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4.2 out of 5 stars

on 11 August 2011
William Gammill is a gifted writer and mystic with a rich inner life which includes a pipeline to dictated material from multiple sources and visions that he describes and interprets in this book, The Gathering. He is psychically attuned to a much bigger world than most of us live in. His first person account which begins with the events of April 23, 1996 are spell-binding and magical. During a fifteen day period of "events: dreams, visions, visitations, call them what you will" his consciousness was changed forever. MUFON people would probably call him an experiencer and would do well to read the book, particularly the chapter called Message from the Greys.

Do not make the mistake, however, of pigeonholing this as an ET book--It would be more properly called a New Earth book nowadays, which the author calls the New Day. This is not a simple-minded beginners book, the advanced subjects discussed will challenge sophisticated readers and stretch your conceptual boundaries so much that you may have to read the book more than once to really absorb and integrate at the full depth offered. That does not mean the book is hard to read-the author has a fine sense of humor and a humble nature. Just because the author has a friendly writing style, don't ever get the idea that the subject matter is passé, the content needs to be taken very seriously--this is a prophetic work and details the evolution of a new species of human on a new planet with a giant consciousness leap from third-dimensional to fifth-dimensional. The author is what might be called an early bloomer into many facets of the new consciousness and gives his bodily symptoms and resulting effects. We're not talking a fuzzy, wuzzy "Nostradamus" style of presentation, it is meaty, detailed with a kind of clarity that most people do not know exists. As a matter of fact there is so much information that the affect can be dizzying unless you stop at the end of each chapter and let it soak in. You will see many mysteries of the New Earth scenario unveiled here. If you can read this book without laughing and crying then maybe this is the wrong book right now, but someday soon you will really need this information.

The purpose of his visitation is "the removal of con¬ceptual and emotional blocks that prevent each of us from knowing the God within; and to bring a new state of awareness into all human beings who are able to respond and are willing....It is about becoming responsible, awake, and equal to all that exists in the universe." "Only fear can hold you back."

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on 1 February 2011
Recommended reading by a friend.
This purchase has turned out to be one of the best books I have ever read.
It has answered so many of the questions I have been asking since childhood.
Confrming information I have given to other like-minded souls/readers over the past few years.
A real eye-opener for where humanity is going as we move into the 5th Dimension.
This book shares my beliefs, although not everyone will agree with what has been written.

Reading this book has been a wonderful experience and it is nice to know someone else shares
the same beliefs and the 'knowing' of where we belong in the grand order of things.
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on 28 March 2010
I found this book reader friendly, funny and interesting enough to catch attention; although at times felt that some of it was a little exagerated.
it's ok in some sense,Gathering: Meetings in Higher Space but could it have been written by a mad professor with a wild imagination?.
Worth a read. some illustrations would have made it more believable.
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