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on 31 January 2001
I brought this book just over a month ago, and to be honest with you, I havent been able to put it down. Everything is explained in a way that you can understand. I loved the many spells and oils, and also general information that every person can learn from. I dont think that this book would suit a beginner, but who knows, unless they try!
I love the way that Yasmine shared her own experiences with us (the reader). You can certainly learn to embrace the Wiccan, and even Pagan path. Sort out what you want to know and learn from the book.
It is a book that will certainly be staying on my bookcase for many years to come! I cannot wait for Amazon to have Dacing With The Sun, in stock. I have also ordered Tarot Journeys. Both of which I cannot wait to turn the pages off. I hope Yasmine Galenorn will be writing many more Pagan, Wiccan books in the near future.
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on 23 March 1998
Finally! Just when you thought you had read it all, Yasmine Galenorn steps forward to dispel the myth, now and forever, that wicca and witchcraft are interchangeable terms!
The content of Embracing the Moon was one that a new seeker or experienced crone could follow to gain new insight into our craft. I appreciated this book because it took a step beyond the standard beginner instruction to explain concepts that most witchcraft books fear to mention. Particularly interesting to note are the descriptions and sample spells for exorcisms, hexing with responsibilty, faerie magick, and protecting our earth and endangered species. The charts and correspondence tables are wonderfully useful and the powder and oil recipes invaluable.
I loved reading about her personal experiences - they made me feel that I had met a kindred spirit. The writing was easy to follow - nothing overly technical or too complex here. I felt that she and I were in my living room, sharing a cup of tea and talking. This is one I will recommend to all my friends! Embracing the Moon is a must-read resource for every seeker of the ancient ways.
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This book jumped out at me and I could not put it down. It is lovey to find a witchcraft book which flows more towards the realms of earth, fae white magic.Yasmine comes over as a lovely person and a friend as you read more. I found it uplifting and spiritual, and I carnt wait to try many of the interesting recipies throughout the book.
a bright blessing to any bookcase
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on 21 May 1998
This book is a wonderful and diverse guide to the Wiccan way. The author provides useful chants, spells,and ideas for creating your own personalized rituals and ceremonies. She gives equal attention the both the Goddess and God and gives rituals for both. One of my favorite sections is the one titled "Shadow Work" where she talks about animal magick and faerie magick, which includes oils and ceremonies for contacting animal and faerie guides. This book is just jam-packed with recipes, chants, candle magick, rune symbols,elements and deities, and spells for any occasion. A must read for the curious novice as well as for the experienced practioner, this is not only a book, but a magickal guide to living Wicca!
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on 30 July 2003
I personally reccomend this book to anyone considering following the Pagan Path. Whilst is it predominatly written from a Wicca perspective it is full of sensible down to earth advice for any path. It is not as 'fluffy' as some books on the subject and whilst any serious and long term student of the estoteric paths may find it on the lighter side of material available, never the less I think that they should read it for a good grounding in the basics. I have been a practising Pagan for over a decade and I find it a useful reference to have.
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on 23 August 2000
The first thing that attracted me to this book was the beautiful title and the cover. I wasn't disappointed with the contents either. The visualisation exercises are great for beginners and for others who are a litte rusty. The spells and rituals are also very practical and easily adapted/performed. I loved the Moon Waters and Sun Water! Great ideas!
One of my favourite things about this book was the author's real life experiences she shared - espically the ones with the unicorn and polar bears! She's not mad, just in touch with other realms! I also loved the chapter on Beauty - the opening few paragraphs will lift the lowest esteem. Thank you Yasmine.
One thing I didn't get, throughtout the book she claims she is not Wiccan but a Witch, then in the glossary, what she terms as a Witch is not what she has portayed in her book - a follower of the God and Goddess, Earth orientated. This foxed me a bit....I thought her glossary should correspond with her own views rather than other authors'.
Buy this book and be enchanted, there is no other like it. You wont waste your money. Blessed be xx
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on 4 November 2002
This book was one of my first on this subject. And i was not disapointed. this stunning book is an enchanting and imformative must have for any witch. the layout and content make it easy to understand and immpossible to put down. i will certainly keep this book for referance as its packed full of useful imformation. i would recomended this book for anyone from beginners to the more advanced witch. overall this book is wonderful.
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on 14 June 2004
Ive been a practicing Witch for a long time now and this is one of my favourite book from my collection! A great read from the very start and extremely hard to put down! Its full of great information including some of the authors personal experiences which makes this book truly interesting. It covers many topics and also contains several spells and rituals. A very inspiring book and a must buy!
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on 1 March 2000
I started reading this book and thought it wasn't quite my cup of tea when Miss Galenorn said she sees unicorns. By the time she said she saw Polar Bears in her front room and Dragons at her friend's shop, I got the impression she was getting a little carried away. All that aside though, the book does contain some nice and helpful things (once you have sifted through the dragons etc) and also has lots of oil recipes if you are interested in that aspect of Wicca. Not a bad book, but a bit much at times.
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on 14 April 1999
I've read The Spiral Dance and have a few herbal books, and this book is a pretty good synthesis of basic practices and common sense along with some basic correspondences with the elements. The only thing I wish this book contained is a detailed calendar listing and defining all of the holidays and days of observance throughout the pagan year. Perhaps this is contained in the author's other books, but since it's basic information it ought to be included in this introduciton. Another small complaint I have is that she does not credit some of her spells/rituals as coming directly from The Spiral Dance. Witchcraft is about culling together information from other sources and creating a system of beliefs and a way of life that works for the individual, but plagiarism is still bad karma if you just let your bibliography speak for you rather than at least footnote here and there. That said, I would recommend this book for a common sense approach to Witchcraft that makes no bones about being Witchcraft rather than Wicca, and I would recommend The Spiral Dance for its cerebral and cautious approach to being pagan (it has a calendar and more advanced tables of correspondences as well). Something that I especially appreciate about Galenorn is her straightforward opinion about some sects of Wicca and pagan people in general being very gynocentric (not her word, but it works) and pretty much writing off the male half of the equation as simply Judeo-Christian-Islamic oppression. Galenorn has written a book which is not Goddess-religion extremist, and I'm glad that level-headed people such as she are finally coming out of the woodwork and offering an alternative to Z. Budapest's Dianic knee-jerk righteousness and Starhawk's academic reliance on iffy prehistorical gynocentric societies in which all was good for women and gee, if only we could get back to how it was and should be. This book is practical and she outlines a very simple (and simple is a good thing) approach to being a witch in contemporary society, and her Earth-centered spirituality (help the environment, vote, be a good citizen and help endangered species in whatever way you can) rings more true than most of the New Age/Zen-lite/"let's all talk to crystals" books marketed at spiritually bereft yuppies who seem to think spirituality and religion are for sale.
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