed opportunity given the rich and scary Medieval reperesentation of the grim reaper. On her website, the author explains this by saying she precisely didn't want anyone to be too scared, a consideration she seems to have forgotten in the hellfire and brimstone image of the Devil!

This pack would appeal to anyone who likes to contemplate Medieval art as well as magicians and fortune-tellers. Clearly, it's a matter of taste given the plethora of designs but you won't go wrong with these if the Middle Ages is your preference!
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on 21 May 2017
This is my first ever tarot deck and I would recommend this to everyone. It's a beautiful deck and a must for any collection. I've been getting good readings with it.
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on 26 September 2016
I have had a lot of fun using these cards. They are beautifully illustrated.
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on 12 September 2017
I love these cards, great art, and the gilt edges are a lovely touch, bought them as a prop, went down very well.
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on 9 March 2017
Lovely cards to have.
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on 14 August 2017
Fantastic tarot! Very nice!
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on 19 March 2004
It's arrived ! I first discovered this deck on Kat Black's website last summer.It was due to come out in October, then November, then no-one seemed to know when it would be out.I can only say now that good things come to those that wait.I received mine in the post yesterday.It's a joy to pour over the cards.Black is an artist who is steeped in Renaissance art, especially gilded art-thus the deck's title-AND she's steeped in Tarot.She originally made this deck for her own personal pleasure, so it really is a labour of love.The 78 cards are collages of over 1000 Renaissance paintings, many of them Italian.They are so well collaged that they don't look like collage at all, more like fully-realized paintings in their own right. They are very beautiful.All the Minors are fully-illustrated, and are as pleasing to the eye as the Majors. Black very wisely has eschewed the more well-known images-by da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo,etc-in favour of equally interesting but less publicized works.I was pleased to find my beloved Hans Memling represented here. . .and I have just discovered Simone Martini's sublime angels ! The accompanying booklet is intelligently and sensitively written-the Appendixes contain information on all the paintings used-title of painting, artist, where the painting can be seen.This is a lovely touch : not only is this a lovely Tarot deck-lovely AND accurate-I've done 2 small readings already-but it serves as a very nice introduction to many superb and rather neglected paintings belonging to a particular period.It's not all Virgins and angels, either-there are wonderful details such as the Italian greyhound in the Hermit card, a female Fool, and many instances of so-called ordinary people going about their lives :farming, weaving, playing musical instruments, celebrating festivals, etc.
I must stop raving. This is a gorgeous deck wonderfully produced by U.S. Games and packaged in a little box ideal for keeping book and cards together. It is also incredibly inexpensive. Anyone who loves Art, Tarot-regular or not, would welcome this as a present, I think. Oh, and the cards are all gilt-edged.
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