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on 24 March 2017
Are you interested to know who you are? Do you want to know about your past lives, and the people you knew and loved? And what happened when you were out of a body? Well this book will give you a very good insight of many peoples answers, and also how you can obtain your very own insight and experience! Just marvellous!
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on 16 March 2017
Fantastic reading could not put it down
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on 23 July 2015
Great, would recommend. Love this book
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on 10 June 2017
Book in good condition
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on 10 January 2014
This book, like the previous, is a must read for all seekers of genuine spirit knowledge. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to all.
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on 6 June 2017
Like his previous book Journey of Souls, another excellent read.
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on 31 August 2001
I am not a fan of hypnotherapy, but the tone, the case studies, and the low-key insightfulness of the writing in this book led me to believe in the authenticity of the "reporting".

It's a book to enable you to place pain, anger, challenges, in a wider context. We choose to be here and to live our current lives: it's not just a paying off of karmic debt.
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I have not read Newton's preceding book "Journey of Souls" so I can't compare it with the one under review.

In this book the author recounts how he places his clients under deep hypnosis, guides them to the spirit world between lives, and there interviews them about their experiences.

The book goes into more detail about the spiritual plane than any other book I have read on the subject, including those by Dolores Cannon.

Newton covers various subjects, such as techniques used by the souls to comfort their bereaved partners and family members, including entering into their dreams; ghosts (who are mostly obsessively attached to places, people and events where they can't let go); discarnates who visit Earth; regenerating damaged souls, and so on and so forth.

There is always a part of the soul that remains in the spirit world. Highly developed souls, especially, often underestimate the percentage of soul energy they need to take with them into the body and thus run into problems.

One piece of information that was completely new to me was that the body, apparently, as far as I understand, has a strong consciousness and can act counter to the intentions of the soul and thus cause problems for the latter. I must admit I don't understand this matter adequately and feel it could have been explained even further and better.

There was also for me new information about the birthing of souls. Here is a quote: "My soul was created out of a great irregular cloudy mass. I was expelled as a tiny particle of energy from this intense, pulsating bluish, yellow and white light...." The new souls are taken care of by special helpers and given the "love hug". The soul is brought to an awareness of its existence. Each soul is unique.

We learn about cluster groups, the spiritual learning centre. the life books library, and much agout the colour spectrum of spiritual auras. The primary core colours indicate the stage of overall development, but "certain souls carry secondary colours .... called halo colours".

A chapter describes the Council of Elders, to which we are summoned for evaluation in two occasions. We are asked how we feel about major episodes in our live and our courses of action. Some of the Elders bear medallions with images designed to remind us of significant episodes from our lives. Sunjects mention the "overwhelming" feeling of a higher force called "the Presence" which they feel to be perhaps not God but deified entities with capabilities superior to those in the council. This higher force influences council meetings.

In a subsequent chapter the subject of primary soulmates, companion soulmates and affiliated souls is discussed. But not everything occurring in the spirit world is serious, there are also numerous recreational activities for those interested in these.

Newton goes into great depth in his study of the spirit world, the information being absolutely comprehensive but not always easy to digest.

There are many levels of soul development, and one thing I realized from the book was that I am not myself as spiritually advanced as I had thought, and perhaps not spiritually advanced at all (ha, ha!) - everything is relative.

There is a screening room of future lives so we can get a taste of what is in store for us, and choose between various bodies. In some cases you might choose a body that will die young, and have several choices also as regards manner of death.

One thing I can say is that with all the talk of what may happen at the end of 2012, the Shift or the ascension into the fourth or even fifth dimension, and all the uncertainty connected with this, this book had a very relaxing effect on me. Even if I don't make the ascension but my body dies at this time, there is absolutely no cause for worry - the spirit world is an extremely loving and comforting place to visit.

I would strongly recommend that you read this book if you're at all interested in the nature of our stay in the spirit world.
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on 13 August 2000
Michael Newton's two books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, are out of this world, although they do include this world as well! Newton's work is some of the most important to emerge in the last few decades, and his books ought to be read by anybody who is at all interested in why we are here and what life is all about. If you buy only one book this year, let it be one of Newton's books! (And once you've read one of them, you'll want to read the other).
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on 8 July 2006
Starting off as a sceptic, having been scientifically trained (and indoctrinated) with a PhD in Chemistry I began a journey some seven years ago having been hit by a personal trauma.

In this journey I leant about spirituality, the concept of souls, their purpose in life, love, healing and got some understanding of why bad things happen to good people.

I have found lot of books and teachers along the way but none affected me as profoundly or deeply as Michael Newton's two books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

The reasons are simple the books are more clear, easy to understand and precise (almost scientific in their explanation) about a subject that always seems a bit foggy when written about by psychics. Journey of Soul is compulsive can't put down reading and helps explain why bad things happen.

Final note I strongly suggest you do not read Destiny of Souls before Journey of Souls, as it is a lot more detailed and at times even tough to read, especially as the concepts will be unfamiliar.
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