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on 16 January 2009
It may seem strange to many that someone like myself, who devotes himself entirely to the study & practice of Karate, should read this book, let alone write a review on it.

Well, it's a great book, yes it really is!! I can't understand why anyone hasn't written a review about it yet, especially as it is written by the founding father of what we commonly call Judo today. The very man who brought Judo to the Olympics & the world.

This book isn't entirely about Judo 'though. Yes, it gives us a clear history of how it came into being in the early part of the 20th century & the problems that Kano Sensei encountered. How he single handed & studiously developed a proper system of teaching the art from an ancient Japanese fighting system that had previously been passed down by word of mouth & by mindlessly copying the teacher without any real explanation.

More than that he gives us inspiration & courage to go out & try something difficult & different that we've set our hearts upon doing like Judo or Karate & shows us that by persisting with our chosen task we can improve & strengthen our spirit, determination & character.

This isn't just a book for Judo-ka & Judo enthusiasts; it would be very suitable for all martial artists everywhere.
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on 13 February 2009
This is a fantastic book for the Judoka who is interested in the beginings of Judo. This book shows the fundamental teachings of Judo and why Jigoro Kano started the art. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you do to
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on 7 October 2009
if you're a judoka of any level this book is a must. this man is a god.
even if you're not judoka this book is a great read.
either way. buy it.
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on 4 April 2014
A Brilliant book. I have studied judo for 3 years, mostly from a fitness point of view, something alternative to the gym that also got me meeting people.

Over the last few months, i felt that something was missing from my Judo, after various discussion with my fellow Judoka i became interested in where Judo really came from, its ideals and Philosophy. This is a brilliant book, that has provided me with a wonderful insight into how and why Judo was developed. what Jigoro Kano wanted judo to be.

The only negative, is sometimes the translation can be a trifle confusing. But none the less a brilliant read. I've leant it to a friend who is also thoroughly enjoying reading it. But i want it back so i can read it again!! I have a feeling you could read it several times and learn something different everytime.

Worth every penny.
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on 30 December 2015
On the shelf it looks like a small unimposing book that could easily get lost in the pile. Then you notice it’s been written by Jigoro Kano, the founding father of Judo and the interest builds a bit. Flicking through the pages you quickly see it isn’t another book filled with techniques but more of a book the history of Judo and the philosophy behind it.

What this means is, that rather than just being a book for the die-hard Judoka, it is of interest to anyone studying martial arts.

First you get an insight into the founding of Judo and reasons behind the forming of the style, something I’m sure all founders try to emulate. Secondly, it covers philosophy and the mindset of a martial artist and competitor and thirdly the application of martial arts into you daily life.

It’s well written and the information contained is accessible for all, a must have for all martial artists and certainly for all Judoka.
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on 16 May 2011
I really loved reading this book. Its pages will not teach you directly how to strangle, throw or strike, but if what Kano writes is absorbed it will provide insight into all three and more. In the book Kano explains his concept of seiryoku zenyo (maximum efficiency)and his philosophy behind Kodokan Judo. This is not a book that will benefit only those practising or interested in judo; its lessons can be applied to many general areas of life. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 4 April 2011
good book as in it explains where judo came from and how kano set about putting things in judo in to place.. some good tips on judo but not many..

would say it is more for the knowlege of judo as an art and where its roots come from rather than a book on how to do judo.. but stil a very good read as i read it from front to back in one go..
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on 3 September 2013
This is a book for those who want to know the reasons behind what you're doing when training in Judo. It explains why and what the thinking is behind the sport, by its founder! Already on the second read through
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on 2 June 2014
Philosophical and scientificall- nice read. For those who like martial arts; those who struggle in life and anybody. Great read
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on 14 November 2011
A great insight into the mind of Jigoro Kano, the theory and practice behind modern day Judo, and the Judo way of life.
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